The Small Business Guide to Purchasing Amazon Gift Cards

As an entrepreneurship consultant who regularly advises small and medium-sized businesses, I often get asked about the best practices for purchasing Amazon gift cards. Whether you‘re looking to reward loyal customers, incentivize employees, or develop new client relationships, Amazon gift cards can be extremely valuable for growing companies.

In 2021 alone, over $6 billion was spent on Amazon gift cards globally. And businesses made up a large percentage of these purchases. That‘s why having a corporate gifting strategy that incorporates Amazon cards can give your company an edge.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything small and mid-size business owners need to know about securing Amazon gift cards, including:

Where To Buy: Online vs. In-Store Options

Cost Saving: Finding Discounted Gift Cards

Corporate Gifting Considerations

Developing An Effective Customer Loyalty Program

Maximizing Convenience With eGift Cards

Let‘s start by examining the different channels for purchasing gift cards and how you can save money…

Where To Buy: Online vs In-Store Purchasing Options

With Amazon’s wide reach, their gift cards are available both online and in thousands of stores globally. But where you buy comes down to factors like convenience, price savings, delivery requirements, and more.

Popular online options include:

  • Offers both eGift Cards and plastic gift cards
  • Instant delivery for last-minute needs
  • Large selection of designs and denominations
  • No fees or expiration dates

Amazon sells an average of $290 gifts cards every minute, making their website the most popular place for consumers to buy. However, buying directly from Amazon tends to be at full face value.

Discount Gift Card Marketplaces

Sites like Raise, CardCash, and Gift Card Granny connect buyers and sellers for discounted gift card purchases. Users save an average of 20% off the full face value of gift cards.

But businesses need to weigh risks associated with buying from unknown third-parties. 46% of corporate gift card purchasers prioritize security over saving money. As an alternative…

Many major retailers carry Amazon cards in-store:


  • Over 4,700 retail locations in the U.S.
  • Frequently offer discounted gift cards in-store
  • Open 24/7 for convenience
  • Can buy online and pick up in store

Dollar General

  • 16,000+ U.S. brick-and-mortar locations
  • Cards sold at checkout and gift card displays
  • Generally no purchase fees on gift cards

Check your local area for additional grocery stores, pharmacies, and big box retailers that may sell Amazon gift cards. Call ahead to ask about availability and any current promotions or sales.

Now that you know where to buy, let‘s talk about how to maximize value through discounted gift cards…

Saving Money on Gift Cards

From coupon codes to reseller deals on sites like Raise or Gift Card Granny, there are opportunities to save money on Amazon gift card orders:

Table showing 13 sites for purchasing discounted Amazon gift cards and their potential savings

As this data indicates, businesses can save 15-30% off face value prices. Over the long run, significant savings are possible especially when buying cards in bulk.

Be advised that discounted gift cards do carry additional risks that companies need to account for. Be diligent in researching seller feedback and ratings first.

Corporate Gifting Considerations

While the benefits are plentiful, effectively incorporating Amazon gift cards into your corporate gifting and loyalty programs requires some strategic planning.

As a small business, you likely have limited budget to devote to gift cards. That‘s why running promotions, giveaways and loyalty programs that reward top customers with Amazon cards can help lower per unit costs. You have flexibility in terms of order sizes and denominations.

Some other aspects to factor in include:


For corporate gifting like welcoming new clients, holidays or sales promotions, you may want customized packaging or gift boxes which are available on Amazon Business accounts.


Minimize risk by buying directly from Amazon or authorized sellers. Purchasing virtual eGift cards also reduces fraud likelihood.

Delivery Times

Order well in advance of when gift cards are needed to prevent delays, especially during peak holiday seasons.

With some best practices in place around purchasing and delivery, integrating Amazon cards into your loyalty programs and promotions can help drive growth.

Developing An Amazon Gift Card Loyalty Program

Rewarding your very best customers or clients with Amazon gift cards can motivate repeat business.

Amazon gift cards have a near universal appeal because they offer extensive flexibility and variety for recipients to get what they want. You can leverage this to develop tiered reward programs:

Table showing example tiers for reward program offering Amazon gift cards

The great thing about Amazon cards is that over 96% never get fully redeemed, so you minimize your actual payouts while increasing perceived value.

To enroll customers in a gift card loyalty program, create formal terms and conditions before rollout. Communicate program details through multiple channels like email, website, and social media. Transparency is key for driving engagement and redeem rates.

Why eGift Cards Are Ideal For Businesses

Digital Amazon gift cards often make the most sense for corporate gifting needs because they offer:

  • Instant delivery: Great for last-minute gifts or urgent needs
  • More security: No physical card = less chance of theft and fraud
  • Convenience: Recipients can redeem directly online
  • Flexibility: Available in any amount denomination

For companies that rely heavily on virtual interactions with customers and partners, eGift cards align best with those tech-forward experiences.

While in-store gift cards allow for festive gifting moments, the pros of digital gift cards are undeniable, especially for time-crunched small business owners.

Take Advantage of This Versatile Gifting Option

In closing, Amazon gift cards present small and growing companies with distinct advantages as part of an impactful corporate gifting and loyalty strategy. With so many purchasing options available, focus on convenience, reliability, and maximizing program engagement based on your specific business goals.

Feel free to reach out if you need any additional guidance on implementing Amazon gift cards into your customer and client experiences. Leveraging this ubiquitous gifting option can unlock new profits while also demonstrating appreciation for your valued business relationships.