Get Started with Knitting using these Top Crochet Apps

Did you know over 38 million people were estimated to be actively knitting and crocheting in America alone in 2020? Far from a niche hobby, this nostalgic craft has seen resurgent popularity over the last decade. One survey found a majority of crafters feel it provides an outlet for stress relief in turbulent times. Apps now exist making it possible to learn at home. I‘ll overview everything you need to know to get started with knitting using handy crochet apps.

Turning Stitches into Profits

While many associate yarn crafts with retirees, today‘s knitters and crocheters span all age groups. In fact, savvy entrepreneurs like Jess of Wool and the Gang have built multi-million dollar empires from selling knitwear. Apps provide vital tools for both hobbyists and professionals. Catherine Langan, owner of Knitchicks, a €20K per year Etsy Shop says:

My knitting app lets me manage custom orders and intricate patterns even on-the-go between clients. I couldn‘t run my business without it!

So don‘t be intimidated by mastering this rewarding skill. With a bit of passion, creativity and the right technology, it can translate into real revenues.

Cost Considerations for Beginners

Starting knitting as a hobby costs very little other than a pair of needles and a skein of yarn. Those basic supplies ring up usually under $20 in most craft stores. Jumping into selling finished pieces requires more investment in materials and tools to scale up inventory. Expect to spend around $150-300 on higher quantities of quality yarn, backups of varying needle sizes and notions like stitch markers and pattern weights. Tracking expenses accurately is where apps provide major assistance.

Comparion of Features Offered in Top Crochet Apps

App Patterns Counters Timers Share Capability Sync Across Devices
Patternum Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stash2Go Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Amigurumi Today No No No Yes No

Learning with Built-In Tutorials

One hurdle for wanna-be knitters is confusion over strange new terms and techniques. Fortunately, many crochet apps embed beginner tutorials walking you step-by-step through each stitch,decrease and increase. Master skills like the purl stitch, binding off, the invisible seam or bobbles through visual guidance. Apps also decode perplexing abbreviations found in written patterns.

Learning the anatomy of written patterns is vital. Row counters streamline keeping place even when interrupting projects. Lisa Johnson who sells custom crochet doll clothes recommends:

Use row counting features religiously! I can‘t tell you how many orders I had to re-do before I got smart incorporating them into every project, no matter how small.

Mistakes happen, especially when first starting out. Avoid common pitfalls like inconsistent gauge by carefully reading app tutorials first. Master foundations before attempting advanced techniques.

Top Crochet App Recommendations

Whether you own an iOS or Android device, fantastic apps exists suiting crocheters of all ability levels. Here are my top picks:

Patternum – Intuitively build custom crochet patterns complete with sizing adjustments. Create stunning charts using pre-defined symbol libraries for easy translations of stitches into visual guides.

Stash2Go – Access entire Ravelry pattern and yarn databases plus tools like project queues on mobile. Sync progress across devices.

Stitchmastery – Complete beginner knitting and crochet video courses teach through every step. Live view instructor progress.

Pocket Yarn Craft – Digital encyclopedia with thousands of stitches, techniques and terminology definitions. Search or browse alphabetically.

Knit Companion – Robust pattern reader presenting clear, zoomed in views. Annotate tricky sections with digital highlighters and stickies.

Row Row Row Your Knits – Simple yet effective row/round counter supporting multiple simultaneous projects. Tap buttons to track progress. Sync via iCloud.

Crochet 365 Knit Too – One of the largest crochet pattern catalogs searchable by keyword phrases, skill level, finished product type and more. Favorites list enables quick access.

Whether you choose to learn with YouTube first or dive right into app tutorials, take advantage of their project management capacities by logging WIPs. This prevents losing track of rows or supplies mid-work.

Final Tips and Projections

The worldwide knitting and crocheting industry size already exceeds $7 billion annually. Expect substantial continued growth as more people discover mental, physical and financial perks of stitching. Apps alleviate frustrations enabling anyone to craft successful pieces from day one. Check for regular feature enhancements and pattern additions so you always have fresh projects on deck. Most importantly, have fun with this calming, creative endeavor!

What crochet app sounds most useful to start your journey? Share any first-timer questions below. Happy Crafting!