The Best Manga Apps for Immersive Reading on Mobile

Manga has been embraced by millions of readers globally thanks to digital apps making titles more accessible than ever before. This comprehensive guide will compare the top manga platforms for selection, features, and reading experience to match fans with their perfect app.

I‘ve been an avid manga reader for over 15 years, witnessing the industry‘s expansion firsthand. In this post targeted at both casual fans and diehard otaku, I evaluate the top apps transforming manga reading on mobile. Let‘s dive in!


The manga industry hit an inflection point in the 2010s with digital distribution accelerating access and opening up borderless global fanbases. As you can see in the table below, global manga market size has steadily climbed, now reaching over $23 billion.

Year Global Manga Market Size Percent Growth
2018 $20.3 billion +12%
2019 $21.1 billion +4%
2020 $23.5 billion +11%

Driving this growth is an increasingly diverse readership that now spans ages, genders, and geographies:

  • 33% of manga readers are aged 18-30 ([1])
  • 47% of U.S. manga readers are female ([2])
  • 75% growth in manga sales globally outside Japan ([3])

However, reading on mobile does pose challenges for the unique cinematic visual medium manga pioneered. Storytelling unfolds vividly across sequential panels meant to immerse readers page-by-page.

To digitally optimize this reading experience, apps have innovated with:

  • Double page spreads – Maintain splash manga pages
  • Panel-by-panel readers – Guide reading flow
  • Offline downloads – Save favorite series
  • Personal libraries – Organize and track massive catalogs spanning decades
  • Interactive overlays – Highlight panels and take notes

Top apps also cater to worldwide fandoms hungry to consume hot new series mere hours after release in Japan. Localized translations and pricing models provide official licensed content regions never had access to before.

Now fans can carry 10,000 manga volumes in their pocket and tap into communities connecting manga enthusiasts worldwide like never before possible.

Below I break down the standout manga apps to match different fans with their perfect platform.

Crunchyroll Manga – Popular Series Streaming

Crunchyroll Manga should be familiar to anime fans as the top streaming source for subs and dubs. Their manga arm focuses on simulpub manga with series like Spy x Family and Attack on Titan available just hours after Japan‘s release.

The clean dark reader emphasizes vivid artwork while their forum connects one of manga‘s biggest fandoms. If you crave the most popular Shonen JUMP series hot off presses, Crunchyroll Manga hits the spot. However, their niche selection beyond headliners leaves hardcore fans wanting more.


  • 175+ current manga series
  • New chapters shortly after Japanese release
  • Free ad-supported reading
  • $4.99 Premium subscription with 1250+ additional series

Founding: 2006 by Berkeley graduates
Funding: $120 million from AT&T and the Chernin Group

Read Platforms:

  • iOS, Android
  • PC Web Reader

Parental Controls: Confirm age requirements during signup

INKR Comics – Massive Cross-Culture Catalog

If you want to explore manga diversity beyond popular Shonen, INKR Comics delivers with manhwa (Korean manga) and manhua (Chinese comics) alongside Japanese hits. Their "netflix for comics" subscription provides an all-access pass to over 50,000 chapters from publishers like Kodansha and WEBTOON.

INKR also innovates the reading experience itself with cinematic landscape and portrait modes. This customizability makes INKR a top pick for reading on big and small screens.


  • 50,000+ manga, manhwa and manhua chapters
  • $4.99 monthly unlimited reading subscription
  • Enhanced reading modes
  • Daily updated chapters

Founding: 2018 by Singapore-based Gummim Inc
Funding: $8 million from Shunwei Capital

Read Platforms:

  • iOS, Android

Parental Controls: Confirm age requirements during signup

Azuki – Support Creators Directly

Frustrated by creators not benefiting financially from free scanlation sites, Azuki aims to empower artists through a Netflix-style subscription model. For $4.99 per month, fans unlock ad-free reading of new and continuing series weeks before volumes publish.

But Azuki‘s biggest differentiator is putting cash directly into manga-ka pockets by sharing subscription revenue based on consumer engagement data. If supporting creators is a priority, Azuki delivers.


  • Read series as authors create them
  • Comment, rate, tip creators
  • Growing catalog of originals

Founding: 2020 by Crunchyroll co-founder Kun Gao

Read Platforms:

  • iOS, Android (beta)
  • PC Web Reader

Parental Controls: Confirm age requirements during signup

Looking Ahead

While apps have come a long way in digitizing manga reading over the past decade, innovation is just beginning. I‘m especially excited for augmented reality to immerse us within splash pages via mobile cameras. AI-powered language translation and art coloring will also expand global accessibility.

And as 5G networks and foldable displays take hold, manga apps tailored for phones of the future will transform reading into an even more cinematic experience. Panels will spring to life fueled by digital animation and soundtracks.

The industry still faces threats from aggregator sites distributing unlicensed scanlations. But with consumer spending on manga hitting all-time highs, legal channels promoting creators have momentum on their side.

I hope this overview helps fellow fans discover their perfect platform tailored to preferences and pockets. Happy reading! And be sure to share your favorite series with me across the socials.