What Does the Golden Heart Emoji Mean on Snapchat? An In-Depth Look for Small Businesses

Snapchat‘s golden heart emoji indicates a special bond between users. This emoji provides valuable insights into your strongest Snapchat connections as a small business. In this in-depth guide, we‘ll explore what the golden heart means, how to get it, and ways small businesses can leverage Snapchat friend emojis for social media marketing.

A Quick Look at Snapchat‘s Friend Emojis

Snapchat uses various emojis next to friends‘ names to represent relationships. According to Oberlo, these common emojis include:

  • 💛 Yellow Heart: #1 Best Friend
  • ❤️ Red Heart: #1 Best Friend for 2 months
  • 💕 Pink Hearts: #1 Best Friend and most snapped for 2 months
  • 💯 Hundred: Sent snaps 100 days in a row
  • 🔥 Fire: On 3+ day snap streak

These visual cues give quick insight into your connections with followers. But what does the coveted golden heart signify?

What Does the Golden Heart Emoji Mean on Snapchat?

The golden heart emoji appears when you and a friend have been each other‘s #1 Best Friend on Snapchat for at least 14 consecutive days.

This shows you frequently communicate and your friendship is going strong. According to Snapchat, reaching the 14-day mark for your top friend "takes dedication!" The golden heart cements your bestie status.

Golden heart emoji example on Snapchat

The golden heart emoji on Snapchat

Think of the golden heart as an upgraded yellow heart emoji. While the yellow heart means you are currently #1 best friends, the golden heart signifies this has been consistent for 2 weeks.

Snapchat User Statistics and Demographics in 2024

To utilize friend emojis for marketing, it‘s important to understand Snapchat‘s audience. According to Backlinko:

  • Snapchat has 293 million daily active users
  • 90% of users are between the ages of 13 and 24
  • 65% of daily users create content every day
  • Over 5 billion snaps are created every day
  • 77% of Snapchat users have purchased a product after seeing it advertised on the platform

This young demographic is highly engaged on Snapchat and influenced by what friends share. Leveraging connections with followers can be powerful for small businesses marketing on Snapchat.

How to Get the Golden Heart Emoji on Snapchat

Reaching the 14-day #1 Best Friend milestone takes consistency. To get the golden heart emoji:

  • Maintain your #1 best friend status for 14 days straight
  • Make sure you are their #1 best friend as well
  • Frequently snap and chat with your top friend

I recommend small businesses on Snapchat snap their top followers daily. This keeps your streaks and friendships strong.

Don‘t worry if you lose the golden heart after getting it. You can build back up to it by snapping your bestie daily again.

Tips for Small Businesses to Leverage Snapchat Friend Emojis

As a small business owner, I‘ve found using Snapchat‘s friend emojis can help boost marketing. Here are 4 tips based on my experience:

1. Engage top followers

I make sure to regularly interact with followers who have my gold/yellow heart emoji. These connections can become brand advocates who engage others.

2. Offer exclusives

Followers with gold/yellow hearts get first access to sales, giveaways, and product launches. This rewards your biggest supporters.

3. Grow meaningful relationships

The golden heart shows a strong friendship. Nurture these follower relationships with chat interactions and brand stories.

4. Analyze emoji insights

I review my Snapchat friend emojis regularly to assess top engagements and growth opportunities. The visualization helps inform marketing tactics.

Snapchat vs. Other Social Platforms

While Snapchat is unique in using emojis to represent friendships, other social platforms have similar features:

Platform Friendship Feature
Instagram Close Friends list to share Stories with inner circle
Facebook Friends list with ability to follow posts from specific people
Twitter Option to pin favorite accounts to the top of your feed
TikTok "Close Friends" list similar to Instagram

However, Snapchat‘s emojis provide an at-a-glance visualization you don‘t get on other platforms. This makes assessing connections and growth areas highly intuitive.

Final Thoughts

For small businesses active on Snapchat, pay attention to your friend emojis. The golden heart can reveal your most engaged, loyal followers. Nurture these special connections for a marketing advantage on one of the fastest growing social media apps.

Consistently snapping your top followers helps maintain the golden heart emoji. But more importantly, it builds real relationships that drive business growth. Leverage Snapchat friendships as social proof to organically reach new audiences.