What Does TBH Mean on Snapchat? An Entrepreneur‘s Guide

As a small business owner trying to connect with customers on Snapchat, you may have come across the acronym "TBH" and wondered – what does TBH mean, and how can I use it effectively?

As an entrepreneurship consultant who assists many ambitious small and medium-sized businesses, I‘m here to provide a comprehensive guide on maximizing TBH in your Snapchat strategy.

The Rapid Rise of TBH

TBH stands for "To Be Honest" and has become a wildly popular phrase on Snapchat over the past few years. According to Sprout Social, use of TBH increased by over 150,000% between 2015 and 2016 – a massive viral explosion.

Snapchatters now exchange over 5 million TBH snaps per day, making it a powerful communication tool on the platform. TBH allows users to give sincere compliments, express controversial opinions, ask for feedback, and strengthen connections between friends.

Unique TBH Opportunities for Businesses

As a small business owner, you can creatively incorporate TBH into your own Snapchat presence in several ways:

  • Product Reviews: Create "TBH about our products" campaigns where customers post honest reviews. This can generate viral engagement from followers.
  • Behind-the-Scenes: Give fans an authentic inside look of your brand‘s culture by sharing TBH snaps of employees at work.
  • AMA Sessions: Host "Ask Me Anything" TBH sessions where followers can send honest questions and you can respond candidly on video.
  • Partnerships: Team up with influencers to exchange TBH testimonials about each other‘s brands and expose them to new audiences.

The psychology behind why users love TBH is simple – people crave authentic connection. Applying that insight can significantly boost your small business‘ Snapchat performance.

Maximizing Success of TBH Campaigns

Based on the many Snapchat campaigns I‘ve advised on, here are some key tips:

  • Respond rapidly and thoughtfully to TBH feedback from followers, even if it‘s negative. This builds trust.
  • Avoid overly promotional TBH snaps that seem fake. Balance marketing with genuine personality.
  • Use high-quality creative (e.g. compelling visuals) in your TBH content to grab attention.
  • Analyze metrics like reach and engagement rate to optimize your TBH approach over time.
  • Be cautious not to share overly personal or sensitive company info in TBH snaps. Set boundaries.

TBH Best Practices

While TBH can be leveraged powerfully, it‘s also important to use the term ethically. Here are some best practices I recommend entrepreneurs follow:

  • Only send TBH snaps when you can be sincere and constructive.
  • Craft TBH messages positively. Avoid using TBH to spread negativity.
  • Give TBH feedback tactfully. Blunt criticism without empathy can backfire.
  • Thank followers genuinely when you receive TBH compliments about your brand.

If applied judiciously, TBH can profoundly impact your small business‘ Snapchat presence. Let authenticity and empathy be your guides. Feel free to reach out if you need any personalized consulting on your Snapchat strategy – I‘m always happy to help fellow entrepreneurs succeed!