13 Best Empyrion Galactic Survival Game Servers for Space Adventurers

Empyrion Galactic Survival is an expansive 3D sandbox game that allows players to traverse alien planets, construct spaceships and bases, and battle enemies in an epic intergalactic struggle for survival. While the single player campaign offers hours of exploration and base building fun, the multiplayer experience takes the excitement to a whole new level.

Playing on a dedicated game server unlocks new possibilities for cooperative and competitive play with friends. You can band together to create impressive planetary settlements, engineer formidable armadas of spaceships, and adventure side by side through hostile alien worlds.

However, not all game servers deliver an optimal multiplayer experience. You need one that provides top notch performance, rich features, reliability and strong security protections. After extensive research, I‘ve identified the 13 best Empyrion Galactic Survival game servers primed to deliver endless multiplayer thrills.

When evaluating game servers, key factors I analyzed included:

  • Hardware Power: Processor speed, RAM allotments, SSD storage to handle high player counts without performance dips
  • Network Quality: Global data center coverage for low latency/pings from anywhere
  • Features: Admin controls, mod support, backups and other key functions
  • Reliability: Uptime history and DDoS protection to prevent disruptions
  • Support: Knowledgeable 24/7 customer service response times
  • Pricing: Dollar value per slot relative to hardware specs and features

Based on these criteria, the top Empyrion Galactic Survival game servers that provide an exceptional space for multiplayer interstellar exploration are:

1. Nitrado

Boasting high-end Xeon processors…

2. HostHavoc

Leveraging Ryzen and Intel i9 CPUs for smooth performance…

3. GTXGaming

With 10 worldwide locations and powerful DDoS filters…

4. 4NetPlayers

Offering quick deployment and customizable settings…

5. PingPerfect

Combining 1GB free web space and instant setup…

6. Streamline Servers

Spanning 22 global sites with intuitive control panels…

7. 1GServerHost

Packing 16-core processors and automatic backups….

8. LogicServer

Providing automated protections and one-click mod installs…

9. RoxServers.com

Allowing adjustable CPU cores and RAM allotments…

10. Citadel Servers

Embedding 18 low-latency hubs with feature-rich admin tools…

11. ServerBlend

Supplying 15 high-performance slots for $15 per month…

12. Hyper Layer

Bundling 8GB RAM and a free MySQL database…

13. Gaming Deluxe

Implementing worldwide nodes and 2-factor authentication…

When searching for the ideal Empyrion Galactic Survival server to kick your multiplayer experience into hyperdrive, keep this elite list handy. All 13 deliver excellent overall performance, security, support and pricing combinations tailored for the game.

By matching server capabilities to the size of your crew and style of play, you‘re guaranteed to find a stellar home base from which to launch thrilling co-op adventures across alien frontiers. The mysteries of a sprawling procedural galaxy await. It‘s time to team up with friends and escape into the ultimate sandbox universe!