12 Must-Have Pieces of Gear for Call of Duty Superfans

With over 400 million total sales and counting, Call of Duty represents over a decade of innovative first-person shooter domination across console and PC platforms.

The franchise continually raises the bar on multiplayer arena gameplay, zombie survival co-op, and cinematic story campaigns. Features like designing custom weapon loadouts, unlocking perks, prestiging your profile level, and conquering friends on iconic maps keeps the fanbase hooked year after year.

COD‘s passionate followers span over a generation of gamers at this point. Many who started with early Modern Warfare or World at War releases have kids now owning the yearly new releases.

It‘s this devotion that fuels steady demand for Call of Duty merchandise. Apparel, collectibles, and accessories let fans display their allegiance to favorite titles or characters within this action-packed universe.

Let‘s explore 12 standout pieces of COD merch that no devotee‘s stash is complete without.

Monopoly Call of Duty Black Ops Board Game

Gamers love when intellectual properties crossover into unexpected formats. This officially licensed Monopoly edition adopts themes and locations from 2010‘s Call of Duty: Black Ops. Instead of buying Boardwalk and Park Place, the goal becomes acquiring 22 multiplayer map spots like Nuketown, Jungle, and Firing Range by building hotels.

Game tokens ditch the thimble and wheelbarrow for thematic sculpted figurines of COD items, including a briefcase, assault drone, and dog companion. The 2.25 inch high figures and included collectible cards enhance display possibilities after you‘ve bankrupted friends. It fits 2-6 players.

At under $100, it‘s perfect for both passing idle time with fellow addicts or as a gift for that gamer who needs no more Playstation Store credit. The 11.5 x 11.5 x 3 inch collapsed box stows efficiently when not dominating coffee tables.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies T-Shirt

While competitive MP builds skill, Zombies co-op mode delivers frantic entertainment as you and three friends try surviving endless waves of the undead. Call of Duty helped popularize the mode with World at War, becoming a beloved component fans await each release.

This Black Ops 4 shirt blends distressed ink prints and camo patterning to showcase the Zombies atmosphere. The 100% lightweight cotton delivers signature COD military style in a comfortable tee ready for casual everyday wear.

It ships in 5 main size options from Small to 3XL, each with a choice of green, blue, red, grey or black base colors. The $20 price provides affordable gamer gear to flaunt while schooling noobs. Match with the Black Ops 4 camo accessory set below for head to toe merch action.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Camo Accessory Set

Along the same jungle camo pattern theme as the Zombies tee, this accessory set outfits fans from head to toe. The unisex beanie stretches for adjustable comfort while repping your Call of Duty allegiance. It combines with two pairs of crew socks – one in grey featuring Black Ops logos, the other camo boots showcasing a skull and warning text calling out Zombie players as pack bait.

The included faux leather wallet uses Velcro to keep cards and cash securely stowed within an efficient folding design. Like any good COD soldier, always have your essentials protected as you traverse the Warzone. At $45 currently, it bundles these frequently purchased items at a nice discount for gifting potential.

Exquisite Gaming Call of Duty Black Ops IV Big Box

When premium merch bundles collide with tactical style…welcome the Call of Duty Black Ops IV Big Box. This Exquisite Gaming ammo crate style container overflows with officially licensed collectibles and apparel celebrating the 2018 franchise entry.

Removable foam separators provide durable transport and storage for the wide variety of physical merchandise inside. Alongside drink coasters and a bottle opener, there‘s eyewear, a beanie cap and gloves for outfitting your own uniform.

The star player is arguably the heavyweight challenge coin, etched with imagery of the fictional Winslow Accord global military on one side. Flip to find stylized zombie terror. Two Tier One faction patches complete the tactical insignia vibes. While a few random trinkets feel included just to fluff package quantity, at $35 the gift box still delivers overall value in line with purchasing individual components separately.

Measuring 13 x 10 x 7.5 inches fully stocked and clocking in at over 4 lbs, consider this bundle the ultimate superfan gear care package.

Cable Guys Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Monkey Bomb

California based manufacturer Cable Guys blend pop culture with functional tech. The Monkey Bomb controller and mobile device stand encapsulates this fusion splendidly. Inspired by the explosive zombie weapon of the same name, every visual detail conveys its frag grenade styling in finely sculpted textures.

While cool as solely a statue collectible, split the metal casing in half to utilize integrated phone grips or wrap its arms around PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers. The extra long 150 cm braided data/charging cable connects devices to power in style.

Fans can choose from Black Ops Cold War or retro Black Ops versions sporting slightly different distressed paint jobs. While niche, it‘s creative merch delivering gaming form and function.

At $60, Cable Guys figures demand a premium, but that tag ensures respectable manufacturing standards and official partnerships. Superfans seeking everyday accessories as unique as the gear within COD titles should enlist!

Call of Duty "Ghost" Antihero Cable Guy

This Cable Guys partnership also spawned a figure focused on Simon ‘Ghost‘ Riley, the skull-masked British special forces operator turned villain across Call of Duty‘s rebooted Modern Warfare arc. Introduced in MW2, his betrayal and later playable return as an undead version in 2019‘s MW reboot sparked an antihero cult following.

Like the Monkey Bomb, Ghost splits in half at the waist to form an adjustable stand for Playstation and Xbox controllers, iPhones, even Nintendo Switch tablets. The military detailing on his outfit impresses stoic fans, while the fierce skull balaclava caters to edgier devotees.

An integrated USB charging cable connects devices to power sources during long sessions working the joystick. Collectible appeal combines with entertainment center convenience.

Modern Warfare 2 Captain "Soap" McTavish Statue

For dedicated fans who want museum grade pieces, few items match the visual impact of the Modern Warfare 2 "Soap" McTavish ARTFX statue. Japanese figurine manufacturer Square Enix applied expertise honed on game series like Final Fantasy into recreating this pivotal Call of Duty protagonist.

The polystone resin sculpture depicts his appearance during Modern Warfare 2‘s snowy Cliffhanger mission set in icy Kazakhstan peaks. Intricate textures applied to Soap‘s ghillie suit, snow camo shemagh face wrap, and weaponry convey environmental realism matched only by the games themselves.

Weighing over 6 lbs and standing 12 inches tall atop a frosted base, visual dynamism oozes across the entire vertical composition – from his steady stance to the way he gazes intensely through Scope optics. $100 provides artistic gravitas rarely seen in officially licensed video game statues built to minimize production budgets.

For fans who desire the most premium centerpieces money can buy, statues like this Soap entry warrant the commitment as meaningful collectibles to treasure and pass down.

Call of Duty Ghosts Limited Edition Dog Tag

On the opposite end of the merch spectrum in terms of subtle affordability, this Call of Duty Ghosts dog tag necklace channels contemporary military identity gear. Developer Infinity Ward issued them in 2013 to market the release of their post-apocalyptic shooter entry then futuristic.

The engraved pendant and silvery ball chain share similarities to actual ballistic plates worn by soldiers to enable identifying personnel. Of course as mass produced accessories they lack precious metals, but the distressed paint update on the 5.5 x 2 inch tag tries capturing ruggedness of the in-game failing tech.

It‘s an inexpensive way for fans to adopt soldierly accessories true to COD flavor. The $15 price reaches impulse buy territory, especially for younger supporters relying on allowance money. Combine a couple picked up at the game store to beat minimum order requirements for free shipping!

Call of Duty Perks Humorous Water Bottle

Infusing functional items with entertainment property themes sparked a merchandise revolution. But much gaming gear plays conventions safely – branded apparel, posters, keychains follow predictable formats.

This Call of Duty water bottle takes an unexpected angle, spoofing one of the series‘ long running features – Perks. These passive buffs grant boosts like increased reload speeds, extra ammo reserves, or resetting lethal equipment usage upon dying.

Revive soda acts as the humorous riff on real-world beverages you‘d find at convenience stores. Just like gamers seeking the leg up of stat improvements, the heal-focused Perk‘s scrappy branding promises more guts (and dubious nutritional value) for battle.

Under the charming gimmick lies a doubly insulated 16oz stainless steel container primed for replacing wasteful plastic usage. It fits standard car cup holders while keeping drinks chilled up to 24 hours, preventing messy condensation rings on work desks and gaming rigs.

For fans desiring gear with some personality beyond camo patterning, this $25 Perk water bottle delivers. The price fits better than most collector pieces, while showing cynical gamer wit.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Shield Patch Baseball Cap

No gamer‘s wardrobe feels complete without headwear repping their favorite franchise. This Call of Duty hat keeps sun glare off your monitor during outdoor LAN parties while letting peers recognize your series allegiance. An angled rubber shield emblem patch adds visual interest to the minimal ball cap format.

It comes in classic low profile fit with an adjustable fabric strap. The tonal scale gray matches well with muted military hues comprised of 60% cotton, 40% polyester. Its structured build means selecting a size up if between options.

On the reverse, direct embroidered Black Ops 4 logo text reinforces the theme for anyone walking behind you. At only $15, it‘s a subtle accessory that saves your scalp without draining wallets.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Accessory Pack

This "Geekables" kit swaps camo clothing for tactical accessories applying Call of Duty practicality into the real world. The gear transports within a aptly military green metal tin sized like ammo crates. Removable rigid foam inserts house the included gadget goodies while preventing jostling during trips.

Alongside 4 logo branded coasters, expect mini sunglasses, a notebook, an ink pen, a keychain, and even a replica rank patch. They channel Modern Warfare vibes through subtle design resemblances rather than direct iconography plastered on everything.

It‘s a creative assemblage valuing usage beyond just collecting knick knacks. Bring the sunglasses to airsoft team ups, journal missions and loadouts in the notebook, proudly hang the patch next to your setup displaying skill progression.

Think of it like a utility belt for maximizing productivity on and offline. Around $25 provides cost effective supplementary supplies to equip worldwide operatives.

Call of Duty Zombies Monkey Bomb Wall Print

No gamer abode looks complete without artwork gracing walls. But often loud overly branded posters fill space rather than enhancing room aesthetics with artistic merit. This art print takes the inventive Monkey Bomb zombie grenade iconography into visually intriguing directions.

Graphic blueprint patterning interweaves with hotel pamphlet stylization akin to Mad Magazine spreads. The technical yet playful vibe pays homage to the explosive weapon‘s functionality through tagging components like detonators, biohazard warnings, pineapple casing while keeping the overall composition clean.

It ships unframed, with inexpensive standard frame options starting around $20 on Amazon to protect the premium archival quality paper. Measuring 16 x 24 inches makes a strong impression without monopolizing space. Prices range from $25 scaled down to pocketable 8 x 10 prints.

For devotees seeking art prints sporting refinement beyond basic propaganda posters with Helicopters and skull balaclavas, this monkeys around…tastefully.

The Legacy Lives on through Merchandise

As Call of Duty marches into its second decade leaving trails of virtual shell casings, its earlier eras transition from cutting edge to venerated classics. Like any subculture, older generations feel pride in what hooked them early on, fondly recalling late night multiplayer sessions ranking up to Prestige, forging bonds with comrades in the trenches.

The franchise constantly one-ups itself technically while innovating modes like battle royale and narrative stakes in campaigns. But mission profiles and firefights stay comfortingly familiar for veterans who now share stories with kids holding controllers continuing family traditions.

Merchandise acts as connection tissue between fan eras. Apparel bearing iconography from bygone titles helps spark nostalgic conversations. Young supporters get exposed to earlier chapters through merch passed down or purchased together while bonding.

For all the predictable camo, posters and Red Bull tie-ins, creative COD gear can demonstrate analytical design understanding rivaling the games themselves. Future fans choose gear representative of personal resonances rather than solely what topped sales charts last fiscal year.

If everyone sporting licensed merch did so for expressing what uniquely moved them within the COD mythos, fandom stays compelling even when player counts eventually decline. Because at its heart, Call of Duty fosters community around shared lived soldierly experiences…whether holding actual rifle grips or virtual ones.