10 Best WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins for 2024

If you run a restaurant, having an appealing and functional online menu is more important than ever in 2024. With the continued popularity of online ordering and delivery, even as the pandemic recedes, many diners prefer the convenience of browsing menus and placing orders from their smartphones or computers. An outdated PDF menu or plain text list of dishes just doesn‘t cut it anymore.

Fortunately, if your restaurant website runs on WordPress, you can easily add professional, interactive online menus using plugins. WordPress restaurant menu plugins let you create custom menus with appetizing photos, detailed dish descriptions, prices, and more. Many also support online ordering, reservations, and other helpful features for restaurants.

To help you find the best solution for your needs, we‘ve carefully tested and reviewed the top WordPress restaurant menu plugins for 2024. Whether you run a small cafe, a large fine dining establishment, or anything in between, these plugins will help satisfy your customers‘ appetites and grow your business.

Types of WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins

The WordPress plugin marketplace offers a variety of restaurant menu plugins with differing features and specialties. Most fall into one or more of these categories:

Menu Management: These plugins focus on making it easy to create, organize, and update your menu items within the WordPress dashboard. Look for features like customizable layouts, categories/sections, and bulk editing.

Online Ordering: If you want to allow customers to place pickup or delivery orders directly from your menu, choose a plugin with online ordering capabilities. Key features include item modifiers (toppings, add-ons, etc.), checkout, payment processing, and order management.

Integrations: Some restaurant menu plugins connect with third-party services that you may already use, like delivery apps or reservation platforms. If you want a central hub to manage all aspects of your restaurant, look for a plugin that plays well with your other tools.

Design Customization: Most menu plugins provide templates and styling options so you can match the look and feel of your brand. However, some offer more flexibility and control over colors, fonts, and layout than others. If pixel-perfect design is a priority, look for a plugin with robust customization.

With these categories in mind, let‘s dive into our top picks for the best WordPress restaurant menu plugins in 2024.

Best WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins

1. Five Star Restaurant Menu

Five Star Restaurant Menu WordPress plugin

Category: Menu Management
Price: Free

Five Star Restaurant Menu is a popular free plugin for creating clean, mobile-responsive menus. It allows you to add unlimited menu sections and items with names, descriptions, and prices. You can also designate certain items as specials or favorites.

One standout feature is the ability to create multiple menus, such as separate lunch and dinner menus. The menus can be displayed anywhere on your site using a shortcode or sidebar widget. While it doesn‘t have online ordering built-in, it integrates with the free Five Star Restaurant Reservations plugin if you want to add booking functionality.

Overall, Five Star Restaurant Menu is an excellent choice for a simple, no-cost way to publish your menu on WordPress. It‘s user-friendly for beginners but offers enough customization to make it your own.

2. RestroPress

RestroPress WordPress restaurant menu plugin

Category: Online Ordering
Price: Starts at $35

RestroPress is a feature-packed plugin that turns any WordPress site into a complete online food ordering system. In addition to beautiful, customizable menus, it supports all the functionality you need for an end-to-end ordering experience, including:

  • Unlimited menu items with images, descriptions, prices, and nutrition info
  • Item add-ons and special instructions
  • Multiple payment options, including cash, credit card, and PayPal
  • Custom delivery zones with variable fees
  • Email notifications for new orders
  • Detailed sales reports

The intuitive drag-and-drop menu builder makes set-up a breeze. Customers can then browse by section or search for specific dishes. RestroPress even integrates with the Twilio API to send SMS order notifications. Tech-savvy developers will appreciate the dozens of hooks and filters for further customization.

If online ordering is a priority for your restaurant website, RestroPress delivers all the tools you need in one user-friendly package. The reasonable one-time pricing is also attractive compared to third-party apps that charge ongoing commissions.

3. WooFood

WooFood WordPress online ordering plugin

Category: Online Ordering
Price: Starts at $24

WooFood adds robust online ordering and menu management to websites running WooCommerce, the leading WordPress e-commerce plugin. Leveraging the power of WooCommerce means your restaurant benefits from its extensive payment gateway, tax, shipping, and reporting options.

Converting your menu items into shoppable WooCommerce products is a snap with WooFood‘s intuitive interface. It supports all the essential item attributes like images, descriptions, prices, addons, and nutrition info. Customers can specify pickup or delivery times and leave special instructions. You also get a tablet-friendly admin panel for efficiently managing incoming orders.

If you already use WooCommerce or want an online store for branded merchandise alongside your menu, WooFood offers seamless integration. The core WooCommerce plugin is free, and WooFood‘s affordable pricing makes it a cost-effective solution for restaurants getting started with online ordering.

4. WP FoodStore

Example menu created with WP FoodStore WordPress plugin

Category: Menu Management, Online Ordering
Price: Starts at $59

WP FoodStore aims to be an all-in-one solution for restaurant websites, combining menu management, online ordering, reservations, and customer reviews. Its modern, mobile-first designs are optimized for showcasing your mouth-watering menu photos.

Some notable features include:

  • Unlimited, customizable food menu layouts
  • Support for multiple locations and their own unique menus
  • Smart upsells for item add-ons and special offers
  • Flexible pickup/delivery options and minimum order amounts
  • Integration with the free Restaurant Reservations plugin

WP FoodStore also provides QR code menus, making it easy for diners to view your offerings and place orders from their phones. Compared to some other online ordering systems, the checkout flow is optimized for speed and simplicity.

While it‘s one of the pricier options on our list, WP FoodStore‘s extensive feature set and polished design justify the cost for many restaurants. It‘s a strong contender if you want a single plugin to power all aspects of your online presence.

5. GloriaFood

Accepting an online food order in GloriaFood

Category: Online Ordering
Price: Free

GloriaFood isn‘t a traditional WordPress plugin – it‘s a fully hosted online ordering and delivery platform. However, its WordPress integration and generous free plan earn it a spot on our list.

After signing up for a GloriaFood account, you can use a simple shortcode to embed your menu on any WordPress page. Customers can browse dishes, select options, and place orders for pickup or delivery. The system supports cash, credit card, and PayPal payments. You manage incoming orders via GloriaFood‘s web dashboard or mobile apps.

Some advanced features, like order tracking and SMS updates, are reserved for paid plans. But the free plan supports unlimited orders and includes promotions, coupons, and sales reports. The company makes money by charging a small fee to customers who choose to pay online.

For a small restaurant or food truck, GloriaFood is an easy, zero-cost way to start accepting online orders on your WordPress site. As you grow, you can seamlessly upgrade to a paid plan for additional revenue-boosting features.

6. FoodStore

FoodStore WordPress theme demo

Category: Menu Management, Online Ordering
Price: $39

Technically, FoodStore is a WordPress theme rather than a plugin. But this stylish, mobile-responsive theme is tailor-made for restaurant websites, with built-in menu management and online ordering powered by the free WooCommerce plugin.

With FoodStore, you can create multiple menus and assign them to different pages on your site. Each menu item supports images, descriptions, prices, and nutrition info. Customers can browse by category, search for dishes, and filter by dietary preferences. The intuitive interface works great on smartphones for on-the-go ordering.

When a customer places an order, you receive an email notification with the full details. WooCommerce‘s reporting features let you analyze sales trends and customer behavior. And since FoodStore is a standalone theme, you don‘t have to worry about incompatibility with your existing templates.

The FoodStore theme offers excellent value for money if you‘re looking for an affordable, all-in-one foundation for your restaurant‘s web presence. It‘s optimized for performance, SEO, and conversion out of the box. Plus, you get quality support from an elite Envato author.

How to Choose a WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugin

With so many great options available, how do you pick the perfect WordPress menu plugin for your restaurant? Here are some factors to consider:

Current website setup: If you‘re adding a menu to an existing WordPress site, make sure the plugin plays nice with your current theme and plugins. Some menu plugins work better with certain themes or page builders than others. If you‘re starting from scratch, consider an all-in-one theme like FoodStore.

Must-have features: Think about what‘s most important for your restaurant. Is it more flexible design options, online ordering, or perhaps integration with third-party services you already use? Prioritize the features you can‘t live without.

Ease of use: You‘ll be interacting with the plugin‘s interface regularly to update your menus and manage orders. Look for an intuitive, user-friendly admin panel that makes these tasks quick and painless, especially if you‘re not very technical.

Pricing: Weigh the upfront and ongoing costs of each plugin against your budget. While a higher price often means more features, it‘s not always necessary to break the bank. Free and low-cost plugins can be excellent solutions for restaurants with simpler needs.

Support and updates: Regular updates are essential for keeping your menu plugin compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and any other tools you use. Quality support is also important in case you run into any issues. Check the plugin‘s ratings and reviews to gauge its track record in these areas.

Wrapping Up

Adding a digital menu to your restaurant‘s WordPress website is a smart move in 2024. It enhances the customer experience, streamlines your operations, and can even boost sales. With the WordPress restaurant menu plugins featured in this post, you have everything you need to whip up an irresistible online presence for your eatery.

To recap our top picks:

  • Five Star Restaurant Menu is a fantastic free option for simple, stylish menus.
  • For online ordering, RestroPress and WP FoodStore are feature-rich solutions well worth their price tags.
  • If you use WooCommerce, WooFood offers the tightest integration.
  • On a budget, GloriaFood‘s free plan is a solid starting point.
  • If you‘re launching a new site from scratch, the FoodStore theme bundles everything you need into one sleek package.

Whichever plugin you choose, you‘ll be well on your way to serving up a tasty, profitable online experience for your hungry customers. Bon appétit!