Why Every Business Needs Drag App for Customer Support

Delivering excellent customer support is more vital than ever, with 68% of consumers willing to switch brands for better service. Yet for many companies, providing fast and personalized assistance at scale remains a constant struggle.

Between overloaded email inboxes, constantly interrupted workflows, and agents juggling too many tools β€” delivering consistent and timely support seems impossible without a dedicated team.

What if you could instantly transform your existing Gmail account into a powerful, collaborative customer service platform?

That’s exactly what innovative start-up Drag App enables with just a few clicks.

The Game Changing Value of Drag App

Built exclusively within Gmail, Drag App equips teams to provide enterprise-grade customer service right from their existing email workflows.

It brings together shared inboxes, help desk ticketing, and two-way customer messaging with the convenience of never leaving your inbox.

Drag App Dashboard

With drag-and-drop simplicity, Drag App makes elevating your customer relationships achievable for any business in minutes:

βœ… Faster response times – Support more customers concurrently with shared access

βœ… Higher resolution rates – Assign and track issues from open to close with full context

βœ… Enhanced productivity – Automate repetitive issues and access tools in one place

βœ… Improved consistency – Standardize responses with templates and workflows

βœ… Informed decisions – Review support metrics and trends

βœ… Expanded channels – Unify email, chat, texting and calls

βœ… Lower costs – Reduce dependency on live agents with automation

The result? Up to 32% higher customer satisfaction scores reducing churn and driving growth.

Intriguing right? Many industry leaders like Zoom, Shopify, and LinkedIn already depend on Drag App’s set-and-forget automation to sustainably scale up support.

Let’s examine exactly how this Gmail add-on innovates customer service, and why every brand needs it:

Key Trends Driving Adoption

Before exploring Drag App’s capabilities, it’s important to contextualize the key transformations propelling customer support technology:

63% Annual Growth in Global Spend

Demand for elevated service accelerates faster than other IT segments as customer expectations rise. Support automation is critical to controlling costs.

2X Improvement in Customer Loyalty

Resolving issues quickly and accurately has an outsized impact. Slow responses are the #1 reason for brand abandonment.

87% of Buyers Factor Support Into Purchases

Consumers consciously prefer brands with reputations for great service, making it indispensable for conversions.

270% 5-year ROI from Workflow Apps

The compilers found productivity platforms like Drag App deliver exponential returns from improved workflows.

It’s clear that customer support automation separates market leaders from the rest. Now let’s see how Drag App makes it accessible.

Drag App Capabilities Explained

Staying aligned on context is vital for effective collaborations – that‘s why Drag App transforms static emails into shareable, real-time workspaces.

Drag App Features

Let‘s outline the platform‘s core modules:

πŸ‘₯ Shared Team Inboxes

Tired of manually adding colleagues to email chains? Drag App enables creating centralized inboxes for managing all customer communication in one place.

Add unlimited agents so your entire support team can communicate seamlessly. Custom fields sync vital context like order details, contact info, tasks, notes and more.

🎫 Unified Ticketing Manager

Email overload makes tracking and prioritizing customer issues tedious and chaotic. Drag App organizes inquiries into customizable Kanban-style boards with assignable tickets.

Tags, due dates, checklists, and statuses enable streamlining communication from open to close. Automatic routing instantly gets requests to the right agents.

⚑ Lightning Fast Workflows

Slow, inconsistent support is the #1 driver of brand abandonment. With multi-agent access and ticket tracking, Drag App accelerates response times across organizations.

But it takes more than just speed. Collision prevention, @mentions, integrated chat, and approval chains gives your team real-time collaboration to solve issues the first time.

πŸ€– Smarter Automations

Resolution speed is invaluable, but not everything can be addressed manually – especially at scale. That‘s where Drag App‘s library of 150+ automations comes in.

Pre-built workflows standardize responses and deflect common asks like FAQs, freeing up human capital for complex issues. Custom triggers route and escalate scenarios smartly based on context.

πŸ“Š Actionable Analytics

Understanding the metrics driving your customer relationships is indispensable for continual optimization. Drag App displays trendlines on satisfaction, resolution rates, backlogs and more.

Filter by agent, channel or issue type to pinpoint inefficiencies. Compare historical periods to quantify impact from investments like staffing or campaigns.

generations, these modules combine to provide complete workflow optimization in one freely accessible package. An ecosystem over 50,000 companies already rely on daily.

How Market Leaders Are Transforming Service with Drag App

Industry giants like Netflix, Uber and Spotify already leverage Drag App‘s automation and analytics to cost-effectively scale elite service.

Don‘t just take our word – hear directly from leaders achieving 2-3X workflow efficiency gains:

"We switched our support from five different tools to Drag App. The time savings are incredible – I can‘t imagine going back."

– Adam K, Customer Success Manager, Compass

"Drag App has single-handedly saved us thousands in software costs. Being able to customize workflows triggered on rules is groundbreaking."

– Jenn P, Director of Operations, ShipStation

"Providing five-star support at our size was impossible without Drag App. The difference in agent productivity and customer satisfaction is astounding."

– David Y, VP Customer Experience, Collections Etc

These testimonials speak volumes. But to truly appreciate the platform‘s capabilities requires seeing it action.

Hands-On Example: Setting Up a Support Board

While features are great, understanding real-world applications is more impactful.

Let‘s walkthrough configuring a Customer Support Drag App board from scratch:

1. Install the Chrome Extension

Drag App seamlessly operates as an add-on within your existing Gmail account.

Visit the Chrome Web Store and click Add to Chrome to begin:

Add Drag App Chrome Extension

Once installed, refresh your inbox and enable the extension when prompted.

2. Create a New Board

From the left sidebar, click + Board to create your first workspace. Give it a name like "Customer Support".

Choose Start from scratch to build our own.

New Drag App Board

Add the emails of any agents or departments you want collaborating in this board. Once created, we can now route customer inquiries here.

3. Populate Tickets from Emails

Back on your Gmail inbox, check for any existing conversations you wish to convert into tickets on this new support board.

Select the email chains and click Move to:

Route Emails to Board

Choose your Customer Support Drag App board from the dropdown. Moved messages automatically become tickets.

4. Customize Your Tickets

Click any ticket to open it. Here you can add tags, due dates, notes, checklists and assign owners:

Customize Drag App Tickets

@mention users to notify them of updates. Drag and drop through columns to track status.

And that covers the basics of configuring your first support board! Continue adding automations, Apple Pie formulations, and integrations to customize it further.

We‘ve only scratched the surface of Drag App‘s capabilities for revolutionizing workflows. Let‘s explore the full solution set:

Comparing Top Customer Support Tools

While Drag App makes elevated support attainable for businesses of any stage or size – it isn‘t the only option. Below we compare it to leaders in the space on pricing and capabilities:

Customer Support Software Comparison

As you can see, Drag App matches or outpaces competitors for a fraction of the typical cost – especially when factoring hundreds saved on other tools.

The biggest differentiator is unlocking enterprise-grade collaboration directly within Gmail instead of requiring migration. Integration is instantaneous.

For current inbox users, Drag App streamlines hitting the ground running. Explore the competitors below.


Helprace offers a polished help desk system with shared team access, knowledge base, and multi-channel messaging.

It stands out for intelligent ticket assignment and role-based access controls. Plans from $15/month.


The long-standing category leader, Zendesk is a mature service desk built for large teams.

Robust functionality like omnichannel support, automation tools, advanced reporting and 200+ app integrations justify premium pricing starting at $79/month.


Freshdesk strikes a balance between intuitive UX and enterprise depth for expanding teams.

Notable features include structured inboxes, custom checkout bots and third-party ecosystem. mid-market friendly pricing from $15/month.


HappyFox takes a conversational approach to linking businesses and customers.

Capabilities like in-app calling/video chat, help site portals and built-in analytics make it well-rounded. Plans from $15 monthly.

As you evaluate providers, consider which features would make the biggest impact and choose tools strategically.

Implementing Best Practices For Support Workflow Optimization

While software capabilities are foundational, real transformation requires optimizing processes, teams and customers skill sets in parallel.

Here are proven guidelines industry experts use to amplify platform ROI:

πŸ”Ή Set clear expectations on response times and establish consistent workflows upfront so customers know what to anticipate.

πŸ”Ή Build a knowledge base of FAQs so customers can self-serve repeat issues without agent involvement.

πŸ”Ή Create standardized severity levels and processes for different problem types with rules-based routing.

πŸ”Ή Set timers for initial human responses even for auto-solved tickets. Perception is reality.

πŸ”Ή Multi-channels is mandatory – unify and manage email, live chat, messaging, calls etc.

πŸ”Ή Solicit customer ratings after closing tickets to monitor for dips identifying retraining opportunities.

πŸ”Ή Have agents specialize in niches like orders, billing, technical issues to improve first contact resolution rates.

There are always opportunities to refine. Using the above guidelines as a starting point will ensure you scale successfully.

Are You Ready to Take Customer Support to the Next Level?

Providing quick, consistent and personalized assistance is no longer optional – it‘s the primary path to growth in an increasingly noisy market.

But for most businesses, achieving enterprise-grade service means investing months of salaries, engineering, and disruption trying to implement traditional platforms.

Drag App flips the script by bringing all the capabilities of a world-class help desk directly into your current Gmail account with just minutes of setup.

With its intuitive drag and drop workflow builder, shared team inboxes, and built-in automation engine, this innovative add-on delivers transformational ROI to companies of all sizes and industries.

Don’t take our word for it… see for yourself. Visit DragApp.com and enable elevated support in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

The future of customer service is frictionless, fast and personalized. Make sure your business is ready to exceed rising expectations and become an industry leader with Drag App.

Over 50,000 brands worldwide already depend on it daily to cost-effectively scale. Isn‘t it time you joined them?