Top 10 Android Launchers to Give Your Phone a Complete Makeover

Hey there! Looking to breathe some fresh life into your Android device? Eager to customize your phone so it works exactly as you want? Then switching up your standard home screen launcher is one of the best tricks available.

These launcher apps offer an incredible array of personalization abilities, tools to enhance efficiency, and features to completely change up how you interact with your device.

With Android now installed on over 3 billion active devices globally, it‘s little wonder demand for customization is so strong. Surveys indicate over 60% of users rate device personalization features like home screen layout changes and theme options as important or very important.

So let‘s explore some of the best Android launcher apps allowing you to transform your phone!

What Can a Launcher App Do?

Before diving into the top options, you may be wondering — what even is an Android launcher app?

Essentially, these launchers completely replace your default Android home screen interface and app drawer. They enable customizing how those key phone aspects look, operate, and function.

You can tailor elements like:

  • The grid layouts determining home screen icon positioning
  • The style, size, and functionality of top status bars
  • Transitions between app pages and menus
  • The categorization of apps within your drawer

Beyond aesthetics, launchers also introduce new utilities absent from stock Android. Handy additions can include:

  • Custom gestures for quick actions
  • Integrated weather displays and calendar widgets
  • Enhanced search tools locating apps and contacts
  • Notification managers gathering messages in one place

Switching launchers enables matching your Android experience to your exact preferences. You‘ll enjoy a fresh interface, cooler tools, and a more personalized device.

Let‘s explore some top-rated launchers so you can pick a favorite!

#1: Niagara Launcher

With over 10 million Google Play downloads and a 4.6/5 rating, Niagara Launcher is a hugely popular option to declutter Android devices while enhancing efficiency.

Rather than a distracting grid of apps, Niagara centers around a streamlined vertical list which dynamically surfaces your most-used items based on smart algorithms. It‘s fluidly minimal rather than rigidly structured.

You can instantly view notifications and messages within this list. And finding apps is super fast thanks to the unique wave-like alphabet scroll letting you access letters in just one tap.

Additional features include:

  • Seamless theming: Niagara effortlessly transitions between light and dark modes based on daytime.
  • Intelligent summaries: View weather forecasts, step counts, next calendar entries etc at a glance.
  • Focused search: Results only show relevant apps and contacts — no spammy web links.

So if you want to massively declutter while enhancing productivity, Niagara could be the launcher for you. Its streamlined approach cuts out all superfluous elements so you can focus on what matters.

#2. Nova Launcher

With a whopping 100+ million downloads, Nova Launcher is arguably the most popular third-party Android launcher available today.

It sticks closer to Android‘s native interface while introducing a wealth of personalization tools. We‘re talking…

  • Hundreds of icon packs and themes allowing radical aesthetic changes
  • A variety of gesture controls like swipes for opening apps or menus
  • "App hiding" options to remove unwanted items from your drawer
  • Customizable search bars and page transitions for a unique experience

Nova also enables complete backups so you can seamlessly transfer your configured launcher when changing Android devices.

While the degree of tweaking possibilities could overwhelm some users, it‘s perfect if you truly want to craft a tailored OS experience all of your own.

#3. Action Launcher

Action Launcher strikes an excellent balance between customization and introducing innovative new utilities.

Sure, you get ample theming options to change up aesthetics however you want. But Action Launcher truly shines via unique additions like:

  • "Covers" for extra functionality: Force touch any home screen item to instantly view related widgets plus app shortcuts.
  • "Quicktheme" color extraction: Instantly theme your interface to match dominant colors from wallpapers.
  • Stack Groups: Neatly group widgets so you can swipe through multiple options in one space.

You also get a customizable search box replacing Google‘s native version which limits results to apps and contacts only. This prevents random web links cluttering up your queries.

With over 5 million downloads and a shining 4.6/5 rating after years of refinement, Action Launcher seems greatly appreciated for its utility-focused approach.

#4. POCO Launcher 2.0

Prefer keeping Android modifications subtle while focusing on streamlining your experience? POCO Launcher 2.0 fits the bill.

It cuts down on flashy animations and graphics, instead providing a lightweight design that‘s gentle on system resources.

Handy features include:

  • Easy home screen app pinning: Permanently fix favorite apps or folders in designated spaces.
  • Intuitive swipe gestures: Effortlessly pull down from anywhere to reveal notifications.
  • Automatic categorization: Apps automatically group based on type like Social, Tools, Games etc.

While POCO Launcher focuses on efficient functionality over flashy aesthetics, you still get nice touches like automatic dark mode support.

The launcher has quickly built a fanbase too, with over 50 million downloads and a commendable 4.6/5 rating on the Play Store.

#5. Smart Launcher 6

If you appreciate automation handling mundane device tasks then Smart Launcher 6 makes an excellent choice.

It completely organizes your apps automatically based on category. Apps get grouped in folders like Entertainment, Productivity or System with zero manual effort needed.

Smart Launcher 6 also features intelligent predicted recommendations. This launcher learns your habits, then suggests new apps you may like based on usage. Pretty smart indeed!

Some other key highlights include:

  • Intuitive swipe gestures: Set custom actions for different finger motions.
  • Beautiful themes: Download through the built-in theme store for stunning styles.
  • Dynamic icon packs: Apply custom icon sets across all folder categories for unified aesthetics.

With over 5 million downloads, Smart Launcher 6 seems widely loved for its intuitive automation-assisted approach.

#6. Total Launcher

True to its name, Total Launcher enables totally comprehensive customization — far beyond wallpapers and icon packs.

You can individually tweak elements like:

  • Status bar colors/positioning: Set customized visibility rules and colors.
  • App drawer tabs: Enjoy tailored categories and horizontal page switching animations.
  • Home screen transition effects: Craft beautiful personalized animation styles.
  • Individual app icons: Not only icon packs, but modify single icons separately!

If you really want to control the precise look and feel of your Android experience, Total Launcher delivers.

While relatively new, this ambitious launcher has still racked up over 5 million downloads and a 4.5/5 rating.

#7. AIO Launcher

Prefer efficiency over elaborate customization abilities? AIO Launcher focuses on keeping things simple.

It ditches the cluttered home screen grid to showcase data glances like:

  • Weather forecasts covering 10+ days.
  • Calendar overviews showing upcoming appointments.
  • Music players giving playback controls.
  • Notification snapshots for quickly checking messages.

You directly add any desired apps alongside these. It‘s like a smart dashboard on your home screen showing essential info upfront.

If simplicity is key for you, AIO Launcher‘s crisp focus on consolidating vital data hits the spot. Over 10 million downloads to date suggests it strongly resonates with users.

#8. Lawnchair 2

Slickly designed yet feature-packed, Lawnchair 2 makes customizing Android a breeze thanks to initiatives like:

  • Dynamic theming engine: Automatically adapt interface colors to match wallpapers.
  • Drawer categories: Customize separate tabs like Games or Work apps.
  • "At a glance" widgets: Contextual info pulls calendar/contact details.

Yet despite the full features list, Lawnchair 2 retains a clean aesthetic so things never feel overly complex.

It‘s still relatively new, yet this launcher has quickly built up over 5 million downloads and a 4.1/5 rating.

#9. Indistractable Launcher

If you want to avoid digital distractions, Indistractable Launcher completely eliminates any visual frills.

It minimizes everything to focus on what‘s important. You decide which apps and widgets feature on the stark single home screen.

Helpful inclusions out the box include:

  • Time and date displays prominently shown.
  • Calendar schedule overview front and center.
  • Handy notes widget for jotting things down.
  • To-do list feature to maintain a task list.

The launcher also conveniently auto-transitions between light and dark modes based on daytime to save battery life.

If you want to avoid digital overwhelm and stay focused on personal priorities, this could be the perfect launcher app for you.

#10. Launcher iOS 15

Does your friend‘s iPhone have you questioning your Android loyalty? Before you switch sides, try the Launcher iOS 15 app!

It impressively replicates various aspects of the iPhone interface including:

  • App Libraries organizing your apps automatically.
  • Widgets galore like weather forecasts and music players.
  • Custom icon profiles with memoji-style images.
  • Faithful iOS aesthetics like dock positioning.

You still retain Android customization abilities too. So this gives you the perfect hybrid experience!

Note the launcher specifically focuses on matching the contemporary iOS 15 update‘s fresh aesthetics rather than old iOS versions.

Give Your Phone a Fresh New Look!

As you can see, Android launcher apps open up exciting ways to completely customize your device well beyond wallpapers and ringtone tweaks!

Hopefully the range of features covered here provides inspiration to transform your phone in fun new ways.

Review your priorities then install a launcher from this list to enjoy a more personalized and productivity-optimized Android experience each day. Your phone use will never be the same again!

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