15 LED/Neon Lights to Enhance Your Gaming Setup

Gaming has exploded in popularity over the last few years. With people spending more time at home during the pandemic playing video games, the gaming industry saw unprecedented growth. This led to increasing demand for gaming equipment to create the ultimate gaming experience. One element that has become a must-have is cool gaming lights.

Famous YouTubers and Twitch streamers have made RGB lighting wildly popular by decking out their gaming stations. The visual appeal of colorful glowing lights sets the perfect mood and atmosphere for intense gaming sessions.

But gaming lights provide more than just visual eye-candy. They can actually improve your performance by reducing eye strain and enhancing focus. The right lighting setup creates an immersive environment that pulls you into the game.

This article will explore the best LED and neon gaming lights to transform your gaming space. We’ll overview different types of gaming lights, key benefits, and factors to consider when choosing fixtures for your setup. Then we’ll dive into reviews of 15 top-rated LED and neon signs, strips, and wall lights that will make your station pop. Let’s get started!

Types of Gaming Lights

Here are some of the most popular categories of lighting used in gaming stations:

LED Light Strips – LED strip lights are extremely versatile for placing along edges of desks, monitors, walls or wherever you want a glow. RGB strips allow changing colors to suit mood or games.

Neon Signs – Neon gaming signs featuring custom text or designs add a retro-cool vibe. Modern neon lights use LEDs rather than actual neon gas for flexibility.

Wall Lights – Wall-mounted gaming lights cast vibrant colors across an entire room. Opt for LED panels or light bars to bathe the space in your choice of shade.

Desktop Lights – Compact and bright RGB lights that sit on your desk provide direct illumination without taking up much space.

Smart Lights – Smart bulbs and strips connect to phone apps and voice assistants for controlling colors, brightness and lighting effects.

Now let’s explore why you need gaming lights in your arsenal.

Benefits of Gaming Lights

Here are key reasons to invest in gaming lighting:

Enhances Gaming Environment – Colorful lights set the stage for intense gaming sessions. The right lighting pulls you into the game and makes the experience more immersive.

Reduces Eye Strain – Staring at screens in poorly lit rooms strains eyes. Proper lighting prevents dryness, fatigue and headaches.

Improves Focus – The contrast between illuminated gear and surroundings minimizes distractions so you can stay focused on games.

Customizable – With millions of colors and effects to choose from, you can personalize lights to match your station’s theme and mood.

Sets the Mood – Set lighting to relaxation mode for casual play or crank up brightness for competitive esports gaming.

Visually Appealing – Vibrant and colorful lighting simply looks awesome glowing in your gaming zone.

Now let’s check out exactly which gaming lights to get based on budgets and preferences!

Reviews of the Best Gaming Lights

Here are 15 of the top-rated and most popular LED and neon gaming lights to make your station pop.

1. Luminoodle Pro LED Light Strip

Extremely versatile rgb light strip that sticks to any surface and bends around corners for adding vibrant lighting anywhere.


  • RGB color changing with remote
  • Sticks securely with adhesive backing
  • Linkable connectors to daisy chain multiple strips
  • Waterproof IP65 rating

Price: $

This rgb led strip light delivers bright and vibrant lighting effects at an affordable price point. The customization and flexibility allows installing easily on desks, walls, monitors and other gaming gear.

2. Aootek Gaming LED Strip Lights

Pack of two 16.4 foot rgb led strips perfect for mounting around the perimeter of a room to cast ambient lighting.


  • 16 million color options
  • Sync to music rhythm
  • Control via remote or app
  • Aluminum housing for durability

Price: $$

Reviewers praise the vibrant colors, music sync, and extensive customization options of these LED strips. They add a blast of color around any gaming room.

3. Seenda Neon Mushroom Light

This neon mushroom gaming light provides a modern lighting accent. The acrylic neon sign illuminated by LEDs creates a subtle glow.


  • Accent wall décor piece
  • Warm white or multi-colored
  • Durable acrylic panel
  • USB plug-in

Price: $

This plug-in neon mushroom gaming light makes a simple yet eye-catching statement. Reviewers love the quality and cute, unique design.

4. VGAzer Game Room Neon Sign

Customize this LED gaming neon sign with your own text or gamertag. Themodern design lights up any game room.


  • Customizable text
  • RGB LED adjustable colors
  • Acrylic panel with aluminum housing
  • 16.5 x 5.7 inches

Price: $$

Personalize this led neon sign with your gamertag or a clever gaming phrase. With bright, adjustable colors, it’s perfect for any gaming zone wall.

5. NiteBird RGB Gaming LED Strip Lights

Pack of 4 premium RGBIC LED strip lights with multiple preset modes for accent lighting.


  • App and remote controlled
  • 300 LEDs per 16.4ft strip
  • Music sync capabilities
  • 50,000 hour lifespan

Price: $$

For a complete set of quality RGBIC gaming lights, this NiteBird pack delivers vibrant customizable lighting on a budget.

6. Seenda "Level Up” Wall Neon Light Sign

Motivational led wall sign to light up your gaming space with rainbow colors. TheEnergy saving LEDs are safely encased behind shatter-proof acrylic.


  • Rainbow LED neon colors
  • Wall mountable
  • Durable acrylic shielding
  • Modern gamer aesthetic

Price: $

This led wall gaming sign with its sleek "Level Up" message energizes any gaming zone with vibrant rainbow colors.

7. AxGear RGB Gaming LED Strip Lights

High intensity RGB strips with adhesive backing for placing anywhere. Connect multiple 10 foot strips for huge lighting impact.


  • 10 brightness levels
  • 10 dynamic modes
  • Sync to music
  • 10 foot length

Price: $

These budget-friendly RGB gaming lights deliver tons of brightness and lighting modes. Reviewers love the music sync capabilities.

8. Seenda LED Neon Night Light

Modern abstract neon gaming sign with gentle LED glow for a subtle pop of color. The minimalist design works in any décor.


  • Warm white or RGB LEDs
  • Acrylic panel construction
  • Wall plug-in
  • Dimmer switch

Price: $

This abstract neon night light adds a touch of modern style. Many reviewers commented on the high quality for the affordable price.

9. Luminoodle Click-On LEDBias Lighting

USB-powered LED strip attaches to back of monitor providing perfect accent lighting to reduce eye strain.


  • Click-on design
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Choose from multiple lengths
  • USB plug-in

Price: $

These LED backlights easily mount to monitors with click-on clips to cast an ambient glow for better visibility. The price fits any budget.

10. Dream Vision Neon LED Wall Sign

Rainbow-colored LED wall sign with modern line artwork adds a colorful pop. The durable acrylic withstands fading.


  • Vibrant rainbow LEDs
  • Abstract line design
  • Wall mountable
  • Dimmable remote

Price: $$

Reviewers love the sleek modern rainbow design of this LED neon gaming wall sign. It emits just the right ambient glow.

11. Lingaibei Neon Mushroom Night Light

This neon mushroom lamp adds a whimsical colorful accent to gaming rooms. The acrylic design pleasantly diffuses the LEDs.


  • Multi-colored LED emission
  • Decorative accent piece
  • Acrylic neon construction
  • Wall plug-in

Price: $

The charming design of this plug-in mushroom gaming light makes reviewers smile. It emits just the right mood lighting.

12. Darkside Connect Smart RGB LED Strips

Take lighting to the next level with these smartphone-controlled strips. Customize colors and effects from anywhere.


  • App and voice controlled
  • 50,000+ color options
  • Dynamic effects
  • 16 foot length

Price: $$$

For advanced wireless control and tons of colors, these smart LED strips light up gaming rooms with high-tech flair.

13. Seenda Night Light Projector

This orb night light projector fills rooms with drifting RGB clouds for mesmerizing ambient lighting scenarios.


  • Galaxy cloud projections
  • Rotating orb design
  • Wireless remote operation
  • Flicker-free performance

Price: $$

Transform spaces into galaxies with this futuristic orb. Reviewers love the soothing ambiance created by the drifting cloud projections.

14. Luminoodle Color Bias Lighting

Bias lighting designed for mounting behind computer monitors to reduce eyestrain.


  • Click-on install
  • Eight color options
  • USB plug-in
  • Seven brightness settings

Price: $

Available in multiple sizes, these LED backlights provide perfect monitor bias lighting to improve visibility and reduce fatigue.

15. Auledio RGB LED Strip Lights

High density weatherproof RGB strips perfect for outdoor spaces like gaming patios. Sync lighting to music!


  • 16 million color options
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • App control
  • 32 foot length

Price: $$$

For vibrant outdoor accent lighting that won’t quit, these waterproof RGBIC strips deliver tons of customization.

Tips for Installing Gaming Lights

Now that you’ve seen the top options for LED strips, wall lights and neon signs, here are some tips for installing fixtures to maximize your glow:

– Outline the perimeter – Frame rooms by mounting LED strips along the borders of ceilings and corners. This casts vibrant ambient light into the space.

– Backlight gear – Place LED strips along the back edges of desks, monitors, shelves and other equipment for a dramatic highlighting effect.

– Diffuse with lamps – Use smart bulbs or neon signs in floor lamps or pendants to cast a colorful glow diffused through lampshades.

– Reinforce with wall lights – Supplement LED strips and gear backlighting with wall-mounted fixtures like light panels. Use these to splash color in dark zones.

– Layer the lightscape – Mix various types of lighting like strips, wall fixtures and standalone lamps for a layered dynamic glow with depth and dimension.

With some strategic planning, you can transform ordinary rooms into extraordinary vibrant gaming sanctuaries!

Level Up Your Game with Cool Lighting

LED strips, neon signs, and smart wall lights are game-changers for creating the ultimate gaming environment. Vibrant and colorful lighting sets the stage for intense gameplay while reducing fatigue.

With so many options for RGB and neon fixtures, you can deck out your gaming gear and rooms to match personalities and themes. Just think through lighting placement in terms of frames, backlights and accents.

So browse this list of the 15 top-rated gaming lights the next time you’re looking to upgrade your station. Your future epic wins will thank you!

Have any questions on gaming lights? Ask in the comments!