Securing Your Website from Cyberattacks with AppTrana‘s Continuous Protection

As an online business owner, you face immense threats from hackers, cybercriminals and other malicious actors constantly prowling the internet. Just take a look at some recent statistics:

  • 70% of websites contain some sort of vulnerability as per Positive Technologies
  • Web application attacks like cross-site scripting increased by 550% in 2021 as per F5 Labs
  • The average cost of a data breach is $4.35 million globally as per IBM

With risks and costs this high, you need powerful defenses in place to protect your site and users from ever-evolving cyber threats.

This is where solutions like AppTrana from Indusface can help. In this guide, you‘ll learn how AppTrana delivers continuous security for your web applications and APIs using capabilities like:

  • Automated + Manual Vulnerability Scanning
  • Advanced Web Application Firewall
  • Always-On DDoS Protection

Let‘s get started exploring the critical components of website security and how AppTrana safeguards your data.

The Threat Landscape: Hackers Are Targeting Web Apps

Websites and web applications have become prime targets for hackers due to increasing adoption of modern frameworks, third-party integrations, dynamic client-side code and other complexities.

Some stats that demonstrate the risks:

  • 77% of web applications tested had at least one critical vulnerability as per Acunetix Research in 2022
  • DNS, cloud and web app attacks grew over 100% between 2020 and 2021 according to SonicWall
  • Small businesses with under 100 employees lost on average $200,000 to cybercrime as per a Hiscox Study

This means your website likely contains flaws that hackers could exploit to steal data, takeover accounts or spread malware. Being proactive is crucial.

Top Website Vulnerabilities Targeted

Hackers often take advantage of common web security gaps like:

  • SQL Injection (SQLi) – manipulating backend SQL databases
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) – injecting malicious scripts
  • Sensitive Data Exposure – unprotected passwords, PII, finances
  • Broken Authentication – account takeover via weak credentials
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) – making unauthorized state changes

Through combinations of these techniques, attackers gain access, escalate privileges and extract valuable data from websites.

And compromised credentials can also enable access across other systems you use – enabling lateral movement across your digital assets.

That‘s why taking an integrated, defense-in-depth approach across your website, cloud resources and internal networks is key for robust security.

AppTrana‘s Layered Security Protects Your Whole Site

AppTrana goes beyond traditional web application firewalls to provide continuous assessment and protection across your external-facing assets.

It‘s SaaS-based security combines three layers:

1. Application Vulnerability Scanning

AppTrana Scanner performs hundreds of checks monthly looking for OWASP Top 10 flaws like SQLi, XSS plus issues with:

  • Improper Access Control – unauthorized data access
  • Vulnerable Components – outdated software, plugins, themes
  • Server Misconfigurations – incorrect cloud permissions

It evaluates vulnerabilities in modern JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue and Angular. Compliance scan reports such as for PCI DSS are also available.

2. Advanced Web Application Firewall

AppTrana WAF blocks the latest application-layer hacks using:

  • Core Ruleset – protects against 15,000+ threats with guaranteed zero false positives
  • Virtual Patching – fixes flaws instantly without changing any application code
  • IP Reputation – identifies and blocks traffic from known malicious sources
  • DDoS Prevention – detects and mitigates floods utilizing behavior analysis

As threats evolve, rules stay updated via real-time learnings across 750+ global customers – amplified by AI and expert human analysis.

3. Ongoing DDoS Mitigation

With increasing scale and firepower, DDoS attacks can easily take down websites incurring huge revenue losses. AppTrana offers always-on DDoS protection including:

  • Behavioral Modeling – identify abnormal traffic patterns indicative of floods
  • Burst Capacity – instantly additional filtering capacity activated when under DDoS seige
  • Emergency Measures – manually block specific regions, IPs, protocols if needed
  • Real-time Monitoring – 24/7 network-wide visibility to quickly respond

Via tight scanner and firewall integration, new DDoS vectors uncovered can also be blocked faster while avoiding false positives.

Key Advantages Over Alternative Solutions

Unlike traditional Web Application Firewall (WAF) solutions that provide only basic URL/pattern matching, AppTrana delivers smarter protection.

How Does It Compare?

Capability AppTrana WAF Appliances CDNs Rule-based WAFs
Accuracy Adaptive rules minimize false positives/negatives Higher false alarms Only protects availability, not apps Brittle static rules
Protection Level OWASP Top 10 + compliance checks Core protocol flaws only Limited app layer defenses Anyone can copy basic rulesets
Management Needs Fully managed service High admin effort Some tuning required Lots of manual configuration
Cost Flexible SaaS pricing Expensive hardware CapEx Usage-based fees Open source needs integration work

By combining managed WAF, scanning and DDoS services, AppTrana solves the problem of "too many security tools" with a unified SaaS platform.

Tips to Further Enhance Your Website Security

While AppTrana handles the heavy lifting for continuous external threat defense, you should also adopt good practices across other aspects of your digital infrastructure:

Secure Internal Systems

  • Harden network perimeter with next-gen firewalls
  • Implement endpoint detection + response capabilities
  • Enable multi-factor authentication for all users and admins
  • Establish backup protocols, disaster recovery processes

Develop Security Policies

  • Document cyberattack response plans
  • Classify data sensitivity levels
  • Codify access controls and permissions
  • Outline employee security training

Perform Proactive Assessments

  • Schedule recurring web scans and penetration testing
  • Conduct infrastructure audits evaluating configs, software
  • Model threat scenarios via red team exercises
  • Implement bug bounty programs

Facilitate Compliance

  • Track security controls required as per relevant regulations
  • Maintain audit trails demonstrating policy/standard adherence
  • Obtain certifications as applicable in your industry
  • Stay updated on changing legal/compliance nuances

The combination of AppTrana‘s SaaS security plus strong internal practices makes your organization resilient in the face of rising cyber risks.

Conclusion: AppTrana Delivers 24/7 Threat Protection

Hackers show no signs of stopping their hunt for vulnerable web applications to break into. As businesses rely increasingly on their online presence, the need for robust security only grows.

AppTrana provides a simplified yet powerful way to protect your website via:

Discovery – continuous scanning uncovers risks like code flaws, unauthorized access misconfigurations

Defense – essential safeguards like virtual patching, IP reputation monitoring, adaptive rules stop attacks

Visibility – single pane-of-glass view for application security posture across scans, firewall events, DDoS etc.

Compliance – ensures adherence with relevant mandates around data security, app protections

By leveraging AppTrana‘s cloud-delivered solution, you can rest assured knowing your web properties remain safe, compliant and available 24/7.

Get started with a risk-free AppTrana trial today to experience next-gen application security firsthand.