17 Hurtworld Hosting Servers to Find Your Tribe and Survive in Style

Hurtworld is an innovative open-world survival game that has captured the hearts of hardcore gamers around the world. However, running your own Hurtworld server requires robust hosting that can keep up with the demands of this graphics-intensive title.

In this ultimate guide, we will cover everything you need to know about finding the best Hurtworld hosting server, from understanding the Hurtworld gameplay itself to an in-depth analysis of 17 top hosting providers.

An Introduction to Hurtworld Gameplay

Hurtworld drops players on a hostile alien planet and challenges them to survive vicious storms, dangerous creatures, sepsis infections, and even ruthlessly competitive human players. This brutal survival sandbox features stunning procedural generation technology that creates a unique open world in every game.

Key Hurtworld gameplay features include:

  • Crafting weapons, bases, and vehicles from scavenged materials
  • Metabolism, temperature, and other survival systems
  • Randomly-generated equipment stats to enable diverse playstyles
  • Competitive faction warfare over map control points
  • Rogue AI enemies and randomized high-level raid events
  • Fully moddable via Steam Workshop integration

Running a smooth Hurtworld server requires some serious hardware, especially if you want to crank those graphics settings up. A minimum of 8 GB RAM is recommended for a 30 slot server, along with modern quad or octa-core CPUs for handling complex in-game physics. Backups are also a must, as losing save data could wipe out hundreds of hours of construction progress.

Dedicated Hurtworld game servers offload these resource demands so that you can simply focus on surviving the harsh alien landscape. Now let’s examine exactly what you should look for when choosing your hosting provider.

Key Factors for Choosing Hurtworld Hosting

With so many server hosts to pick from, it can get overwhelming for the average gamer trying to set up their first Hurtworld server. Here are the most important criteria to evaluate:

Hardware Power – Top-tier CPU cores, RAM capacity, and NVMe solid state drive storage result in better performance, higher player counts, and faster world generation.

Network Connectivity – Low latency and packet loss is critical, so aim for hosts with DDoS protection, high bandwidth pipes, and servers near your player base.

Control Panel & Mod Support – A good control panel lets you tweak settings on the fly. Robust mod support expands Hurtworld possibilities.

Backups & Security – Offsite backups protect you from disasters. Anti-DDoS filtering ensures uptime.

Customer Service – Getting timely help when issues arise is crucial for smooth sailing.

Price – Balance your budget against desired performance and features.

Now let’s dive into 17 top-rated Hurtworld hosting providers and see how they stack up across these criteria.

17 Hurtworld Hosting Providers Reviewed

1. Nitrado

Founded in 2012, Nitrado has rapidly grown to become one of the largest gaming server hosts globally. Their Hurtworld plans include:

Hardware – Intel i7 CPUs, NVMe SSD storage, and DDR4 RAM provide excellent performance for the price point.

Network – Worldwide datacenters have strong connectivity and DDoS protection.

Support – Phone, email, and ticket support with 24/7 availability. Help guides for configuration.

Price – Starts at $9 per month. Higher player count plans available.

Nitrado makes configuring and launching Hurtworld servers quick and easy for novice users. Their rock-solid network and experienced support staff help ensure smooth sailing.

2. Host Havoc

This veteran provider specializes in hosting game servers backed by premium hardware and network architecture.

Hardware – Tier one enterprise hardware including blazing fast NVMe drives.

Network – DDoS filtering across locations worldwide, with 24/7 real-time monitoring.

Support – Responsive and highly-rated customer service staff.

Price – Starts at $16 monthly for a 10 slot server.

From hardware to customer support, Host Havoc delivers exceptional quality and performance worthy of the premium price tag.

3. Blue Fang Solutions

In business since 2001, Blue Fang was among the very first companies to offer managed game server hosting.

Hardware – All servers feature Intel processors and SSD-based storage.

Network – Global private network between datacenters provides low latency connectivity.

Support – Online manuals and documentation to assist configuration.

Price – 10 slot Hurtworld servers start around $11 monthly.

Blue Fang brings over 20 years of specialized expertise in delivering reliable game servers to individual customers and business clients alike.

4. Survival Servers

One of the most popular multiplayer gaming hosts, Survival Servers lives up to their name with stellar Hurtworld server offerings.

Hardware – Top-end components including lightning fast NVMe storage drives.

Network – Low ping times across North America and Europe. DDoS protection.

Support – 24/7 customer service via multiple contact methods.

Price – Starts from $13 monthly for 10 slots.

With their wealth of experience and capabilities, Survival Servers is a top choice for hosting Hurtworld.


LOW.MS stands out with their premium hardware, blazing fast network, and obsession with latency reduction.

Hardware – Only latest generation Intel CPUs, DDR4 RAM, and NVMe storage offered.

Network – Direct connectivity via Cogent and Telia enables exceptional speeds worldwide.

Support – 24/7 team with L2 and L3 technicians on standby around the clock.

Price – 10 slot Hurtworld from roughly $15 per month.

With hyper-optimized servers and network, LOW.MS is a pricier but tempting pick for the performance-demanding player.

6. GTX Gaming

Headquartered in the UK, GTX Gaming has over a decade of managed game server hosting experience.

Hardware – Strong mid-range components like i7 CPUs and SSD storage.

Network – Global locations. DDoS filtering.

Support – Documentation guides and 24/7 customer support via multiple communication channels.

Price – Approximately $13 monthly for a starter 10 slot Hurtworld server.

For European players, GTX Gaming brings ping-optimized servers and capable support to meet your needs.

7. Server Blend

This US-based host employs premium dedicated hardware for optimized game performance.

Hardware – Powerful Intel and AMD CPUs, fast NVMe SSDs, and ample DDR4 RAM.

Network – Tier 1 bandwidth providers enable excellent throughput and mitigation against cyber attacks.

Support – Quick response times and effective resolutions to issues based on client reviews.

Price – Hurtworld hosting starts around $10 per month.

Boasting some of the most powerful hardware and network infrastructure out there, Server Blend hits well above its budget-friendly price point.

8. Ping Perfect

Ping Perfect lives up to their name by focusing heavily on latency reduction methods for competitive gaming performance.

Hardware – All enterprise-grade components backed by dedicated support technicians.

Network – Carrier-grade bandwidth optimized for gaming traffic, with complete DDoS protection.

Support – 24/7 assistance via live chat, email, or phone support channels.

Price – Approximately $14 per month for Hurtworld starter packages.

Ping Perfect brings ultra low latency worldwide connectivity for delivering lag-free gunfights and raiding to your Hurtworld server.

9. Streamline Servers

Streamline uses premium dedicated servers packed with bleeding-edge gaming hardware for optimal throughput.

Hardware – Their signature Dragon servers boast Intel i9 CPUs, NVMe storage and loads of DDR4 RAM.

Network – Redundant bandwidth providers enable fast speeds with added resilience to outages. Full DDoS filtering.

Support – Quick response times via multiple contact avenues including Discord.

Price – Starts around $25 monthly for 10 slot Hurtworld hosting.

While pricier than barebones commodity hosting, Streamline Servers delivers that smooth premium gaming experience many players covet.

10. Rox Servers

Rox Servers is an international hosting provider running specialized infrastructure for PC and console gaming.

Hardware – Strong mid-range CPUs like the Intel i7 backed by SSD storage and ample RAM.

Network – Hosted in top-tier data centers with robust DDoS mitigation.

Support – Responsive support team reachable 24/7/365 via multiple contact options.

Price – Approximately $12 per month for baseline Hurtworld packages.

Rox Servers brings a wealth of multiplayer server experience at affordable rates.

11. AGS Hosting

A cost-effective pick for hosting Hurtworld, AGS offers limited frills but good core hosting features.

Hardware – Their servers pack Intel i7 CPUs, SSD disks and decent RAM allotments.

Network – Connectivity and protection sufficient for most.

Support – Responsive support specializing specifically in game server management.

Price – Roughly $2.50 weekly for entry-level Hurtworld servers. Extremely budget friendly!

AGS Hosting cuts costs by focusing exclusively on game server hosting – allowing them to excel specifically at Hurtworld within tight budget constraints.

12. Nitrous Networks

A top-reviewed premium provider focused purely on gaming server hosting for 15+ years.

Hardware – Packed with latest generation Intel and AMD chips, DDR4 RAM, NVMe storage and more.

Network – High grade bandwidth pipes protected by enterprise anti-DDoS equipment ensure max uptime.

Support – Friendly experts available 24/7 via live chat or ticket.

Price – Hurtworld plans starting around $16 monthly.

If premium grade hardware, network and support is essential, Nitrous Networks checks all the boxes despite the higher costs.

13. MyBlackBoxHosting

A lesser-known but capable host out of Canada that punches above its weight class in affordability.

Hardware – Strong mid-range components like i7 CPUs, SSD disks and 16 GB baseline RAM.

Network – Redundant connections through tier one providers like Cogent and Telia. Full DDoS filtering standard.

Support – Friendly customer service reachable around the clock.

Price – Only $8 monthly for starter 10 slot Hurtworld servers!

MyBlackBoxHosting brings excellent budget-friendly valeur – perfect for smaller communities looking to stretch each dollar further.

14. Good Game Hosting

Good Game Hosting uses top-tier datacenters and bandwidth providers to enable low-latency Hurtworld servers everywhere from North America to Oceania.

Hardware – Packed with high core count Intel CPUs, SSD storage, and abundant DDR4 RAM.

Network – Carrier-grade connectivity and full DDoS protection maintain reliable uptime.

Support – Effective 24/7 support staff reachable via multiple contact options.

Price – Hurtworld hosting starts around $12 monthly for entry level plans.

Boasting rock-solid infrastructure and an optimized network, Good Game Hosting is a wise pick for delivering stable Hurtworld server performance anywhere worldwide.

15. CD KeyZ

While a younger provider, CD KeyZ has rapidly expanded their game server hosting operations in recent years.

Hardware – Strong mid-range components like i7 CPUs and SSD disks.

Network – Redundant bandwidth and full DDoS filtering maintains protection.

Support – Responsive 24/7 customer support team.

Price – Just $7 monthly for baseline 10 slot Hurtworld servers!

CD KeyZ brings ultra budget friendly hosting for those eager to stretch limited funds in setting up their Hurtworld community.

16. 1GServerHost

A relative newcomer host that has burst onto the scene with premium dedicated hardware catering specifically to PC gaming servers.

Hardware – Powerful rigs packing Ryzen Threadripper procs, blazing fast NVMe storage drives, and abundant DDR4 RAM. Top-end desktop PC components.

Network – Network backbone managed in-house for reliable low latency connectivity around the world.

Support – Responsive customer service team reachable 24/7/365.

Price – Hurtworld plans starting at $15 monthly for 10 slot servers.

While nascent, 1GServerHost has already earned glowing reviews for their premium gaming hardware and reliable support. Well worth a look!

17. Gaming Evolved

A niche South African provider catering specifically for the sub-Saharan African market. If playing with others in your region is key, Gaming Evolved has your needs covered.

Hardware – Capable CPUs, SSD disks and ample RAM keeps performance smooth.

Network – Local connectivity optimized for lowering ping times across southern Africa.

Support – Helpful customer service staff understand local user concerns.

Price – Starts around $15 monthly for entry-level Hurtworld packages.

For anyone seeking to host Hurtworld gaming with players in their geographic vicinity, be it Cape Town or Johannesburg, Gaming Evolved hits the sweet spot.

Closing Recommendations

I hope this deep dive into 17 top Hurtworld server hosting providers has given you confidence in finding an optimal hosting partner tailored to your community‘s specific requirements and budgetary needs.

If premium-grade hardware, network performance, low latency and rock-solid reliability are key, my top recommendations would be Host Havoc, LOW.MS, or Nitrous Networks – albeit at higher price tags.

For budget-conscious shoppers who still want good core performance, check out Nitrado, Survival Servers or MyBlackBoxHosting. All bring excellent value.

Here‘s wishing you long, prosperous survival upon the hostile planet Auraxis with many thrilling tales to tell at day‘s end! May your Hurtworld community thrive eternal.