What Was Mackenzie Ziegler‘s Snapchat? An Entrepreneur‘s Guide to Influencer Marketing on Snapchat

As a young dancer on Lifetime‘s Dance Moms, Mackenzie Ziegler quickly captured the hearts of viewers. Her bubbly personality and impressive dance talents propelled her into social media stardom. With millions of engaged followers, Mackenzie gave fans an inside look into her world through accounts like Snapchat.

For small business owners and entrepreneurs, Mackenzie provides valuable insights into influencer marketing – specifically on Snapchat. By examining her account‘s content, analytics, and branding techniques, we can learn best practices for connecting with audiences.

A Multi-Hyphenate Talent: Mackenzie‘s Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Mackenzie Ziegler was born in 2004 in Pennsylvania. She began dancing at just 2 years old at the Abby Lee Dance Company, training in jazz, contemporary, tap, acro, and more.

In 2011, a 7-year-old Mackenzie and her older sister Maddie joined the cast of Dance Moms. The show followed the competitive dancers of Abbey Lee Miller‘s studio.

On Dance Moms, Mackenzie became known for her energetic facials, flexible acro skills, and bubbly attitude. She quickly became one of the most popular cast members.

In addition to dominating the dance world, Mackenzie also pursued music. She released her first album "Mack Z" in 2014 at just 10 years old, featuring pop hits like "It‘s a Girl Party."

Her 2018 album "Phases" showcased her evolution as an artist into more mature pop and EDM. Songs like "Monsters (AKA Haters)" spoke to her experience handling fame.

Beyond dance and music, Mackenzie also branched into acting. She appeared in shows like Nickelodeon‘s "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn" and competed on reality competitions like "Dancing with the Stars: Juniors" in 2018.

With her talents and infectious personality, it‘s no surprise Mackenzie became a social media sensation with millions of passionate fans.

The Power of Snapchat for Influencer Marketing

One platform Mackenzie used heavily to connect with fans was Snapchat. The app lets users share photos, videos, and messages that disappear after being viewed.

Snapchat, with its casual feel and playful features, lent itself perfectly to Mackenzie giving followers glimpses into her life. Fans felt like they were getting to know her as a real person.

For influencers, Snapchat provides a way to cultivate more personal, authentic connections with your audience.

Some statistics on Snapchat:

  • 293 million daily active users in Q2 2022
  • 90% of users open Snapchat at least once per day
  • Over 5 billion Snaps created every day
  • 65% of users create content every day

With its engaged user base, Snapchat offers major opportunities for influencer marketing campaigns. However, it does require a different strategy from platforms like Instagram.

On Instagram, polished feeds and posts tend to succeed. But Snapchat is about in-the-moment content and personality. As an influencer, you have to be willing to share more natural, fun, behind-the-scenes moments.

Inside Mackenzie Ziegler‘s Snapchat: A Case Study

Mackenzie Ziegler‘s Snapchat provided the ultimate inside look at her day-to-day life. For any influencer marketing campaigns, studying her techniques can inform best practices.

Snapshot Stats

At the height of her Snapchat popularity, Mackenzie had millions of followers on her account, @kenziezielger.

Her Snaps received hundreds of thousands of views, especially when she promoted them via Instagram. Her natural, silly content resonated with fans who wanted to get to know the real Mackenzie.

Types of Content

Mackenzie‘s Snapchat featured a mix of dance, music, family life, travel, and everyday fun. Her content categories included:


  • Rehearsal snippets
  • Backstage in costume
  • Goofing off in the studio


  • Traveling for concerts/appearances
  • Video shoots behind-the-scenes
  • Song teaser clips


  • Fun with her siblings and mom
  • Supporting her sister Maddie
  • Inside jokes and candids with friends


  • OOTD shots traveling or at events
  • Hair and makeup looks before performances
  • Shopping trips and new purchases


  • Lip syncing and dancing videos
  • Funny selfies with filters and effects
  • Cute animals
  • Food and snacks

Mackenzie struck the perfect balance of professional and personal content. This gave fans a full picture of her multi-faceted life.

Brand Partnerships

Occasionally Mackenzie promoted brands via Snapchat as well. These partnerships were seamlessly woven into her everyday content.

For example, she might share a Boomerang of herself drinking Capri Sun after dance class. Or a selfie rocking her favorite Justice overalls.

This natural integration makes the sponsorship feel authentic versus forced. Mackenzie‘s young followers recognize her genuine love for these brands.

Responding to Followers

Mackenzie also used Snapchat for real-time engagement with fans. Her Snapchat offered a place where followers could ask questions and interact beyond just commenting.

She often held Q&As letting fans ask random questions or advice. Mackenzie also responded directly to DMs and story replies. This cultivated a two-way conversation with followers.

Lessons for Small Businesses Using Snapchat

For small business owners looking to leverage Snapchat influencer marketing, there are several takeaways from Mackenzie Ziegler‘s approach:

Show your personality

Don‘t be afraid to showcase natural moments that reveal who you really are. Followers want to connect with the person behind the business.

Find your niche

Determine what makes your brand unique and play into that through content. For Mackenzie, it was giving fans dance, music, and family access they couldn‘t get anywhere else.

Partner appropriately

If doing sponsorships, ensure brand partnerships make sense for your target audience. Avoid random products or placements that feel inauthentic.

Engage with followers

Use Snapchat for real-time engagement with followers through Q&As, DMs, etc. This builds rapport beyond just consuming content.

Maintain consistency

Post regularly to grow and keep your audience. Leverage other platforms like Instagram to drive viewers to your Snapchat.

Mackenzie‘s Life Today: Lessons on Transitioning to More Privacy

In recent years, Mackenzie has pulled back from public social media to live more privately as she finishes high school. This is a reminder that influencer marketing content requires finding the right balance for your current season of life.

For small business owners, you may need to pivot your platforms and approach as your business grows and personal life changes. Know when to protect your privacy while still retaining your brand voice.

Mackenzie continues connecting with fans through limited platforms like Instagram, where she shares career updates and advocacy work. She appreciates the ongoing support she receives from longtime fans worldwide.

We wish this multi-talented star the best as she enters young adulthood and her next chapter pursuing entertainment and passions. The lessons from her Snapchat success will continue inspiring entrepreneurs for years to come.