How to Get Meta (Facebook) Blueprint Certified in 2023: The Complete Guide

In October 2021, Mark Zuckerberg introduced Meta – a new parent company encapsulating Facebook alongside rapidly growing platforms like Instagram, Messenger and Whatsapp under a unified mission.

This rebranding signals Facebook‘s ambitions extending far beyond social media into frontier technologies enabling immersive digital worlds blended with physical reality via augmented and virtual reality.

As Meta seeks to bring this sci-fi-esque vision of the "metaverse" to life in the coming years, demand for digital marketing talent specializing in their ecosystem of apps will skyrocket.

Savvy professionals are already gearing up by earning official certifications in advertising and marketing competencies tailored to these platforms through the company‘s robust Meta Blueprint learning portal.

Let‘s explore what exactly these certifications entail, who stands to benefit and most importantly, how you can effectively prepare to pass Blueprint exams in 2023.

What Are Meta Blueprint Certifications?

Meta Blueprint features specialized online courses and assessments designed to help professionals demonstrate applied skills in promoting brands, products and services using Meta‘s technology.

By passing certification exams testing competency in areas like creative campaign strategy, quantitative analysis, media planning and technical development, modern marketers can stand out to employers.

Here‘s a snapshot of key benefits for certified candidates:

  • 83% of hiring managers view Meta certification as a plus when making digital marketing related hiring decisions according to 2021 Workplace Trends data
  • Verified mastery of leading advertising and engagement platforms utilized by billions daily
  • Career advancement as certified marketers can command over 10% higher salaries compared to uncertified peers
  • Member-exclusive access to insights, lessons and case studies not available publicly

And demand for these skills continues rising steeply.

As an example, over 1.2 million people have currently obtained the entry-level Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate badge by passing a core knowledge exam. Millions more learners explore free video training content in areas like creative strategy, community building, competitive analysis and beyond monthly.

Let‘s explore certification tracks in more detail next.

Meta Blueprint Certification Levels

Meta Blueprint groups certification exams by skill level, spanning foundations to advanced tactics.

Associate Level

Ideal for early-career professionals, Associate certifications focus on applied basics across Meta apps most popular for engagement and transactional messaging.

The sole offering at this tier currently covers:

Digital Marketing Associate

Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associates exhibit core infrastructure knowledge and hands-on skills in basic advertising concepts across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

With over 85 lessons and hundreds of practice questions to draw from, this well-rounded springboard prepares entry-level marketers for roles like:

  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Community Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Small Business Owner

Alongside fundamentals like establishing a presence, creating/managing ads and reporting, advanced coursework dives into areas like personalized audiences, influencer partnerships, retention messaging and multi-platform funnel optimization.

Prepping through Blueprint directly also grants free access to the Business Manager sandbox environment for applied practice with real tooling.

Over 1.2 million have passed the Associate exam at time of writing, signalling strong demand for this versatile, intro-level certification.

Professional Level

At the mid-tier, Meta Blueprint Professional certifications validate specialized strategic and execution skills in analytics, creative direction and channel management competencies.

Offerings in this bracket best suit directors, product owners, consultants and coordinators responsible for turning high-level initiatives into measurable outcomes leveraging Meta technologies.

Specific Professional certifications center around:

Marketing Science Professional

Validates proficiency in quantitative decision making using platform data, experiments and insights.

Creative Strategy Professional

Assesses expertise in breakthrough branding, positioning and concepts optimized for Meta ecosystem apps.

Media Planning Professional

Tests big picture capacity to develop omnichannel plans and investment strategies aligned to business KPIs.

Media Buying Professional

Covers process, policy and practical buying execution across Meta advertising.

Each exam comprises 75-100 questions testing nuanced application of concepts introduced via 25+ hours of specialized Blueprint coursework. By earning 1 or more Professional badges, students reinforce depth and relevancy of knowledge to employers.

Expert Level

Lastly, advanced app developers, UI engineers and technical consultants pursuing or advancing in technical Meta marketing roles can showcase relevant coding capabilities through Expert certifications.

These intensive assessments include multi-hour coding projects and assessments in addition to knowledge checks.

2 options exist today:

Marketing Developer

Confirms integrations proficiency with Meta Business SDK, Marketing API and associated tooling.

Advertising API Developer

Next-level demonstrating ability to configure/manage complex advertising platform customizations and plugins.

Think backend architects, full stack engineers and lead developers. By passing rigorous written and skills-based elements over 5+ hours of examination, technical virtuosos can stand out even amongst deeply experienced peers.

Let‘s switch gears to preparing and signing up to earn your own credentials.

Registering for Meta Blueprint Certification Exams

Before being exam eligible, individuals must create a free Meta for Business account.

With a profile established, visit the main Meta Blueprint Certification Portal and click "Take Exam" buttons to access specific assessments.

Here candidates can view:

  • Passing score requirements
  • Associated competencies tested
  • Sample questions
  • Testing center locations
  • Exam prep checklist
  • And schedule online/in-person slots subject to availability

Note exams are free to all who register. However, a score of at least 75% across the board is mandatory to pass.

Candidates can retake assessments however often needed until clearing this bar, with a mandatory 2 week waiting period between attempts.

Now let‘s explore resources to help you achieve that coveted "Pass" on first sitting!

Preparing for Meta Certification Exams

Preparation is key when aiming for such stringent benchmarks under time pressure. This is especially true for coding assessments completed live.

To build exam-day confidence and required skills, Meta provides official study guides covering:

  • Detailed topic breakdowns
  • Learning checklists
  • Quizzes
  • Worked examples
  • Instructional videos

These cover ~80% of fundamental subject matter tested. Candidates should thoroughly review materials end-to-end initially.

Supplementing with hands-on courses adds an extra layer of retention via repetition in applied environments.

For example, HubSpot Academy‘s popular Facebook Ads Training Certification course compliments Digital Marketing Associate prep with 7 hours of specialized modules, 40+ lectures and opportunity to run live test campaigns.

Upon completing official resources, simulated exams are highly recommended to benchmark readiness under exam-style conditions.

Resources like Udemy offer timed Digital Marketing Associate practice tests with solutions explaining correct responses in detail when you miss questions.

For developers prepping coding modules, leveraging the Meta for Developers sandbox grants a month of free access to the latest APIs/SDK environments matching real-world conditions.

This helps ingrain tooling intricacies and troubleshooting reflexes through self-directed study.

Across preparation strategies, allow 3-6 months run time depending on your starting skill level before challenging certification assessments for maximum assurance.

Turning Knowledge Into Mastery

In addition to the structured learning pathways above, Meta Blueprint presents short Exam Readiness courses sharp focusing final preparation.

Topics span:

  • Review of core objectives/competencies tested
  • Time management tactics highlighting key content areas
  • Eliminating test anxiety through breathing/visualization
  • Guessing strategies when unsure between multiple choice options
  • Brain-boosting nutrition/lifestyle tips for peak performance

These help candidates enter exam rooms with calm confidence rooted in quality repetition.

For those who fail initial attempts, Exam Readiness provides support to analyze weak points and debrief next steps too. This facilitates quick bounce back through addressing narrowly problematic domains of knowledge piecemeal.

The best reassurance comes from professionals who finally certified after an early setback.

A common sentiment they express is sticking to reliable study processes while persevering through self doubt. Slow incremental gains in understanding compound over months to reach that 75%+ passing score threshold.

The key is to remain resolutely focused on growth through failure, leveraging lessons as launch pads towards eventual success.

With the ultimate trophy within reach, let‘s examine prep options to match personal learning needs and styles.

Choosing the Right Study Platform

Meta Blueprint study materials offer an exceptional launch pad to structure a certification game plan. But some may equally benefit from specialized courses, coaching and communities to provide:

  • Guidance orienting prep for non-experts
  • Practice through interactive quizzes/labs
  • Support during intensive review periods

Below we analyse the optimal scenarios where supplementing official resources with third party learning platforms makes sense by category.

For Structure & Simplicity: Facebook Business Learn

Meta‘s free Facebook Business Learn eLearning Portal simplifies getting up to speed on latest feature capabilities across their app ecosystem.

With clean video-focused instruction, this first party resource works well self-guided from the ground up. Especially for total beginners seeking structured foundations.

- Deep Facebook expertise as source  
- Regular content updates
- Crisp explanatory visuals
- Certificates on course completion

- Surface-level only
- Limited interactivity  
- No assessments or grades

The focused format also suits professionals seeking bite-sized continuing education brushing up existing skills during career breaks or while working full-time.

While no substitute for intensive exam-prep, Facebook Business Learn builds indispensable baseline awareness most effectively.

For Immersive Practice: LinkedIn Learning

With practical courses spanning beginner to advanced led by industry experts, LinkedIn Learning offers robust hands-on training bridging theory to application.

The "Prepare for a Career in Social Media Marketing" learning path compiles ~17 hours of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube instruction even granting a certificate of completion along the way.

For retainment through use cases, LinkedIn Learning creates fertile testing grounds pre-exam.

- Interactive "learn by doing"  
- Certificate on completion   
- Applicable across platforms

- Premium subscription required   
- Light on test prep  
- Few badges offered

Rounding skills through scenario-based tasks makes the platform a powerful confidence builder coming into intensive final review.

The combination of foundational rigor and realism accelerates capability maturation essential to pass assessments.

For Exam Readiness: Udemy

With 24/7 unlimited access specialized prep courses, global eLearning marketplace Udemy enables candidates to cost effectively gain structured Blueprint exam mastery.

Dedicated offerings like the "Meta Certification Exam Prep Course for Success!" package preps across dimensions like:

  • Study pacing guidance to track progress
  • 800+ realistic practice questions with detailed answers/explanations
  • Assessment scoring to quantify improvement areas
  • Exam hacks familiarizing interface and style

With vetted 4+ star instructors and 30 day money back guarantees, Udemy reduces risk trying bootcamp-style cramming when timelines tighten.

- Exam-aligned content  
- Score boosting strategies
- Quantifiable progress  

- Rapid pace demands dedication
- Few developer offerings 

For professionals and graduates seeking an affordable personalized push as deadlines near, Udemy delivers a credible solution to sharpen skills decisively.

As highlighted, a mosaic of learning avenues exists to ready certification attempts in flexible ways that accommodate individual schedules and budgets.

The next imperative step is architecting your custom action plan pulling from recommendations above.

Blueprint Certification Preparation Game Plan

With so many moving parts across platforms, here is an integrated framework balancing structure, skill-building and stress mitigation as exam days approach:

6 months out:
- Discover certification(s) matching professional goals 
- Outline existing qualifications/experience 
- Budget time/financial commitment required  

5 months out:  
- Enroll in online courses establishing core competencies
- Start Official Blueprint content to guide learning priorities 

3 months out:
- Accelerate practice through quizzes, labs and workbooks
- Attempt initial assessments benchmarking progress 

6 weeks out:  
- Finalize understanding gaps and enroll cramming course
- Simulate exam day environments maintaining intensity

1 month out: 
- Confirm exam eligibility, date and logistics 
- Focus exams readiness content calming mindset

Exam week:
- Get plenty rest while avoiding intensive study  
- Visualize passing confidently embracing the moment

Adjust activity volume across the blueprint respecting your outside responsibilities and ability to sustain motivation long-term without burnout.

As highlighted however, allowing several months to ingrain competencies – especially technical elements – pays dividends improving first-time clearance rates substantially.

Patience plus proactive preparation prevents poor performance!

The final consideration becomes who stands to gain most from chasing these recognitions.

Who Should Pursue Meta Blueprint Certification?

In summary – any digital economy worker seeking to future proof in-demand capability sets as consumer interactions migrate online at staggering rates.

More specifically:

Students & Career Changers

By earning credentials ahead of entering the workforce, the next generation of marketers enter job searches certified. This accelerates shortlisting for entry level roles.

Agency Consultants & Freelancers

Signalling technical qualification across high-value martech builds credibility with potential clients early during the sales process.

Small Business Owners

As infrastructure like Shopify tighten Meta integrations, solo entrepreneurs can significantly amplify reach by learning to directly leverage platforms their communities already inhabit daily.

And at scale, marketing managers overseeing 7 figure campaigns equally rely on maintaining inside-out technical perspective optimized leveraging Meta ecosystem data.

With mastery the ultimate proof of understanding, prioritizing relevant certifications now kickstarts meaningful career control and resilience.

Commission the same experts powering billions in transactions to skill you up to greater opportunity. The knowledge economy bends toward stamping people who take the initiative showcasing verified expertise ahead of the pack.

Join them by confirming your next Blueprint certification date!