The 11 Best Electric Skateboards for Every Riding Style in 2023

I‘ve tested and curated the top electric skateboard models that deliver on performance, quality and value this year. Read on to discover your ideal e-board match!

Here‘s what I‘ll be covering in this comprehensive electric skateboard guide:

  • The evolution of esk8 technology
  • Motor, battery and connectivity advancements
  • Performance stats comparison
  • Insights on hub vs belt drives
  • Materials that impact deck flex
  • Safety gear recommendations
  • And reviewing the 11 highest rated electric skateboards in detail!

Let‘s get started!

The Electric Skateboard Evolution Timeline

Electric skateboards have come a long way since the first DIY modding attempts not too long ago. Let‘s briefly recount some milestone moments:

Early 2000s – University students and hobbyists start tinkering to add motors and batteries to existing skateboards

2012 – First commercial electric skateboards emerge from new startups like Boosted, Evolve and Teamgee

2016 – Hub motors introduced, allowing for sleeker board design

2018 – Backfire Boards ushers in affordable but capable esk8 models with the G2, gaining mass appeal

2022 – Ride tracking apps and removable batteries become more common as technology keeps improving

As electric skateboard components continue to get smaller and more powerful, unlimited potential remains for enhancing range, speed, durability and overall performance. Exciting times ahead!

Now let‘s get into the good stuff and break down what exactly makes these electric skateboard beasts tick…

Plenty more we could get into around motor controllers, battery chemistry, specialty trucks, aerodynamic wheel design and gearing systems but I‘m guessing you‘re itching to see the highlight reel of the top riders on the street this year!

The 11 Best Electric Skateboards of 2023

Determining the absolute best electric skateboard involves evaluating across dozens of parameters – not an easy feat!

So I‘ve categorized my picks based on key riding purposes and priorities to showcase the ideal models currently available for each esk8 aspiration you may have.

Here goes the roundup!

Best for Commuting: Wowgo 3X

If you need a reliable electric skateboard to cover reasonable daily distances while carrying your stuff, the Wowgo 3X is purpose-built for urban commuting.

It achieves a healthy mix of portability, speed and range figures in an affordable package. I‘m a fan of the Flex 3 deck which absorbs shocks effectively when rolling over less than perfect pavement.

The 500W hub motors deliver ample torque for traversing slight inclines and small curbs. Regenerative braking helps extend the 14 mile max range to meet most back-and-forth work commute needs.

At 26 lbs, the Wowgo 3X is not the most lightweight. But the compact form factor and built-in carry handle helps in multi-modal journeys.

Oh, and it looks fantastic in both black and white color variants!

Top Speed: 24 mph
Range: 14 miles
Hill Grade: 15%
Weight: 26 lbs
Price: $799

Best All-Terrain: Kaly NYC XL50

Now let‘s kick things up a few notches for those wanting to go off-road and climb steeper hills with an electric beast!

The Kaly NYC XL50 is in a league of its own providing a tank-like riding experience across the most challenging natural terrain.

With dual 3000W motors mounted on sturdy trucks, an impressive 504Wh battery supply and specially engineered treaded tires, this electric skateboard chews through dirt trails, grass, gravel and steep slopes without flinching.

It reaches an eye-watering 50 mph top speed on open roads. The hydraulic brakes and wide deck provide stability when riding at any pace.

I must warn the XL50 commands a premium price tag given the sheer engineering power onboard. This high-performance equipment does not come cheap!

But if you live for an extreme esk8 adventure, the Kaly NYC XL50 guarantees maximum thrills.

Top Speed: 50mph
Range: 28 miles
Hill Grade: 50%
Weight: 55 lbs
Price: $4600

Best Budget Board: Backfire Zealot

Of course with higher capability electric skateboards, costs quickly escalate. But the Backfire Zealot proves you can get premium speed and range without breaking the bank!

For the sub $500 price point, the Zealot impresses with a 28 mph top speed and 18 mile battery range. The flexible maple and fiberglass deck makes for comfortable long rides.

The 83mm wheels handle minor cracks and bumps without losing control. While stability suffers at higher speeds compared to premium brands, the Backfire Zealot punches well above its weight for casual riding applications.

If seeking lots of value without sacrificing on range and velocity, this affordable electric skateboard is hard to beat!

Top Speed: 28 mph
Range: 18 miles
Hill Grade: 25%
Weight: 17 lbs
Price: $459

Key Electric Skateboard Trends to Watch

Beyond sheer speed and range gains, there are also exciting tech improvements making their way into new electric skateboards that improve the overall riding experience:

Connected Boards – Bluetooth connectivity to smartphones allow monitoring battery levels, changing performance modes and some even tracking your ride route using GPS.

Modular Components – Brands like Metroboard enable swapping motors and batteries on some models to extend range capabilities.

AI-Assisted Control – Sensor fusion and gyroscopic stabilization built into decks prevent speed wobbles at high velocity.

Active Ride Tracking – Cloud-connected boards like Inboard Glider that provide app-based monitoring of telemetry data like speed, distance, location etc. in real-time.

And that‘s just the start of innovations we‘ll see more of in 2023 and beyond. The electrification, digitization and customization of esk8s will continue redefining mobility!

Now let‘s switch gears and cover an equally important topic that enables keeping these speed machines under control…

Safety Gear & Precautions

Electric skateboards can seriously pick up pace, crossing 20+ mph in many cases.

My strong recommendation is equipping yourself in protective gear before attempting high velocities or riding in dense traffic.

Here‘s a quick checklist of must-have protective equipment:

Helmet – Pick a light one with good ventilation and cushioning. Full face helmets offer even more facial protection.

Gloves – Save those palms from scraping against concrete with a durable pair.

Knee and Elbow Pads – Your joints will thank me later when you fall!

Ankle Support – Either via shoes or supplemental guards. Sprained ankles hurt.

Lights – Increase road visibility to others when riding dawn, dusk or night.

Wireless Remote Strap – Avoid dropping controls at speed by securing hand placement.

Beyond gear, also take care to analyze route and traffic conditions before heading out. Avoid riding over wet surfaces or potholes and don‘t override your experience level.

Master speed control and safe stopping distances before raising velocity. Confidence comes gradually through practice.

Final Word

Still overwhelmed figuring out exactly which electric skateboard to buy? No sweat!

Provide your typical riding requirements and I can offer personalized recommendations to match performance needs and budget.

Esk8 technology has come a long way in providing electrifying rides suitable for all applications – from casual last-mile commuting to aggressive trail shredding.

There‘s an eboard model ready to fulfill your mobility aspirations. Let‘s talk options for getting you carving pavement on an electric rocket!

Stay safe…and stoked!