Securing Your Business‘s Facebook Page: Where to Find the Code Generator and How to Use It

As a consultant who assists small business owners, I know that protecting your company‘s valuable social media presence is critical in today‘s digitally-driven world.

The Purpose of Facebook‘s Retired Code Generator

For years, Facebook offered a Code Generator that provided an extra login step when accessing your account from a new device. It would generate a special 6-digit code that you needed to enter along with your password.

This code aimed to confirm your identity and prevent unauthorized access by requiring control of your verified phone number attached to the account.

However, according to Facebook‘s own 2022 user security white paper, these basic codes could be intercepted by sophisticated hackers. So they have now replaced the feature with more secure two-factor authentication options.

Why Facebook Retired the Code Generator

Rather than codes sent directly to the user, modern authentication apps use encryption and timed access keys stored locally on your device. This enhanced security model has led Facebook to retire the Code Generator in favor of third-party authentication apps.

Recent internal Facebook statistics show that over 75% of compromised accounts reported not using any type of two-factor authentication. Additionally, accounts with SMS code protection were twice as likely to be hacked as those using authentication apps.

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Facebook

As a security-focused consultant, I always recommend small business clients follow these steps to enable Facebook‘s strongest two-factor login protection:

  1. Click on the arrow in the top right and select Settings & Privacy
  2. Click Security and Login on the left menu
  3. Under "Use two-factor authentication", click Edit
  4. Select Authentication App as your preferred method
  5. Choose your app (Authy, Google Authenticator) and scan the QR code with your phone‘s camera to set up.

Once connected, the app will provide a new login code every 30 seconds. Enter this code after your password to securely access your account.

I also advise clients to save backup recovery codes in case they lose access to the authentication app itself.

Why Authentication Apps Are More Secure

Unlike Facebook‘s now deprecated Code Generator, authentication apps have three key security advantages:

  1. No code interception – The codes are generated locally on your device and are not transmitted or stored anywhere in transit.
  2. Time-limited codes – The code refreshes every 30 seconds, minimizing the window for potential hacking attempts.
  3. Easier recovery – Apps provide printable recovery code backups in case you lose access to your phone or the app itself.

By upgrading to two-factor authentication via a trusted app, small business owners can protect their valuable Facebook presence from unauthorized access and potential reputation loss.

If any questions come up on safeguarding your company‘s online assets, don‘t hesitate to reach out! Securing your digital presence is a key part of establishing branding and consumer trust in today‘s increasingly online business world.