12 Inspiring WordPress Website Examples from Top Brands in 2024

WordPress powers over 43% of all websites on the internet today. It‘s the most popular website platform in the world – and for good reason. WordPress makes it possible for businesses and organizations of any size to build professional, high-performing websites that look great and drive results.

One of the best ways to see what WordPress is truly capable of is to look at real-world examples of WordPress websites. In this post, we‘ve rounded up 12 impressive WordPress sites from major brands and organizations. These sites showcase the design quality, functionality, and versatility that‘s possible with WordPress.

For each example, we‘ll highlight the standout features and share tips for how you can implement similar elements on your own WordPress website. Let‘s dive in and get inspired!

1. Time Magazine

Screenshot of Time Magazine website

Time is one of the most iconic magazine brands in the world. With a history stretching back nearly a century, Time has evolved to become a multimedia news and entertainment site with a large global audience.

Time uses WordPress to power its dynamic, content-rich site. The homepage is topped with a featured story and bold, eye-catching visuals that immediately draw in the reader. As you scroll, you see a diverse mix of the latest news stories, op-eds, and featured articles and videos.

The design is clean, modern and makes great use of typography and whitespace to keep the focus on the content. Stories are organized into clear categories like Politics, Health, Tech, Entertainment and more. And the site offers multiple ways to browse and discover content, including trending and most popular articles.

On the backend, WordPress enables Time‘s editorial team and network of writers to easily compose, edit and publish stories in real-time. The CMS is customized to fit their editorial workflow.

Takeaway tip: Use captivating featured images and benefit-driven headlines to entice visitors to click on stories. Make it simple for readers to browse and dive deeper into your content.

2. BBC America

Screenshot of BBC America website

BBC America is a television network that brings the best of British TV programming to audiences in the United States. Their WordPress-powered website acts as a hub for promoting their shows and helping viewers find where and how to watch.

The site welcomes visitors with a prominent hero video showcasing clips from their current featured shows and latest premieres. Scroll down and you can browse their program guide, explore shows by category (drama, comedy, nature, etc.), and catch up on BBC America‘s latest news and announcements.

Individual show pages act as a one-stop destination for everything about that program – including trailers, episode guides, character bios, behind-the-scenes videos, and an easy way to start watching or set a reminder.

The design combines quintessential British charm with bold, colorful show branding. The layout keeps things simple so visitors can quickly find the content they‘re looking for.

Takeaway tip: Use video to give visitors an instant preview of your best content. Create dedicated landing pages around your products, shows, or key topics to serve as content hubs.

3. Patagonia

Screenshot of Patagonia website

Patagonia is an outdoor clothing and gear brand known for its high-quality products and commitment to environmental activism. With WordPress, they‘ve created a website that embodies their brand and mission.

Stunning outdoor photography is used throughout the design to inspire visitors and showcase Patagonia‘s products in action. The site is a shining example of ecommerce user experience. Thoughtful categorization, search, and filtering options make it easy to browse their product catalog and find what you need. Product pages include detailed descriptions, photos, sizing info, and reviews.

But the site goes far beyond just selling products. Patagonia uses WordPress to publish educational content related to their key issues like responsible farming, fair trade, and environmental conservation. Their Patagonia Action Works initiative connects visitors with grassroots organizations to get involved. And The Cleanest Line blog shares stories of outdoor adventure and activism.

Takeaway tip: Weave your brand values and mission into your website. Use your site to educate and build a community around the causes you care about, not just sell products.

4. TechCrunch

Screenshot of TechCrunch website

TechCrunch is a leading technology media property that profiles startups, reviews new products, and reports on the latest tech news and industry trends. They rely on WordPress to power their high-volume publishing operation.

The TechCrunch homepage is packed with the latest headlines and stories. Feature sections and dynamically populated content blocks enable TechCrunch to fit a large amount of content into an clean, organized layout. As you move down the page, infinite scroll loads in more stories, keeping visitors engaged.

TechCrunch takes advantage of WordPress‘ built in user role and permission functionality. They have a large network of authors and contributors publishing content. Custom author profile pages build credibility and help visitors discover more from writers they like.

They also make great use of categories and tags to help visitors find more content on topics they‘re interested in. You can browse trending tags or navigate by main categories like Startups, Venture Capital, Security, Apps, and more.

Takeaway tip: Build credibility and trust by showing the people behind your content. Use categories, tags and related post widgets to pull visitors deeper into your site.

5. Swoon

Screenshot of Swoon website

Swoon is a destination for stylish, high quality furniture at an affordable price. Their website perfectly embodies the modern, approachable but aspirational aesthetic they‘re known for.

One notable element of the Swoon website is the use of animation and interactive features. Hover over a product photo and you‘ll see it subtly tilt to a new angle. Click and hold down to turn it around 360 degrees. Small touches like this make browsing more engaging.

Swoon publishes a variety of helpful content to make the shopping experience easy and friction-free. Detailed product dimensions and materials info, care and assembly instructions, advice guides, and an inspiration blog all serve to educate buyers and build trust.

Takeaway tip: Add subtle interactive elements and animations to create a more dynamic, engaging browsing experience. Reduce friction for customers by providing helpful guides and information to support the buying process.

More WordPress Website Examples

Here are a few more inspiring WordPress website examples across different industries and use cases:

6. The Obama Foundation

Non-profit organization using WordPress to share news, information on their initiatives and events, and build a community around their mission.

7. Airstream

Iconic travel trailer brand using WordPress for content marketing and customer stories that showcase their product and lifestyle.

8. Vogue

Leading fashion magazine using WordPress to publish multimedia trend and style coverage that engages their audience.

9. charity: water

Non-profit leveraging WordPress for education, storytelling, and connecting donors to their mission of bringing clean water to developing countries.

10. Angry Birds

Gaming and entertainment brand using WordPress to create a fun, engaging hub for their products, videos, and fan community.

11. easyJet

European airline using WordPress to help customers plan and book travel with helpful guides, destination info and special offers.

12. Reuters

Global news organization using WordPress to power their fast-paced, 24/7 coverage and multimedia storytelling.

Lessons from These Leading WordPress Websites

Looking across these examples, there are a few key web design best practices and trends they exemplify:

Mobile responsive design: Each of these sites is fully responsive and optimized for browsing on any device. Pages adapt and resize automatically for a great user experience on mobile, tablet and desktop. With the majority of web traffic now coming from mobile devices, a responsive WordPress theme is non-negotiable.

Fast load times: These WordPress sites load quickly, which is critical for both user experience and SEO. Google has stated that page load speed is an important ranking factor. Tools like Jetpack can help WordPress sites optimize performance.

Accessibility: These sites follow accessibility best practices to ensure people with diverse abilities can access and navigate them. This includes elements like keyboard navigation, sufficient color contrast, descriptive ALT text for images, and more. The WordPress community has made accessibility a major focus.

Creative, branded design: While each site has its own unique look and feel, they all feature modern, visually compelling designs that reflect their brand. Thoughtful use of color, typography, photography and illustration bring these brands to life online.

User-friendly navigation: These sites make it easy for visitors to find their way around. Navigation and menus are simple, intuitive and consistent. Search and filtering options are prominent. Related content and recommendations pull visitors deeper into the site.

Helpful, relevant content: These WordPress sites go beyond just presenting products and services. They feature genuinely helpful, informative, and entertaining content that serves audience needs and interests. The content puts the user first.

Interactive and engaging: From animations to videos to AR product views, these sites bring their content and products to life through immersive, interactive features. They instantly capture attention and pull the visitor in.

Strong calls-to-action: These sites make it clear what action they want visitors to take. Prominent, benefit-focused CTAs guide visitors toward a conversion – whether that‘s making a purchase, signing up for an email list, or booking an appointment.

Take Your WordPress Website to the Next Level

We hope these examples have given you inspiration and ideas for how you can take your WordPress website to new heights.

Whether you‘re a business, non-profit, publisher, or blogger, WordPress is a powerful tool for building a web presence that wows your visitors and drives results for your organization.

Consider how you can apply some of these best practices and creative ideas to your own WordPress website. Aim to create a site that is:

  • Fast and optimized for all devices
  • Accessible and intuitive to navigate
  • Visually compelling and on-brand
  • Filled with content that informs, educates and inspires your audience
  • Interactive and engaging
  • Conversion-focused with clear calls-to-action

With WordPress, the customization possibilities are endless. By following in the footsteps of these impressive sites, you‘ll be well on your way to WordPress web design success.