11 Best Joomla Hosting Platforms for Small to Medium Sites

Joomla is one of the most popular open-source content management systems, powering over 2% of all websites. With a vast library of templates, extensions and integration options, Joomla offers immense flexibility to build feature-rich websites.

However, all the power of Joomla can only be leveraged on a hosting platform optimized for it. Choosing the right Joomla hosting provider is critical – it impacts site performance, security, scalability and ease of management.

This exhaustive guide will explore the top 11 Joomla hosting providers that offer the perfect blend of features, performance and affordability for small and medium Joomla sites.

What to Look for in Joomla Hosting

Before jumping into the top options, let‘s first understand what factors make for an ideal Joomla hosting environment:

Optimized Server Configuration – PHP version 7.3 or above with fast processing and opcode caching delivers maximum Joomla performance. Other vital elements are MySQL tuning and Nginx/LiteSpeed servers.

Caching and CDN – Caching reduces database queries while Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) serve site files from multiple locations for faster load times. Most hosts provide Redis/Memcached caching and Cloudflare CDN integration.

Security – Protection against cyber threats is non-negotiable. Top providers have firewalls, malware detection, backups, SSL certificates and 24/7 monitoring.

Support – Even expert Joomla users need assistance at times. Priority ticket support and one-on-one service via phone/chat is invaluable.

Affordability – Hosting costs can vary widely depending on resources. Well-balanced plans start around $3.95/month for entry-level needs. Value-adds like free site migration and daily backups provide further savings.

Now let‘s analyze the top 11 Joomla specialized hosting services based on these parameters.

1. SiteGround

SiteGround tops the list by delivering a holistic hosting solution highly-tailored for top Joomla performance. Their central advantages are:

Speed – All SiteGround servers run on PHP 7.4 powered by an optimized NGINX web server and LiteSpeed caching. Additional performance gains via in-built Cloudflare CDN and jHackGuard plugin.

Security – Rigorous measures include mandatory SSL, IP address blocking, hotlink protection and isolated cloud infrastructure. Daily backups provide disaster recovery while the SuperCacher extension accelerates content delivery.

Support – Available via live chat, phone, tickets and email. Specialized assistance for Joomla website transfers with no downtime.

Plans – Start at $3.95/month for new sites with upgrade options to handle more traffic. Free CDN, transfers and daily backups add value.

For high-performance Joomla hosting with rock-solid security and support, SiteGround is a top-tier choice.

2. Nexcess

Nexcess is an enterprise-grade managed hosting service for Joomla sites. With cutting-edge infrastructure and security capabilities, they are the go-to choice for large web projects and businesses.

Some noteworthy aspects are:

Speed – Every account powered by latest-gen Intel processors, NVMe SSD storage, PHP 7.4 and LiteSpeed/Varnish powered servers for blazing performance.

Scalability – Auto-scaling of cloud servers ensure seamless management under fluctuating traffic.

Security – Nexcess leverages virtual isolation between accounts via Virtuozzo containers. Other advanced features include WAF, DDoS mitigation, private SSL and SSH tunneling.

Support – Available 24/7 via live chat and phone. Free migrations from other platforms.

Plans – Start at $29.40/month with 50 GB storage and 1 TB bandwidth. Higher tiers for more resources.

For enterprise-scale Joomla projects, Nexcess delivers speed, security and scalability unmatched in its class.

3. InMotion Hosting

InMotion has carved a niche by offering the rare combination of power, performance and affordability. Their plans bring together everything vital for Joomla:

Speed – Each account hosted on a SwiftServer platform combining SSD storage, NGINX web server, HTTP/2 and OPcache for blazing page loads. Sites hosted from 20 global data centers to localized content delivery.

Security – InMotion provides top-grade security via BitNinja server protection, SSL encryption, hack repair service and regular malware removal. Backups available to protect from data loss.

Support – Available 24/7 via live chat, phone and tickets. Free assistance with migrating existing Joomla sites.

Plans – Start from just $2.49/month making it among the most cost-effective managed Joomla hosting solutions. Free domain and site transfer.

For unbeatable value without compromising on hosting quality, InMotion is a top contender for Joomla sites.

4. Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a premium managed hosting provider serving top-tier clients like Sony and PBS. For organizations running business-critical Joomla sites, their offering brings:

Speed – Each Joomla account hosted on dedicated resources guaranteeing high performance – Cloud VPS powered by 8 core processors with 30 GB RAM and Raid-10 SSDs. LiteSpeed web server and Brotli compression accelerate content delivery.

Security – Uncompromising enterprise-grade security precautions like hardware firewalls, hot backups, role-based access controls and isolated account permissions. Complies to stringent HIPAA and PCI regulations.

Support – Available 24/7 with average response time under 59 seconds(!). Free migrations from old host.

Plans – Start at $49/month for ample resources including 4 core CPU, 8 GB RAM and 240 GB storage. Higher configurations available.

Liquid Web is the undisputed leader for large-scale Joomla deployments involving sensitive data and mission-critical uptime. Worth the premium for unparalleled quality.

5. Bluehost

Operating since 1996, Bluehost has served over 2 million customers making it one of the most trusted names in hosting. Their optimized Joomla plans offer:

Speed – Accounts hosted on powerful quad-core servers for faster response. The CDN and Bulletproof caching solutions also accelerate performance for global audiences.

Security – You are secured by SiteLock monitoring, CodeGuard backups, SSL encryption and anti-spam/anti-virus filters. Rest easy with an uptime guarantee and expert security team.

Support – Available 24/7 via chat, email and ticketing for issues big or small. Free site transfers and migrations.

Pricing – One of the most budget-friendly options starting at $2.75/month. Valuable freebies include domain, SSL certificate and dedicated IP.

At 25+ years strong with millions of sites hosted, Bluehost is a trusted and affordable choice if Joomla performance on a budget is your main goal.

6. HostGator

Yet another long-standing veteran, HostGator has been providing reliable websites hosting since 2002. Their specialized Joomla infrastructure includes:

Speed – Accounts hosted on latest-gen Intel processors and cutting-edge NVMe SSD drives for rapid-fire delivery. Seamless content acceleration via the free CDN.

Security – Your Joomla data and files shielded by high-grade measures like dedicated firewalls, CodeGuard backups, SSL and routine system scans.

Support – Assistance available round-the-clock via chat, ticketing and phone. Complimentary migrations for existing sites.

Pricing – Unrestricted web hosting (ideal for Joomla) starts at only $2.75 making HostGator a smart budget choice. Free domain and site transfers.

As a long-running platform dealing with every kind of Joomla scenario for 20+ years, HostGator has both the expertise and resources to power your next project.

7. Kamatera

Kamatera impresses by providing enterprise-grade Cloud infrastructure with the flexibility of VPS hosting. Your dedicated Joomla environment includes:

Speed – Hosted on cutting-edge Dell EMC PowerEdge servers powered by high-clock Intel Xeon processors. NVMe SSD storage delivers 6000 IOPS and sub-2ms latency for instantly responsive Joomla sites.

Security – Robust security via dedicated firewall, role-based access control, intrusion prevention, VPN connectivity and multifactor authentication systems.

Support – Available 24/7 to address issues promptly. Complimentary site migration assistance.

Plans – Customizable Cloud VPS plans start at ~$4/month for 1 CPU core, 1 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD storage and 1 TB traffic. Scale up or down based on dynamic needs.

Kamatera brings the versatility of cloud combined with the control of dedicated hosting – ideal for Joomla sites with fluctuating traffic patterns.

8. Kinsta

Delivering elite-tier WordPress hosting since 2013, Kinsta has now expanded into Joomla as well. If no-compromise quality is vital for your next major Joomla project, their fully-managed solution offers:

Speed – Every account hosted on Google Cloud infrastructure, harnessing the power of 8 core machines and NVMe storage for lighting-fast speeds. PHP 7.4, HTTP/2 and Nginx servers accelerate content delivery further.

Security – Hardened security environment shielded by OS-level firewalls, 2-factor authentication, malware detection, backups, VPN access and much more. Granular access permissions for each user.

Support – Available 24/7 via chat, email and phone ticketing. Kinsta‘s WordPress expertise from managing 600k+ sites carries over to Joomla as well.

Plans – Starts at $30/month for 10k visits. Pricey but delivers elite-tier hosting and white-glove support lacking in cheaper options.

Kinsta promises a no-compromises environment for business-critical Joomla deployments. Their specialized WordPress background now applied to take Joomla hosting to the next level as well.

9. Cloudways

Prefer the flexibility of cloud hosting without complex configurations? Cloudways is your solution – a managed hosting provider letting you launch Joomla sites on DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr and more with just a few clicks.

Speed – Your Joomla environment hosted on cutting-edge cloud infrastructure like DigitalOcean and Linode data centers connected by a high-speed private network. Further speed gains via built-in LiteSpeed cache.

Security – Cloudways provides enterprise-grade measures like isolated infrastructure, firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems and two-factor authentication for bulletproof protection.

Support – Available 24/7 to help configure, troubleshoot or scale your stack on demand. Free site migration to onboard existing Joomla sites to the cloud seamlessly.

Plans – Starts at $10/month for starter environment on DigitalOcean. Easily scale vertically or horizontally based on traffic surges.

Cloudways brings the best of cloud infrastructure without the complex setup and management. Perfect for Joomla developers desiring cloud benefits without Ops overhead.

10. Rochen

Rochen is the company behind the Joomla! official website itself. This niche provider focuses exclusively on optimized Joomla hosting – both managed and unmanaged options available.

Core advantages include:

Speed – Environment fine-tuned for Joomla using LiteSpeed web server, OPcache optimization and Redis caching. CDN and HTTP/2 connectivity further boost speed.

Security – Your site shielded by enterprise-grade measures – OS-level firewalls, hot backups, role-based access controls and server hardening. Free Let‘s Encrypt SSL cert protects sensitive visitor data.

Support– Specialized assistance tailored to resolve common Joomla issues efficiently. Free site migrations from old hosts to Rochen.

Pricing – Managed Joomla hosting starts at $4.95/month while self-managed plans are available for even lower. Free daily backups on all tiers.

Rochen‘s focused specialization on all-things Joomla makes them a smart choice for both new and existing Joomla sites.

11. AWS Lightsail

Looking for cloud scale and flexibility minus the complex setup? AWS Lightsail fits the bill perfectly. The advantages of leveraging this cloud platform are:

Flexibility – Launch a virtual private server in under a minute preconfigured with Joomla and essential LAMP stack. Choice of 11 global locations to localized content delivery.

Scalability – Seamlessly scale up RAM, CPUs, storage and bandwidth on demand to accommodate traffic spikes. Integrates with other AWS services for further extensibility.

Affordability – Plans start at $3.5/month making Lightsail cheaper than even shared hosting providers. Predictable pricing with hourly and monthly plans.

Lightsail brings AWS power and reliability packaged into an easy-to-use VPS solution for Joomla. Perfect for developers seeking cloud benefits on a budget.

Key Factors to Consider

With the top players covered, let‘s summarize a few vital considerations when choosing your ideal Joomla host:

Budget – Managed hosting typically starts around $3.95/month for basic Joomla sites while powerful cloud instances cost north of $25. Understand your budget and scalability needs before deciding.

Traffic – Entry-level plans on SiteGround and Bluehost can efficiently handle under 50k visits. For larger volumes from the get-go, opt for scalable cloud providers like Nexcess or Kamatera.

Security – Evaluate the firewalls, backups, malware monitoring capabilities before choosing a provider. This directly impacts site uptime and visitor trust.

Support – The quality and turnaround time for support requests, migrations and troubleshooting is vital. Prioritize options offering 24/7 live chat and phone assistance.

Location – If site visitors are concentrated in a particular region, hosting locally ensures faster connectivity and response.

With clear goals and by keeping the above factors in check, you‘re guaranteed to find a Joomla hosting service fitting both current and future needs perfectly.


Finding the right home for your Joomla site has far-reaching consequences beyond just pricing. The wrong choice negatively impacts performance, security and scalability – costing more down the road.

By understanding exactly what makes for an optimal Joomla environment and evaluating providers accordingly, you can make an informed long-term hosting decision benefiting all stakeholders.

I hope this guide has offered complete clarity on choosing high-quality yet affordable Joomla specialized hosting – taking you one step closer to launching that website or migrating without headaches!

Let me know if you have any other questions. I‘m always happy to help fellow Joomla developers pick the ideal hosting platform for their next big project!