9 Best Teleprompter Apps to Deliver Your Speech With Clarity [2023]

Delivering a clear and effective speech can be nerve-wracking. Remembering lines, maintaining eye contact, controlling pacing – it‘s easy to get overwhelmed on stage.

That‘s why teleprompter apps are so valuable. They allow you to focus on your delivery rather than worrying about forgetting your place.

In this definitive guide, we‘ll explore the 9 best teleprompter apps available in 2023. For each option, we‘ll overview the key features, pricing, and ideal use cases.

By the end, you‘ll know which solution is right for your upcoming presentation, video, or live event.

Let‘s get started!

What is a Teleprompter App?

A teleprompter app scrolls your speech on a mobile device like a phone or tablet. It‘s positioned near the camera so you can read the words clearly while maintaining eye contact with the audience.

The key benefit of a teleprompter app is that it keeps you on script. The text scrolls at your pacing, providing a constant visual cue about what to say next.

This prevents awkward pauses and rambling when you lose your place. It also enables you to memorize less since the words are always visible.

Overall, a quality teleprompter app improves speech delivery by:

  • Keeping you on script
  • Maintaining ideal pacing
  • Enabling consistent eye contact
  • Reducing memory burden

With the right solution, both experienced and novice speakers can deliver flawless presentations.

Next, let‘s explore the top teleprompter app options available today.

1. PromptSmart – Best for Professional Speakers

PromptSmart is a versatile teleprompter targeted at professional speakers. It works seamlessly across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

The app automatically tracks your speech pace. The scrolling speed then adapts so you always stay in sync with the text.

For added control, PromptSmart enables voice commands too. This hands-free operation is perfect for long speeches when you can‘t adjust settings manually.

Key Features

  • Automatic speech tracking
  • Voice control capabilities
  • Multi-platform support
  • Customizable text formatting
  • Cloud storage integration

PromptSmart is an excellent choice for keynote addresses, news broadcasts, training videos and more. It‘s both powerful and intuitive enough for advanced public speaking needs.

The Pro plan starts at $12 per month. But you can test free for 3 minutes before committing.

2. Selvi – Best Budget teleprompter

Selvi is a great budget teleprompter for Android. The easy-to-use app makes speech delivery seamless yet affordable.

Unlike some prompters, Selvi works with both the front and rear phone cameras. So you can present confidently while maintaining eye contact.

The interface also enables quick text size and speed adjustments mid-speech. This real-time control keeps your pacing aligned as conditions change.

Key Features

  • Front + rear camera support
  • Customizable text sizing
  • Variable speech speed
  • Affordable pricing
  • Intuitive Android interface

For casual speaking needs, Selvi provides core teleprompting functionality without the advanced features. It‘s a cost-effective way to stay on script for videos, lectures and more.

The free version shows occasional ads. But for just $3.99, you can unlock the full experience ad-free.

3. BigVu – Best for Filming Videos

BigVu excels at helping you film professional-grade videos. The teleprompter makes it simple to remember lines while maintaining energetic on-camera presence.

BigVu enables filming directly within the app or via your device’s native camera. The footage seamlessly saves to your camera roll ready for upload. This workflow simplifies shooting scripts for YouTube, TikTok, inbound marketing and more.

Key Features

  • Direct in-app filming
  • Native camera support
  • Intuitive editing tools
  • Brand kit for custom styling
  • YouTube integration

For creators regularly filming videos, BigVu streamlines the entire process. From scripting to shooting to sharing, it’s an end-to-end teleprompter studio.

The free tier enables core filming capabilities without a watermark. Or upgrade to BigVu Premium for $9.99 monthly to remove branding.

4. Video Teleprompter – Best for iPad & iPhone

The aptly named Video Teleprompter app focuses solely on iOS support. It leverages the big, high-resolution iPad and iPhone screens for an optimized teleprompting experience.

The app positions script scrolling conveniently next to the front-facing camera. This way you don’t have to look down at your device or notes. Gaze forward naturally as the words guide your speech.

Key Features

  • Designed for iPad & iPhone
  • Scroll text next to front camera
  • Customizable speed + text formatting
  • Record natively or in-app
  • Remote control capable

Video Teleprompter also enables advanced features like external remote control, countdown timers and more. These expansions make multi-person productions easier for films, broadcasts and events.

You can download a free version from the App Store. Or upgrade to premium for $11.99 monthly to unlock more capabilities.

5. Teleprompter Premium – Most User-Friendly iOS Teleprompter

As the name suggests, Teleprompter Premium focuses on an intuitive iOS interface. The streamlined design makes it easy for novices and experts alike to delivery stellar speeches.

The app enables uploading scripts, flexible text formatting and remote control. You can also use handy tools like integrated timers, multi-language translations and external monitor support.

Key Features

  • Upload text from any source
  • Adjust size, color and speed
  • Built-in translation
  • External monitor capable
  • Remote control

Because it‘s so simple to setup and use, Teleprompter Premium is great for one-off events. The flexibility suits various speaking scenarios like weddings, conferences, school events and more.

It‘s a free download on the App Store with in-app purchases available. The “Expert” plan unlocks multi-device control, translations and other benefits at $3.99 monthly.

6. Speechnotes – Best AI-Powered Teleprompter

Speechnotes leverages AI to provide an automated teleprompting experience. Simply start speaking to auto-generate an editable script.

The app transcribes your real-time speech into text. You can then save these documents and use them as rolling teleprompter scripts.

Speechnotes also enables the reverse. Upload any text document and the app reads it aloud while highlighting words karaoke-style.

Key Features

  • AI-powered speech transcription
  • Text-to-speech capabilities
  • Create scripts from recordings
  • Edit auto-generated documents
  • Multi-language support

Speechnotes is ideal if you prefer generating scripts from recordings rather than writing initially. It’s also helpful reviewing drafts by having the AI read back your document.

The web and mobile app offers a forever free version. Paid plans unlock more monthly transcriptions and functionality starting at $7.99 monthly.

7. Orate – Most Interactive Teleprompter

Orate takes a unique approach by transforming speeches into interactive slidedecks. Upload your script and the web app visualizes content into digestible sections.

You can then present directly from Orate’s teleprompter view. It works similar to traditional apps but structured around your outline.

The biggest advantage is audience engagement. Orate generates a custom URL you can share externally. Viewers see your slides progress in real-time as you speak.

Key Features

  • Generates presentation decks
  • Integrated teleprompter
  • Real-time audience view
  • Analytics for tracking engagement
  • Custom branding

Orate incentivizes listener focus by visualizing your key points. The interactive slides make your speech more dynamic both on-stage and off.

Plans start free for personal use. Paid tiers unlock more presentation features like analytics, calendars and design tools. They begin at $8 monthly for Pro.

8. Speechway – Best for Android Flexibility

Speechway brings flexible teleprompting capabilities to Android users. The app makes it simple to format, manage and present scripts seamlessly.

Upload text, adjust styles like size and color to your needs, then present hands-free. Speechway’s scrolling ensures consistent pacing tailored to your delivery.

Key Features

  • Android-exclusive design
  • Customizable text formatting
  • Script organizing/folders
  • External remote capabilities
  • Text import/export

Speechway even enables integrating with other Android apps as a remote display. This flexibility helps expand beyond phones to bigger tablets, Chromebooks and smart glasses.

You can download Speechway free on the Google Play Store. The $4.99 Pro version then removes ads and watermarks for clean usage.

9. Parrot Prompter – Most Interactive Audience Engagement

Parrot Prompter strengthens audience connectivity through interactive presentations. Upload scripts and engage viewers by sharing a live URL.

As you speak, Parrot Prompter displays your current talking point highlighted on a viewer dashboard. This keeps participants focused while enabling you to skip around freely.

The app also facilitates real-time annotations and messaging. Engage with crowds by answering questions without going off-script.

Key Features

  • Live viewer dashboard
  • Interactive messaging
  • Annotate and highlight content
  • Customizable viewer permissions
  • Remote teleprompter control

For keynotes, classes, speeches and sermons, Parrot Prompter boosts attentiveness. The interactive features apply equally well for in-person and virtual events.

Parrot Prompter starts free with some limitations. Paid plans unlocking collaboration tools and analytics start at $12 monthly per presenter.

Key Teleprompter App Features

When evaluating solutions, keep these core features in mind:

Easy Text Importing: Quickly upload scripts from Word, PDFs, cloud storage and other sources. Avoid tedious retyping on mobile devices.

Basic Text Editing: Tweak document formatting like size, colors and alignment to your preferences.

Variable Scrolling Speed: Ensure pacing stays in sync by speeding up/slowing down prompt rates.

External Display Output: Project prompts onto bigger screens and monitors for easier off-camera reading.

Recording Capabilities: Capture speeches directly within the app or using device cameras.

Optimized combinations of these capabilities ensure you stay on track. Find an app aligning with your use case and price point.

Wrap Up

Delivering flawless speeches requires staying on script. Teleprompter apps enable you to focus on confident deliveries rather than worrying about forgetting content.

In this guide, we explored the 9 best teleprompter apps available today:

With so many options, you can find an app tailored specifically to your needs and budget. Whether you’re giving a keynote, teaching online courses, filming YouTube videos or more, teleprompters help you present flawlessly.

Now you have all the information to select the best teleprompter app for your next speech. Confidently take the stage knowing the words will guide you from start to finish!