Demystifying Snapchat‘s "Received" Notification – A Small Business Guide

As a leading visual communication app, Snapchat has become a staple for the younger demographics. With over 265 million daily active users, Snapchat offers small businesses an engaging platform to connect with current and potential customers.

However, navigating Snapchat‘s unique features and notification system can be confusing if you‘re new to the app. In particular, many users wonder – what does "received" mean on Snapchat?

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll demystify Snapchat‘s "received" notification to help you communicate effectively and avoid messaging mix-ups.

How Snapchat‘s Messaging Works

Snapchat offers three main messaging features:

  • Snaps – Disappearing photo and video messages
  • Stories – Collections of snaps that live for 24 hours
  • Chat – Permanent text, video, and photo messages

Here‘s a quick overview of how each feature works:

Feature Description
Snaps – Send individual snaps to friends that disappear after being viewed – Add filters, text, drawings, and more – Recipients can replay snaps once – You‘ll get notified if someone screenshots your snap
Stories – Share collections of snaps that live for 24 hours – Viewable by all of your friends – See who has viewed your stories and how many times
Chat – Send permanent text, video, or photo messages to friends – Chat history is saved unless you delete messages – Allows for ongoing conversations and groups chats

With these varied messaging options, Snapchat needs a system to show the status of your sent messages. This is where the "received" indicator comes in.

What Does "Received" Mean?

When you send a snap or chat, Snapchat displays symbols next to the message showing its status:

  • Sent – Your message has left your device
  • Delivered – Your message has reached the recipient‘s device
  • Opened – The recipient has opened and viewed your message
  • Received – Your message is waiting in the recipient‘s inbox to be opened

The "received" notification is indicated by a colored square showing the type of message:

  • Red – A photo/video snap without audio
  • Purple – A snap with audio
  • Blue – A chat message
Notification Icon Meaning
Red Square Icon Photo/video snap received
Purple Square Icon Snap with audio received
Blue Square Icon Chat message received

So in short, "received" means your friend has your message in their inbox, but hasn‘t opened it yet. Think of it as the message being delivered but not read.

Why You Might See "Received"

Wondering why your message is stuck on "received"? Here are some potential reasons:

  • Your friend hasn‘t opened Snapchat recently – The message is waiting unread in their inbox
  • They opened the notification but not the message – Tapping the notification doesn‘t count as opening the message
  • They took a screenshot of the notification – Screenshots notify you but don‘t mark the message as opened
  • They cleared the notification before opening – Clearing the badge makes the notification disappear
  • Connection issues – Poor internet or device problems could prevent them from opening the message

If a message stays on "received" for a prolonged time, it likely just means your friend hasn‘t opened Snapchat to view their messages yet. You can always follow up through chat to make sure they got your snap.

Snapchat vs. Other Social Apps

Unlike platforms like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat‘s disappearing messages add a layer of secrecy. Since messages aren‘t saved by default, you don‘t know if someone has actually read your snap unless they open it.

The visual status indicators help increase transparency into who has viewed your content. The notifications also mimic real-life conversations – you know your message has been delivered, even if the recipient hasn‘t responded yet.

Using Snapchat for Your Small Business

With its user base of 265 million daily active users, Snapchat offers immense marketing potential for small businesses.

Snapchat User Demographics
  • 25 and Under: 90%
  • 26-34: 41%
  • Male: 55%
  • Female: 45%
  • North America: 71%
  • Europe: 16%
  • Rest of World: 13%

Here are some tips for small businesses looking to leverage Snapchat:

  • Show your brand personality – Share fun behind-the-scenes snaps to engage your audience
  • Take over your product – Create compelling first-person videos demonstrating your product in action
  • Run contests and giveaways – Offer prizes for creativity and originality to increase engagement
  • Leverage Snap Ads – Create full-screen video ads to reach new demographics
  • Analyze performance – Use Snapchat‘s analytics to refine your messaging and strategy

The notifications also allow you to see who has opened your Snaps and Stories, so you can gauge engagement and reach.

Troubleshooting Snapchat Messages Stuck on "Received"

If your important business Snap stays perpetually stuck on "received", try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Check if your friend has read receipts enabled in their settings
  • Ask your friend if they‘re having connection issues on their end
  • Have them force quit and relaunch the Snapchat app
  • Tell them to clear their notifications in case of glitches
  • Try deleting the message thread and starting a new one
  • Directly message them on Chat asking if they got your snap

As a last resort, you can always resend the snap if the "received" status persists indefinitely.

The Takeaway

Getting the "received" notification on Snapchat simply means your message has been delivered to your friend‘s inbox, but not viewed yet.

By mastering Snapchat‘s messaging features and notifications, small businesses can effectively engage their target demographics. Leverage the platform‘s unique capabilities to creatively showcase your brand‘s personality and authentically connect with your audience.

The next time you see "received" on Snapchat, you‘ll know your message is one tap away from being seen!