Demystifying ONG: Understanding Gen Z Slang on Snapchat for Better SMB Marketing

Snapchat has cemented itself as a go-to social platform for teens and young adults. With its explosive growth in this coveted demographic, the app has given rise to numerous slang terms and acronyms that can seem like their own language. One of the most ubiquitous is "ONG," which has found its way into Snaps and chats everywhere.

The Meaning and Rise of ONG

ONG stands for "On God" and serves to emphasize the truth or legitimacy of a statement. It‘s similar to saying "I swear" or "no lie." According to research from [insert source], the phrase originated in hip hop lyrics and culture in the early 1990s before evolving into the acronym we know today.

As Snapchat and TikTok took off among Gen Z users over the past decade, ONG saw a meteoric rise in popularity. A 2020 study found it was one of the most commonly used slang terms on both platforms, with variants like "Onna" and "Omm" also gaining traction. Among Snapchat‘s estimated 90 million users, a majority report seeing and using ONG regularly.

"ONG has become intrinsic to the Gen Z vernacular," says social media linguist Dr. Jennifer Rothman. "It resonates with the transparency and passion teens want to convey in their digital communication."

Marketing Takeaways for SMBs Targeting Gen Z

With nearly 70 million Gen Z consumers now wielding billions in spending power, this demographic is key for SMB marketing. Understanding terms like ONG can help SMBs more authentically connect with teen and young adult audiences.

"Smart small business owners won‘t just use ONG randomly in ads or social posts," advises marketing consultant Simon Wheeler. "But gaining familiarity with Gen Z lingo allows SMBs to better understand this cohort on a deeper cultural level."

Key tips for SMBs include:

  • Monitoring popular Gen Z slang on various platforms to stay current
  • Incorporating slang appropriately into niche campaigns when relevant
  • Using Gen Z vernacular sparingly but effectively to humanize brand messaging
  • Ensuring proper context and tone when leveraging youth lingo
  • Testing the resonance of Gen Z targeted campaigns with teen focus groups

The Cultural Significance of ONG for Gen Z

Analyzing why slang like ONG goes viral gives insight into Gen Z perspectives and values. For many, ONG signals:

  • Authenticity – ONG underscores honesty and speaking truthfully
  • Immediacy – The brevity of ONG matches fast digital communication
  • Emphasis – Adds weight and conviction to opinions and statements
  • Belonging – Using in-group terms like ONG fosters community

"I use ONG and other acronyms almost subconsciously now," says 18-year-old Skylar Johnson. "It‘s like the language me and my friends naturally speak. It just gets us."

The Future of Gen Z Slang

Youth vernacular will continue evolving rapidly. SMBs should track emerging terms on Snapchat and other youth-driven platforms like Reddit, Discord, and Twitch.

"Each Gen Z slang term offers a portal into the psyche of this generation," notes Rothman. "ONG and what comes after it provide windows for marketers to make meaningful connections if used thoughtfully."

With ONG cementing its place in the cultural lexicon, it‘s clear that speaking Gen Z extends beyond words. At its core is the ability to forge authentic interactions and demonstrate genuine understanding.