15 Handy Cleaner Apps to Free Up Space on Your iPhone

Is your iPhone constantly running out of storage space? Those "Storage Almost Full" notifications are so annoying! As more photos, videos, and apps pile up, the available space keeps dropping. Before you know it, your iPhone is sluggish and slow thanks to the lack of free space.

The good news is there are some great iPhone cleaner apps that can help free up storage space and give your device a much-needed speed boost! In this article, I‘ll share my top cleaner app picks for quickly and easily decluttering your iPhone.

Why You Need an iPhone Cleaner App

Cleaner apps work by scanning your iPhone and detecting files that can be safely removed to free up space. This includes:

  • Temporary files: Cache, cookies, broken downloads etc. These stale files just take up space.

  • Duplicate photos: You probably have lots of near-identical photos from burst mode shooting.

  • Large files: Videos and photos over a certain size threshold.

  • Junk files: Corrupted or unused files that you don’t need.

Manually finding and deleting all these space hogs is extremely tedious. That‘s where cleaner apps come in super handy! With just a few taps, they rapidly clean all the unnecessary clutter off your iPhone.

The best iPhone cleaner apps also offer additional useful features like:

  • Merging duplicate contacts
  • Backing up data
  • Compressing photos and videos
  • Organizing albums
  • Protecting privacy

So without further ado, here are my top picks for the best iPhone cleaner and storage optimizer apps in 2023!

1. CleanMyiPhone

CleanMyiPhone is my personal favorite and #1 recommendation for freeing up space on your iPhone.

I‘ve tested out pretty much every top cleaner app, but CleanMyiPhone beats them all when it comes to quickly finding and deleting the most junk. On average, it freed up over 7 GB on my 128 GB iPhone 13 – very impressive!

Key Features

  • Lightning fast scanning
  • Removes the most junk from temporary caches, broken files etc.
  • Has extra tools like duplicate photo detection, memory map visualization etc.
  • Simple interface

CleanMyiPhone rapidly cleans away different types of clutter in just a few taps. It‘s incredibly easy to recoup gigabytes of iPhone storage this way!

Download: CleanMyiPhone on the App Store

2. PhoneClean

PhoneClean is another excellent cleaner app for iPhones. With its intelligent algorithms, it can detect gigabytes worth of hidden temporary files that you won’t find in your Photos app or manually.

The Quick Clean function lets you clean your iPhone storage with one tap. For a deeper clean, there are options to wipe junk files, app caches, download folders and more.

Key Features:

  • One-tap Quick Clean
  • Removes app caches/temporary data
  • Finds hidden junk files
  • Has privacy protection

Overall, PhoneClean is on par with CleanMyiPhone when it comes to iPhone cleaning capabilities. The minimal interface is also very intuitive. It’s a great choice if you want an all-in-one storage cleaner and privacy app.

Download: PhoneClean on the App Store

3. Storage Cleaner

As the name suggests, Storage Cleaner focuses specifically on freeing up space on your iPhone. It scans every single corner to find bloated files, caches, broken downloads and more.

You can run both a Smart Clean and Deep Clean to remove different types of junk from your device. Preview exactly what will be deleted before confirming the cleanup.

Key Features:

  • Two cleaning intensity levels
  • Previews files before deleting
  • Light and dark themes
  • No subscriptions

I like Storage Cleaner for its simplicity. If you want a fuss-free iPhone cleaner without extra bells and whistles, this one gets the job done superbly.

Download: Storage Cleaner on the App Store

4. 1Tap Cleaner

Fed up of cleaner apps with confusing interfaces? Say hello to 1Tap Cleaner! This appropriately named app lets you clean up junk iPhone files with a single tap.

Just open the app, tap once on the big Clean button, and watch it work its magic. 1Tap Cleaner quickly finds and deletes gigabytes worth of temporary files, caches, broken downloads, and more.

Key Features:

  • Literally single tap to clean
  • No confusing menus/settings
  • Removes temp files & junk
  • Ad-free

Sometimes less is more when it comes to iPhone cleaner apps. If you want a completely fuss-free experience, 1Tap Cleaner is the perfect pick.

Download: 1Tap Cleaner on the App Store

5. Memory & Storage Cleaner

Memory & Storage Cleaner is a full-featured cleaner app for iPhones. In addition to temporary file cleanup, it offers handy tools like duplicate photo detection, memory visualization maps, and document/app management.

You can specify filters like size, date, and type to fine tune the scanning process. Preview files before confirming each cleanup.

Key Features:

  • Removes junk files & caches
  • Finds duplicate photos
  • Memory map visualization
  • Document manager

Memory & Storage Cleaner packs a punch for the price (free). If you want an iPhone cleaner app bundled with useful utilities for photos, memory, and file management, this is a superb choice.

Download: Memory & Storage Cleaner on the App Store

6. Cleaner One – Clean up space

Short on iPhone storage? Get Cleaner One! This aptly named storage cleaner removes gigabytes worth of junk files in seconds to open up free space.

It deletes temporary files, download caches, broken files, logs, app junk data and more. You can preview all files before confirming each cleanup.

Key Features:

  • One tap Clean button
  • Previews all files before deleting
  • No confusing menus or settings
  • Ad-free experience

If you want a fuss-free iPhone cleaner minus the bells and whistles, Cleaner One is a splendid option. Quickly wipe junk iPhone data in seconds!

Download: Cleaner One on the App Store

7. Magic Phone Cleaner

I love Magic Phone Cleaner for its sheer cleaning power! It manages to dig incredibly deep to find bloated files you wouldn’t discover otherwise.

Core cleaning features do exactly what’s expected – permanently remove gigabytes worth of junk data. But there’s also a handy Photos tab with options to compress media or make gorgeous collages.

Key Features:

  • Finds & removes hidden junk data
  • Photo compression & collaging
  • Detailed scan reports
  • Gorgeous minimalist interface

Magic Phone Cleaner strikes the perfect balance between cleaning prowess and useful bonus features. Give it a spin if you want a versatile iPhone storage cleaner and photo optimizer.

Download: [Magic Phone Cleaner on the App Store](https://apps.apple.com/app/magic-phone-cleaner– boost-memory /id1549313104)

8. EasyMob – Clean up & Speed up

EasyMob is another excellent junk cleaner app for iOS. One handy feature is that you can instantly filter files by size. This lets you specially target bulky media for a dedicated cleanup.

It scans various caches, browsing history, app junk, temporary files and more. An intuitive management interface neatly displays your phone usage.

Key Features:

  • Filters files by size
  • Cleaning dashboard
  • Removes hidden junk items
  • Tracks storage trends

For an efficient all-round storage cleaner and phone optimizer, EasyMob fits the bill nicely. Reclaim GBs lost to junk files now!

Download: EasyMob on the App Store

9. iFreeUp Space

As the name suggests, iFreeUp Space focuses on a single task – freeing up your iPhone storage. And boy does it excel at cleaning away junk!

With one tap, it removes unneeded temporary files, corrupted data, download folders, and more to reclaim space. You can even permanently delete gallery media in bulk.

Key Features:

  • Tap Clean button to wipe junk
  • Bulk delete gallery media
  • Removes app caches & temp files
  • Tracks phone storage trends

For quickly freeing up iPhone storage, iFreeUp Space is a fine choice. Recover gigabytes of space from corrupt media and bloated app caches now!

Download: iFreeUp Space on the App Store

10. Clear Space

Clear Space makes it delightful easy to clean your iPhone and speed things up. The gorgeous interface guides you through the process beautifully.

It removes junk from hidden caches, cookies, broken files, unused app data, messages and more. You can preview all files before confirming deletion.

Key Features:

  • Beautifully designed interface
  • Previews all files before deleting
  • Removes hidden temporary items
  • Widget for one tap cleanups

Clear Space combines elegance and utility in one app. If you want fuss-free iPhone cleaning with a touch of class, it delivers splendidly.

Download: Clear Space on the App Store

11. Clean Zone

Clean Zone is one of the most powerful iPhone cleaner apps around. True to its name, it zones in on all types of space-hogging junk data.

It wipes corrupt media, app caches, download folders, temp web files and more. The brilliantly designed interface makes short work of recovering lost storage.

Key Features:

  • Removes loads of hidden temporary files
  • Previews all data before deleting
  • Beautiful clean interface
  • Market leading cleaner

Clean Zone firmly cements its place among the very best iPhone cleaner apps. Recover gigabytes of wasted space now!

Download: Clean Zone on the App Store

12. Memory Optimizer

Memory Optimizer takes a 360 degree approach to iPhone cleaning. In addition to junk file removal, it offers handy utilities like app uninstall, photo compression and duplicate file merging.

Configure the cleaning intensity level and select specific file types/apps to target. The main cleaner also doubles up as a handy file manager.

Key Features:

  • Removes temporary files
  • Has dedicated utilities like app uninstaller, duplicate file merger etc.
  • Can select cleaning intensity level
  • Neat file manager

For an all-round iPhone cleaner and storage manager app, Memory Optimizer delivers the goods spectacularly. Reclaim space now!

Download: Memory Optimizer on the App Store

13. iCleaner

iCleaner empowers you to thoroughly clean your iPhone and iPad in one powerful app.

It wipes corrupt media, temporary files, cookies, download caches and more. You can even remove unwanted built-in Apple apps to save storage.

Key Features:

  • Removes junk data & unwanted Apple apps
  • Has widgets for quick cleaning
  • Previews all files before deleting
  • Tracks phone memory trends

For hardcore power users who demand extreme control, iCleaner is a superb choice. Meticulously clean your iOS device now!

Download: iCleaner on the App Store

14. Cleaner – Clean up device storage

This aptly named cleaner app specializes in precisely finding and eliminating iPhone storage hogs. It dives deep to discover bloated files from various nooks and corners.

You can customize cleaning by selecting file types and storage locations to target. It also makes bulk deleting media a breeze.

Key Features:

  • Granular file type & location selection
  • Bulk delete photos/videos
  • Finds hidden bloated items
  • Handy file manager

For advanced users who desire maximum control over the cleaning process, this Cleaner app hits the mark perfectly. Customize your iPhone cleanup now!

Download: Cleaner on the App Store

15. Super Phone Cleaner

Don‘t let the simple name fool you – Super Phone Cleaner means serious business! This industrial grade cleaner app wipes out all kinds of space-hogging junk from your iPhone.

It removes wasted cache data, unused app files, temporary web pages, broken downloads and such. Zero clutter is left behind!

Key Features:

  • Aggressively cleans away all junk data
  • Specifically targets large, hidden bloated files
  • Very easy to use
  • Nice memory usage dashboard

When you absolutely, positively need to obliterate space-wasting iPhone files, Super Phone Cleaner rocks! Reclaim your storage now.

Download: Super Phone Cleaner on the App Store

But Wait, A Cleaner App Warning!

Before you get delete happy with any iPhone cleaner app, please remember:

Always backup your data first!

Cleaner apps scan thoroughly to wipe junk files. But in rare cases, important files may inadvertently get marked for deletion too. Backups ensure you have copies of precious photos, messages, documents and other irreplaceable data.

The good news is that most iPhone cleaner apps above are incredibly safe with little chance of data loss. But it‘s still wise to be careful just in case!

Quick iPhone Cleaning Tips

Cleaner apps do most of the heavy lifting. However, here are some handy ways to manually clear iPhone storage too:

  • Offload unused apps: Removes the app while keeping documents/data. Reinstall whenever needed to regain space.

  • Delete consumed media: Podcast/streaming service data, downloaded venues in Maps etc.

  • Remove unused keyboards: You probably don‘t need multiple international keyboards enabled.

  • Clear website data: Cookies, caches and browsing histories build up fast. Wipe Safari and Chrome debris periodically.

  • Export photos/videos: Backup media to cloud services, computers etc. Then delete device copies to open up space.

Free Up iPhone Storage Now!

So there you have it – the top 15 iPhone cleaner apps to help tackle storage space issues! Each one does an exceptional job of wiping useless clutter and giving your device some much-needed breathing room.

My favorite is CleanMyiPhone for its sheer speed and cleaning depth. But all the options here are great, so choose one that best fits your needs.

Reclaim gigabytes of iPhone storage now with these splendid cleaner apps! Take back control of your device‘s precious space.