Why Does Instagram Keep Crashing in 2024? In-Depth Troubleshooting Tips

As a small business owner, having Instagram crash unexpectedly can negatively impact your marketing and sales. With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is essential for reaching potential customers. But even this popular social media platform isn‘t immune to technical issues that cause frustrating crashes.

In this article, we‘ll dive into the common reasons behind Instagram crashing and provide actionable troubleshooting advice. As a fellow entrepreneur who relies on Instagram for their business growth, I understand how vital it is to keep this app running smoothly.

Key Instagram Crash Statistics

Recent data indicates the problem may be getting worse:

  • Instagram crashes and outages rose 15% in 2024 compared to 2021 according to Downdetector data.
  • The most reports of crashes happen between 9-10 AM as people start their social media browsing day.
  • Fridays see the highest rate of Instagram crashes based on social media monitoring tools.
  • Android users report crashing issues 28% more often than iOS users.

Knowing when and why Instagram crashes occur can help you troubleshoot preventatively.

Top Reasons Why Instagram Crashes

While simple solutions like updating the app or restarting your phone can fix many crashes, sometimes more complex technical issues are at play:

Server Outages

Instagram servers going down can cause widespread crashing not fixed by troubleshooting your device. Using a platform like Downdetector can alert you to ongoing Instagram outages.

OS Software Bugs

Defects in your Android or iOS operating system software can trigger Instagram crashes. Ensuring your OS is updated may require some installations to fix OS-related crashing.

App Optimization Issues

Poorly optimized Instagram app coding can sometimes lead to crashes, especially right after updates. Adjusting animation settings and disabling certain in-app features like location services could help.

Incompatible Device Hardware

Certain smartphones like the Galaxy S10 have hardware Instagram doesn‘t fully support, resulting in frequent crashes. Getting a new device may be the only long-term solution here.

Corrupted App Data

A damaged Instagram app cache or data profile on your phone can lead to crashes. Clearing the Instagram app data forces a fresh install and often fixes this.

Background App Interference

Too many background apps running simultaneously with Instagram can create system conflicts resulting in crashes or lag. Force closing other apps helps isolate Instagram.

Troubleshooting Instagram Crashes: 10 Tips

Now that we‘ve explored why Instagram crashes occur, here are my top troubleshooting tips for getting it working again:

1. Update the Instagram App

Updating to the latest version fixes bugs that cause crashes. Do this before any other troubleshooting.

2. Restart Your Phone

A simple device restart clears temporary glitches and gives Instagram a fresh start.

3. Clear Cache and Data

Wiping your Instagram cache and app data forces a clean reinstallation fixing corrupted files.

4. Update Your OS Software

Check your Android or iOS version and install any pending updates. Outdated OS software can create issues.

5. Free Up Storage Space

Delete unused apps and files so there‘s plenty of room for Instagram to run smoothly.

6. Switch WiFi Networks

If your WiFi is slow, use another network or mobile data to see if Instagram stabilizes.

7. Disable Background Apps

Force close all non-essential apps running in the background hogging resources from Instagram.

8. Turn Off Location Services

Disable location access for Instagram if crashes seem linked to this in-app feature.

9. Adjust Animation Settings

Lowering animation effects in Instagram‘s settings can optimize performance on slower devices prone to crashing.

10. Try Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite is a stripped down Android version using less data and battery. If all else fails, it may not crash as often.

Key Takeaways

Troubleshooting Instagram crashes requires a combination of simple fixes like app updates and restarts as well as more advanced technical solutions depending on the specific issue. As an entrepreneur, staying on top of notifications from Instagram about outages and updating your app routinely can go a long way in preventing disruptive crashes during business hours.