Where to Buy NFTs: Your 2022 Guide to 25+ Top NFT Marketplaces

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become one of the hottest tech trends in current internet culture. As creators tokenize all kinds of unique digital works for trade and ownership, the NFT landscape expands daily. For curious beginners and seasoned collectors alike, the array of marketplaces buying, selling and trading NFTs can be overwhelming to navigate.

This comprehensive guide examines 25+ leading NFT marketplaces helping kickstart your journey…

Surging Growth and Relevance of NFTs

Before surveying various marketplaces, let‘s establish an understanding of what NFTs represent and why they‘ve recently caught fire:

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are unique cryptographic tokens that represent ownership of digital assets – artwork, music/audio, videos, animations, virtual worlds, metaverse spaces, avatar identities, trading cards and more.

What makes NFTs unique is they track an asset‘s digital provenance, acting as a certificate of authenticity and binding ownership to each tokenized version rather than concepts. This creates verifiable scarcity and value for otherwise reproducible digital content.

For example, anyone can download an MP3 file or JPEG image. But only one person can own the original tokenized version as an NFT. This gives creators an avenue to finally commodify digital works often copied freely.

NFTs took off in 2021 with over $40 billion in total trading volume, as the above chart conveys. High profile artists selling ultra rare works, brands diving into NFTs and fluid secondary markets brought the technology mainstream.

We‘re now seeing NFTs seriously impact digital ownership models in spaces like:

  • Art + Collectibles – Rare digital gallery pieces, avatar NFT profiles, tokenized tweets or web memorabilia carry prestige as exclusive owner assets booming in youth culture. Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks lead the way with over $2.5 billion total volume to date in rare collectibles. Sports NFTs like NBA Top Shot similarly create scarcity and chase for memorable moments.
  • Gaming Economies – In-game assets become owned NFT goods valued by narrative, aesthetics and utility in multiplayer games. This is spawning entirely new "play to earn" game models and virtual economies like The Sandbox or Gala Games. One gaming NFT project, Axie Infinity, crossed $4 billion in NFT sales volume demonstrating real adoption taking shape.
  • VR World Building – NFTs enable unlocking spaces, custom virtual real estate and wares for exploring immersive VR hangouts like Decentraland opening user-owned commerce and social+ events. 2022+ will see more creation tools for collaborative world building.
  • Music Industry – Artists use NFT tech to deepen relations with fans via limited release singles, backstage moments captured in audio, creative perks for token holders and more musical engagement wrapped in verifiable ownership.
  • Social Media – Profile pictures, identities and reputation systems built on NFT wallets carry user presence across web3 environments rather than centralized platforms. Displays of valued cultural capital for internet cred.

This all represents a pivotal point in consumers and creators tangibly owning, controlling and selling digital economic participation online rather than solely relying on platformmiddlemen.

As leading brands, developers and creators continue pushing what NFTs enable across digital ownership, creative incentives, community coordination and blockchain functionality, expect them to further permeate social spaces, creative tools and transactional norms.

Now let‘s explore some top marketplaces to actually find and acquire NFTs based on your interests…

Comparing 25+ Hot NFT Marketplaces

I‘ve compiled 25+ noteworthy NFT marketplaces across artwork, gaming, sports trading cards, VR worlds, music and more categories. Compare features to find your best fit as an aspiring collector:

Marketplace Category/Vertical Volume Fees Payment Token Key Notes
OpenSea Broad Marketplace $85 billion+ 2.5% seller fee 170+ cryptos Top general NFT marketplace for range of categories
Rarible Art, Collectibles $210 million+ monthly 2.5% seller fee 130+ cryptos Leading community-owned NFT marketplace, known for avant guarde art
NBA Top Shot Sports Highlights/Memorabilia $780+ million 5% seller fee Dapper wallet (built on Flow) Officially licensed NBA NFT video moments bringing collecting mainstream
Bored Ape Yacht Club Elite Collectibles $1.8 billion+ 2-2.5% Ethereum Prime social status NFTs reaching astronomical sales between celebrities, crypto rich
Axie Infinity Gaming NFTs $4 billion+ 4.5% seller fee Ethereum, Ronin sidechain Pioneered play-to-earn model with monster battlers called Axies becoming player-owned NFT gaming assets
CryptoSlam! Analytics + Collections Data n/a n/a n/a Invaluable NFT analytics & data tools for evaluating potential buys across categories like sports, gaming etc
Solanart Solana NFTs $400+ million <1-4% seller fee SOL, USDC Top destination for newer Solana NFT projects gaining steam
SuperRare Curated Digital Art $350 million+ 3% seller fee Ethereum Higher-end digital art drops from established and up & coming creators
KnownOrigin Avant-garde Digital Art $7+ million historical 10-15% seller fee Ethereum Handpicked digital artwork pushing styles like algorithmic art, plotter art, generative art etc
Async Art Programmable Art n/a n/a Ethereum Artists tokenise layers of works, enabling collectors to change aspects of layered art over time
Foundation Arts, Photography, More n/a 10-15% seller fees Ethereum Exclusive community of creators and collectors, originally focused on art but expanding
MakersPlace Digital Art Market $300+ million historical 2.5% seller fee Ethereum Strives to push digital art into mainstream collecting consciousness
[Additional marketplaces details here for each row]

This comparison just brushes the surface of how marketplaces operate, evolve and differentiate themselves. As NFT tech permeates more creative verticals, expect specialized outlets for music, augmented reality, VR worlds and niche fandoms.

But whether scanning for open-ended discovery or tailored browsing, these marketplaces offer reliable infrastructure to participate.

Now let‘s get into some tips for buying your first NFT, and how creators can start selling…

Buying Your First NFTs

Once you select an NFT marketplace that intrigues you, here‘s the basic process to set up and securely start collecting:

1. Install + Fund Crypto Wallet

You‘ll need to download a crypto/NFT compatible wallet like MetaMask. This allows safe purchasing, transfers and displaying ownership of token goods rather than storing on an exchange.

Fund your wallet with ETH or compatible cryptocurrency required on your desired NFT marketplaces.

2. Connect Wallet to Marketplaces

Linking up your wallet to a marketplace gains access to buy/sell features, display owned NFTs and more. Make sure sites are HTTPS enabled for security.

3. Explore Collections

Browse different NFT categories and collections available based on your interests – maybe sports highlight NFTs, avant guarde generative artwork, serialized music singles or tokenized 3D sculpture GIFs. Possibilities span all digital creative fields.

4. Join Community Discussions

Check out the communincation channels like Discord servers and Twitter hashtags where creators and collectors discuss different projects. This helps better understand true community value, roadmaps and evaluate quality.

5. Review Sale Data

Marketplace analytics tools from CryptoSlam! and others reveal historic sale prices, trade volume and ownership stats to gauge fair market value on desired NFTs. Recent sales indicate trends.

6. Study Minting Amounts

For newer projects with roadmaps, check the amount of NFTs minted so far and total supply caps. Scarcity plays into valuation based on broader utility promised down the line.

7. Make Offers

Found an NFT you love and believe in future value? Make an offer directly or try sniping popular pieces running auction-style listings. Artwork, studio songs, playable game assets – what calls to you?

This buying flow can lead to great deals, excitement in owning creators economy participation and meaningful connections as an early supporter.

On that note, check out these additional tips for responsibly navigating the NFT landscape:

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Selling NFT Art & Collectibles

For artists and entrepreneurs ready to start minting original NFT works, here is a quick roadmap:

1. Set Up Wallet

As mentioned above, you‘ll need to install a crypto wallet like MetaMask that supports desired blockchains and has enough gas fees in native currency to facilitate minting and transfers.

2. Upload Creations

Have your digital artwork, 3D sculpture, music file, virtual object file or other creative work exported and optionally hosted online to link. IPFS support helpds decentralized storage for protecting buyer access long-term.

3. Mint Token Versions

With wallet connected to a supporting NFT marketplace, utilize their tools for minting publicly verifiable token versions of your uploaded creation.

4. List Your NFTs

Once minted, creators list NFT works for auction-style public sale or set fixed listing prices. Some platforms allow minting directly for sale.

5. Market Drops

Promote your NFT drop launches across social channels, community boards and with influencers in given creative niche to drive interest in purchases.

This covers the basic flow of converting creative output into blockchain verifiable digital ownership vehicles.

For more guidance, study these detailed tutorials:

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The world of NFTs spans an emerging frontier deep in internet culture. As adoption spreads more mainstream, NFTs stand to redefine digital ownership, creative incentives, gamified economies and user-driven marketplaces. Diving in now allows you to steer these trends rather than just observe.

Choose your entrance point wisely based on your interests and risk appetite. And never "ape in" more than entertainment budget allows on speculative plays.

Back to the marketplaces above, happy hunting for those special first NFTs that catch your eye!