10 Powerful Form Examples You Can Create With WPForms for WordPress

Are you looking to add interactive, high-converting forms to your WordPress website? With the right form plugin, you can easily create any type of form imaginable without writing a single line of code.

One of the most popular and feature-rich options is WPForms. This user-friendly plugin allows you to quickly build beautiful, responsive forms using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Its extensive library of templates and addons make it incredibly versatile.

In this post, we‘ll showcase 10 examples of the types of powerful forms you can create using WPForms. We‘ll also highlight key features that make this plugin stand out and share some tips for optimizing your forms for the highest conversion rates.

Let‘s dive in and see what you can build with WPForms!

1. Contact Forms

One of the most essential forms for any website is a basic contact form. With WPForms, you can set up a sleek contact form in minutes using one of the pre-built templates. Just drag and drop the fields you want, customize the labels and notifications, and embed it anywhere on your site.

Some other handy features for contact forms include:

  • Smart conditional logic to show/hide fields based on user input
  • File upload field to let users attach documents or images
  • Multi-page forms for longer, less intimidating contact forms
  • Spam protection with reCAPTCHA, honeypot, or custom captchas
  • Instant form notification emails

An effective contact form makes it easy for visitors to reach out, while giving you the info you need to follow up promptly. WPForms has everything you need to create contact forms that look great and capture more leads.

2. Booking & Registration Forms

Do you offer appointments, event registrations, or reservations through your website? WPForms can power your online booking and registration process with customizable forms.

Start with a template and personalize it with your scheduling fields, pricing options, waivers, and more. WPForms integrates with Zapier, so you can automatically pass form submissions to your preferred calendar, payment, or reservation app.

One neat feature is the Form Locker addon. This allows you to limit registration to a set number of submissions, date range, or until a specific date/time. It‘s perfect for managing event capacity or special promotions.

WPForms also supports collecting payments through your forms via PayPal, Stripe, Square, and Authorize.Net. So you can sell registrations, memberships, or appointments without setting up a separate shopping cart.

3. Surveys & Polls

Wondering what your website visitors think about your content, products, or brand? Just ask them with a survey or poll form!

The WPForms Surveys and Polls addon makes it a snap to create attractive survey forms. Use the pre-made templates or build your own from scratch with the drag-and-drop builder. You can choose from a variety of question types:

  • Single and multiple choice
  • Dropdown
  • Checkboxes
  • Star ratings
  • Likert scale
  • Net promoter score

WPForms will automatically display survey results on the backend using the best charts for each response type. You can view individual responses or see aggregate results at a glance. Filter responses by date or export to CSV for further analysis.

To boost engagement, enable survey reporting to your users. Once a user submits their response, they‘ll instantly see the poll results. This encourages them to participate and share with others.

4. Job Application Forms

Finding qualified candidates is a challenge for any business. Let WPForms shoulder some of the burden by powering your job application process.

Using the drag-and-drop builder, create a custom job application form with all the fields you need:

  • Name and contact info
  • Educational background
  • Work experience
  • Skills checklist
  • File upload for resumes and cover letters
  • Customized screening questions

Once an application is submitted, you‘ll get an instant email notification. You can also route the submission data to the cloud apps you already use, like Google Sheets or your CRM software.

One useful feature is the Resume Scanner addon. This automatically scans cover letters and resumes submitted through your form for keywords you specify. Then it scores and ranks each application based on how well it matches your criteria.

5. Request a Quote Forms

Many WordPress websites include a form to request a price quote, such as for services or custom orders. But too often these forms are clunky or fail to capture the necessary details.

With WPForms, you can create a highly optimized request a quote form in no time. Start with the prebuilt template, then customize it to your needs:

  • Add dropdown fields with your service options
  • Include pricing fields to provide instant estimates
  • Use conditional logic to display relevant follow-up fields
  • Offer add-ons, upgrades, or optional services with checkboxes
  • Request images or documents with the file upload field

WPForms will organize all quote requests in your WordPress dashboard. You can view them there or have them automatically emailed to your sales team for faster follow-up.

6. Donation Forms

For nonprofits and causes, WPForms is an excellent choice for creating donation forms that drive generosity. With the donation form template, you can start collecting contributions in just a few clicks.

The WPForms donation form template includes:

  • Preset donation amount options
  • Custom donation amount field
  • Recurring donation checkbox
  • Donor information fields
  • Payment gateway integrations

WPForms supports popular payment options like PayPal and Stripe. So you can accept credit cards and digital wallet payments without any added fees.

To boost your fundraising, try enabling the nifty checkbox that lets donors easily opt-in to make their one-time contribution a recurring donation. You can also suggest donation amounts that are proven to increase gift size.

7. Order Forms

Have a product or service to sell online? Skip the shopping cart and allow customers to purchase directly through a WPForms order form.

With the eCommerce addon, you can transform any form into an order form. Add product options, calculate shipping, and process payments securely. Choose from one-time or recurring charges, and even set up installment plans.

The eCommerce addon supports PayPal, Stripe, Square, and Authorize.Net payments. It protects sensitive data with input masking and encryption. And it‘s smart enough not to store credit card numbers in your WordPress database.

You can even configure automatic sales tax calculations, checkout field autofill, and abandoned cart follow-ups. It‘s like having a complete eCommerce solution without the big price tag.

8. Feedback Forms

What do customers think of your products or services? Make it simple for them to tell you with a WPForms feedback form.

Drag and drop fields to build your form, including rating scales, comment boxes, and checkboxes. Then place it in high-visibility spots like your homepage, contact page, or order confirmation page.

The WPForms surveys and polls addon is great for gathering feedback. You can enable smart survey fields like the Likert scale, star ratings, and more to boost response rates.

Another useful feature is the Conversational Forms addon. This transforms any feedback form into an interactive, one-question-at-a-time experience. It feels more like a real conversation, so users are more likely to start and complete your form.

9. Newsletter Signup Forms

Email is still one of the most effective marketing channels for engaging customers and driving sales. To grow your email list, you need attractive, high-performing newsletter signup forms.

Using WPForms, you can quickly whip up a subscribe form that matches your branding. Simply use the newsletter signup form template or craft your own with the drag-and-drop builder.

Some key features for your newsletter signup form include:

  • Name and email fields
  • Checkboxes for interest groups or preferences
  • GDPR agreement checkbox
  • reCAPTCHA for spam protection
  • Hidden fields to track lead sources

WPForms integrates with all the top email marketing services. With just a few clicks, you can connect your form to Mailchimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, GetResponse, and more. New subscribers will automatically flow to your email list.

For even more options, WPForms connects to Zapier. So you can instantly pass signups to lesser-known email, marketing, or CRM tools without any added development.

10. Contest Entry Forms

Running a giveaway or contest is a proven way to generate buzz and grow your audience. But how will you collect entries? With WPForms, you can spin up a fully custom contest entry form in minutes.

Begin with the giveaway entry form template. Customize the fields to request the participant info you need, such as:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Birthday
  • Phone number
  • Mailing address
  • Custom questions

For social media contests, add custom actions that prompt entrants to follow your profiles or share the giveaway post. With smart conditional logic, you can show bonus entry opportunities after the initial form is submitted.

One helpful feature is the Form Abandonment addon. This captures partial entries even if the user doesn‘t click submit. So you can still follow up with interested leads who got distracted during the entry process.

Why Use WPForms Over Other WordPress Form Plugins?

We‘ve just scratched the surface of what you can build with WPForms. This powerful WordPress plugin goes far beyond basic contact forms. Its huge library of customizable templates and smart addons make it endlessly extensible.

While there are many WordPress form plugins out there, WPForms stands out for its:

  • Beginner-friendly drag-and-drop form builder
  • 400+ pre-built form templates
  • 35+ smart form fields
  • Mobile responsive forms that look great on any device
  • Instant notifications by email or SMS
  • Integrations with popular marketing and payment services
  • Built-in spam protection and security
  • Easy entry management in the WordPress dashboard
  • Detailed documentation and world-class support

Whether you need a simple contact form or a complex survey workflow, WPForms can handle it. You don‘t need to be a developer or designer to create high-quality forms that get results.

Tips for Optimizing Your WordPress Forms

Of course, even the best form plugin can‘t guarantee success. To get the most value from your WordPress forms, follow these optimization tips:

  1. Keep it short and sweet. Only ask for the information you really need. Shorter forms get more responses.

  2. Use smart form fields. Take advantage of WPForms‘ advanced fields like address autocomplete, digital signatures, and password strength validation. These improve user experience and data quality.

  3. Make it mobile-friendly. WPForms‘ forms are automatically responsive. But go a step further and use the mobile preview to perfect the look on smaller screens.

  4. Personalize your messages. Customize the form submission confirmation, error messages, and notification emails. A little personality can boost completion rates.

  5. Enable anti-spam measures. Nothing derails a form like spam. WPForms offers several tools to block spam submissions, including reCAPTCHA, honeypot, and custom captchas.

  6. Maximize accessibility. WPForms supports WCAG and ADA compliance right out of the box. For example, you can add title attributes and unique aria-labels to form fields.

  7. Use conditional logic. Show or hide form fields based on previous answers. This dynamically adapts your form to each user for a tailored experience.

  8. Split longer forms into pages. If your form is on the lengthy side, consider breaking it up with the WPForms Form Pages addon. Multi-step forms are less intimidating.

  9. A/B test everything. Take advantage of the WPForms Form Revisions addon to duplicate forms and test different versions. Experiment with the headline, form length, fields, and design to optimize performance.

  10. Analyze form insights. Don‘t forget to review your form reports and analytics. WPForms tracks view, submission, and conversion rates over time. Use these insights to find opportunities for improvement.

How Much Does WPForms Cost?

WPForms offers several pricing plans to fit different needs and budgets. There is a limited free version available. Paid licenses start at $49/year, which includes access to the premium form templates and addons. More expensive plans offer additional features and site licenses.

Compared to the cost of hiring a developer to code a custom form or subscribing to a SaaS form tool, WPForms is very competitively priced. And it integrates seamlessly with WordPress, so you can manage everything in one familiar dashboard.

Build Better WordPress Forms with WPForms

Ready to uplevel your WordPress forms? WPForms makes it easy to create any type of form you can imagine. Its drag-and-drop builder, huge template library, and smart addons help you build powerful forms without writing code.

In this post, we shared 10 examples of high-converting forms you can create with WPForms, including:

  1. Contact forms
  2. Booking and registration forms
  3. Surveys and polls
  4. Job application forms
  5. Request a quote forms
  6. Donation forms
  7. Order forms
  8. Feedback forms
  9. Newsletter signup forms
  10. Contest entry forms

Of course, this is just a small sample of what WPForms can do. With a little creativity, you can adapt these examples and templates to fit your unique needs.

We also highlighted some of the key features that make WPForms one of the most popular WordPress form plugins, including the beginner-friendly drag-and-drop builder, mobile responsive forms, 400+ templates, conditional logic, spam protection, insights reporting, and more.

To get the most from this robust plugin, be sure to follow the form optimization tips we shared. Small tweaks to your form‘s design, fields, and messaging can have a big impact on conversion rates.

You can get started with WPForms for free to see if it‘s a good fit. Once you‘re ready for more advanced features, the paid licenses are very affordable and include access to the template library, addons, and support.

Why not give WPForms a try and see how it can transform your WordPress site? With this easy-to-use plugin, you‘ll be creating powerful, professional forms in no time.