16 Awesome English Learning Platforms to Give Your Kids an Unstoppable Future

Do you envision your children thriving globally with endless career options? Help them achieve the power of English fluency!

As the international language of business, media and culture, English unlocks doors across the planet. An estimated 1.5 billion people speak English around the world. Having strong written and verbal English skills dramatically expands access to top universities plus high-paying jobs at multi-national corporations from Hong Kong to Europe. Fluency fuels success.

The younger children master a second language, the more easily their developing brains absorb full proficiency. Kids who start learning English from preschool through at least 12 years old achieve the pronunciation and intuitive feel of a native speaker.

I‘m thrilled to present 16 phenomenal English learning platforms that make achieving fluency an adventure rather than a chore!

Why Novakid Leads the Global Pack

Best For: Primary school ages. Beginner to advanced curriculum.

Novakid delivers an unparalleled online English school utilizing advanced speech recognition technology. One-on-one video classes connect kids with qualified teachers to actively converse in English. Novakid is accredited by leading European organisations focused on language mastery.

The engaging method leverages interactive games to motivate kids to practice speaking. As students describe images or tell stories, the speech recognition software analyzes pronunciation in real-time. Teachers offer warm, yet constructive feedback to steadily strengthen verbal abilities.

Classes are just 30 minutes long, yet laser focused. The curriculum aligns to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and Cambridge program standards adopted by schools globally. Kids gain vocabulary, grammar, conversation and literacy skills mapped to their current level and pace.

The progress tracking system shows parents a transparent view of lessons completed, skills gained and areas needing improvement. Reviewers rave Novakid exceeds expectations to deliver English fluency in an addictively fun program kids adore.

LingoAce Brings Singapore-Style Mastery

Best For: Young beginners up to tween intermediate levels.

LingoAce structures live online small group classes ideal for beginners. Originally from Singapore then expanded globally, their English language experts break down concepts using simple instructions young students can easily digest. Kids master literacy foundations plus listening, speaking and real-world usage at a pace matched to their needs.

Following a standardized assessment of English abilities, the program customizes a learning path to target each child‘s strengths and gaps. Lessons build the core blocks of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and reading in a logical order suited for non-native speakers. Their proprietary English 365 Curriculum aligns with Singapore‘s Ministry of Education.

Teachers are native English speakers immersed in the culture of passing English mastery to the next generation. Beyond core academics, lessons weave in laughs through jokes relevant to young learners. LingoAce recorder partners send audio messages enabling kids to practice listening offline. Review notes summarize main points after every class. Parents frequently enroll kids in multi-year journeys from basic introductions up to preparing for high school and college-entry exams.

Outschool: The Virtual Global Classroom

Best For: Ages 3-18. Wide range of interactive group classes.

If your child dreams of engaging subjects like baking cupcakes in English or creating computer games, explore 1,000+ enriching Outschool classes. The stellar teachers undergo background checks giving parents peace of mind. Live online sessions let kids collaborate to reinforce lessons from the comfort of home. Most group classes are under $10 each to try out.

Outschool also offers private 1-on-1 English lessons. Browse offerings like dramatizing children‘s books to inject silly theatrics into literacy. Other topics such as cartoon drawing or magic help shy kids open up to conversing more.

While Outschool lacks formal assessments, it wins for sparking kids‘ intrinsic motivation. Niche topics they already love lower barriers to actively practicing English during super fun peer sessions. The parent dashboard manages bookings and payments in one central spot.

Over 175,000 students use the platform across the globe. Outschool provides an a la carte way to complement primary English programs with cars, coding, geology and other subjects.

Little Fox: A Winning App for ABC Learners

Best For: Pre-readers ages 2-6. Printable worksheets boost retention.

Research shows the more senses engaged in learning a language, the higher retention rates. Little Fox delivers a multi-sensory experience through games, videos, stories, songs and flashcards to teach the ABCs then gradually build words and sentences. This award-winning app accelerates vocabulary building through repetition and positive reinforcement.

Optimized for preschool and early elementary, Little Fox divides activities by age group. Animated videos explain concepts while keeping tiny attention spans engaged. Matching games connect words to images to enhance meaning. Stories feature audio narration highlighting terms used. Flashcards efficiently help sound out phonics.

To extend practice offline, hundreds of worksheets are just a click away for printing. These reinforce vocabulary and lessons from the app through fun coloring, tracing and matching offline activities.

While screen time should be limited for young kids, Little Fox makes the most of it by delivering bite-sized 5-7 minute videos and games to sneak in learning. A 7-day free trial lets you experience it firsthand.

The next phenomenal English learning platforms we‘ll explore are FluentU, Lingokids, Studycat, Little Lingua, Duolingo ABC and more!

Seize Your Child‘s Unlimited Potential

Imagine the doors your child can walk through as a confident English speaker! They‘ll build multi-cultural friendships, expand intellectual horizons and explore our fascinating world unhindered.

While learning a second language takes consistent practice, it should feel like play, not work. Encourage progress through activities they already enjoy in sports, music and entertainment. Applaud all attempts without criticism. Make activities a family affair: play games, sing songs, watch movies and read aloud together in English.

I hope peeking into these 16 English learning platforms sparks ideas to give your kids the priceless, lifelong gift of fluency. Their future shines brighter when we as parents kindle their unlimited potential. Plane tickets to worldwide adventures await!

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