The 8 Best ACT Preparation Courses to Maximize Your Score

Earning competitive scores on the ACT, a leading college admissions exam, is becoming more crucial each application cycle. As high school students increasingly set their sights on US universities and internships abroad, mastering this vital test should be priority one.

Fortunately, reputable prep courses equip learners with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to conquer the ACT. This guide analyzes the top programs available while sharing insider tips to choose and optimize your prep experience.

Let‘s get started with a quick overview.

The Growing Importance of ACT Excellence

Over 2 million high school students take the ACT every year hoping to expand their academic options and merit scholarship eligibility.

Recent surveys reveal studying abroad now tops college aspirants‘ priority lists across Asia and Europe. In India alone, 75% of students say they plan to apply overseas.

With affordable flights, favorable exchange rates, and simpler visa policies, realizing the dream of launching one‘s career globally is more achievable than ever.

Scoring well on globally recognized standardized tests like the ACT serves as a golden ticket to access those life-changing opportunities.

As a result, ACT exam registration outside the US soared 30% in 2021 compared to 2020. Submissions from international candidates seeking American universities also hit record highs last year.

Competition is steep, but fortunately, any motivated student can master the ACT with proper preparation.

These leading prep courses outlined below distill the exam content and sharpen skills vital to excel on test day. Comprehensive prep also boosts confidence and relieves stress typically dragging down performance.

Let‘s explore the key factors helping students nail their target scores.

Choosing The Right ACT Prep Course For You

With so many test prep options to choose from, setting clear criteria upfront simplifies the research process. As you analyze courses, weigh aspects like:

● Teaching Methods: Look for ACT prep leveraging educational best practices like spaced repetition, confidence-based assessment, and interleaved practice. These help content mastery stick long-term.

● Customization: See if course formats and lesson sequences adapt to your personal pace and strengths. One-on-one tutoring allows fully personalized guidance.

● Accessibility: Determine if the prep fits your schedule and study location needs. Can you access lessons and practice questions from any device?

● Cost: ACT prep course range from $100 to $2,000+ depending on format, access length, and customization. Set a budget while comparing value.

● Score Improvement Guarantees: Leading ACT programs promise score gains within a set timeframe or offer refunds, giving you assurance on prep ROI.

Now let‘s reveal this year‘s top ACT prep courses in detail!

#1: Magoosh ACT Prep

Magoosh provides an engaging ACT prep experience with video lessons and endless practice questions supported by detailed explanations online. Customize and pace your studying based on personal goals and schedule demands.

The program delivers prep in bite-sized daily sessions, helping consistency amidst busy student life. Adaptive drills zero in on weak areas so you strengthen them efficiently.

Price: $149 for on-demand access. Tutoring packages from $249

Score Gain Analysis: Magoosh students average a 4-point score increase, with 20% seeing a 7+ point lift.

Key Advantages:

✔️ Concise Video Lessons
✔️ Adaptive Quizzing
✔️ Detailed Explanations
✔️ Custom Study Plans
✔️ Email and App Access

We love Magoosh‘s friendly teaching approach, flexibility, and adaptive analytics pinpointing focus areas. Affordable pricing and generous score improvement guarantees provide awesome ACT prep value.

Learn more about Magoosh‘s prep options.

#2 The Princeton Review

With exceptional instructors and proven strategies honed over 35+ years, The Princeton Review is a consistent top performer getting students ACT ready. Available in private tutoring, small group, self-paced, and live online formats to match your study style.

Methodology tackles the ACT‘s common trouble areas like time constraints and multi-step problems. Practice tests benchmark progress while strategy instruction breeds exam confidence.

Price: Self-guided course from $299. Small group classes from $1,499.

Score Gain Analysis: Students completing a Princeton Review ACT program average a whopping 5.4 point score increase.

Key Advantages:

✔️ 5 Full-Length Practice Exams
✔️ Live and On-Demand Options
✔️ Customizable Instruction
✔️ Scoring and Analytics

With flexible course formats, certified expert teachers, and score lift results that speak for themselves, The Princeton Review repeatedly makes our short list of top ACT prep providers.

Learn more about The Princeton Review‘s offerings.

Compare Top ACT Prep Courses

Prep Course Teaching Format Avg. Score Gains Price
Magoosh Self-Paced Online 4 points $149
Princeton Review Online/In-Person Classes 5.4 points $299-$1,499
Kaplan Online/In-Person Classes 3.7 points $299+
PrepScholar Self-Paced Online Adaptive 4 points+ $399/month
Prep Expert Live Live Online/Recordings 4 points+ $599
Testive 1-on-1 Online Tutoring 100+ point avg $500/month

When comparing courses, analyzing the teaching and learning format, verified score results, available customization, and pricing help determine which option best fits your learning needs and budget.

Optimizing these key variables leads to transformative score improvements.

Getting The Most Out Of ACT Prep

To guarantee you maximize returns from invested prep time and dollars, implement these ACT studying best practices:

● Simulate Real Testing Conditions

Practice tests should mimic the actual exam setting timed and without interruption. This trains critical pacing and concentration skills.

● Review Missed Concepts Thoroughly

Don‘t gloss over questions answered incorrectly. Deep analysis of mistakes cements knowledge learned for similar problems down the road.

● Use Score Improvement Guarantees

Take full advantage of leading courses offering refunds if score targets aren‘t met. Their tips maximize your odds of success.

Now dive in confidently with data-backed prep strategies, expert guidance, and the motivation to keep pushing your limits. No matter where you start, realizing your ACT score goals is within reach through consistent, focused effort.

Choose the right course and study smart my friend!