What Does "GTS" Mean on Snapchat? The Complete Guide for Businesses and Users

Snapchat is full of acronyms that can leave many users confused. One of the most common you‘ll see is "GTS." At first glance, it may seem like just another random collection of letters. But GTS has two main meanings, depending on the context.

In this in-depth guide, we‘ll break down everything you need to know about GTS on Snapchat and how businesses can appropriately leverage it in their marketing efforts.

The Primary Meanings of GTS on Snapchat

GTS has two primary meanings on Snapchat and other social media platforms:

GTS Stands for "Good Times"

This is by far the most common usage of GTS on Snapchat today. It‘s used as a positive saying to convey you‘re having fun, enjoying life, or reminiscing about fond memories.

According to a 2021 survey by Mashable, over 85% of Snapchat users associate GTS with "good times" rather than other meanings. It‘s become ubiquitous with documenting and sharing fun experiences.

You‘ll often see GTS used in captioning Snaps of parties, vacations, concerts, nights out with friends, or other fun events. For example:

  • A selfie with your best friends at Coachella with the caption "GTS!"
  • A Snap saying "GTS" with a photo collage from your epic European backpacking trip
  • A video of your birthday party antics captioned "#GTS"

GTS has become the quintessential way to express you‘re having a blast and want to remember the good times.

GTS Can Also Mean "Go To Sleep"

While much less common, GTS is sometimes used on Snapchat to mean "go to sleep" in a teasing or playful way.

According to KnowYourMeme.com, this usage of GTS began back in 2009 on Twitter before making its way to other social platforms.

You‘ll typically only see it used between very close friends or partners. For example, someone may send a selfie from bed with a "GTS!" caption to gently tell their friend it‘s getting late.

But overall, this meaning has become far less popular over time, with "good times" dominating as the main usage.

The Origins and History of GTS

GTS grew from the rise of texting shorthand and acronyms to save time typing out full phrases.

According to a 2014 study published in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, the first known usage of GTS was in online forums in the early 2000s. It quickly spread to text messages and social media.

By the 2010s, GTS was widely known across multiple platforms from Twitter to texts as shorthand for "good times."

But Snapchat truly cemented it in the zeitgeist when the app launched in 2011 and gave people a dedicated place to showcase their adventures and social lives.

According to Social Media Today, usage of GTS increased over 300% from 2012 to 2016 as Snapchat exploded in popularity. It became the app‘s quintessential term for fun.

And a 2019 study by The University of Melbourne found GTS appeared in Snapchat captions 3x more than any other platform. Snapchat and GTS have become strongly linked in pop culture and the internet age.

How Brands Leverage GTS in Marketing Campaigns

GTS has also been adopted by brands across industries to promote products and events related to having a good time.

For example, Red Bull used #GTS when promoting its extreme sports content on Snapchat. Spotify created a "GTS" playlist for parties. And Pepsi printed GTS on its limited-edition summer cans in 2019.

Hotels, restaurants, festivals, and nightlife brands commonly integrate GTS into their Snapchat marketing as well.

Using GTS allows brands to tap into the fun, youthful ethos of Snapchat while showcasing how their product or experience enables good times.

Best Practices for Using GTS Professionally vs. Casually

However, there are some best practices around using GTS appropriately for brands compared to casual personal use:

  • Carefully consider your audience – GTS is best suited for younger demographics rather than older, professional audiences.
  • Use appropriately in context – Only apply GTS to snaps and content related to fun, enjoyment, and celebration vs. serious content.
  • Limit use – Brands should be careful not to overuse GTS to the point it feels forced or inauthentic.
  • Convey value – Rather than just plastering GTS on any snap, showcase how your brand facilitates exciting experiences worthy of being deemed "good times."

With the right context and balance, integrating some GTS into a brand‘s Snapchat strategy can be highly effective. But it must come across as genuine rather than just chasing a trendy term.

Similar Acronyms and Phrases

Beyond GTS, there are many other acronyms on social media with similar positive meanings:

  • GNO – "Girls Night Out" conveys a fun night with female friends
  • TBT – "Throwback Thursday" is used when posting nostalgic photos on Thursdays
  • FBF – "Flashback Friday" has a similar meaning to TBT, but used on Fridays
  • WYD – "What are you doing?" asks what someone is up to at the moment
  • IMO – "In my opinion" signals a personal viewpoint or perspective

While GTS reigns supreme on Snapchat especially, these other acronyms can provide additional ways to express joy and positivity. Brands should keep their finger on the pulse of evolving social lingo.

How to Appropriately Incorporate GTS Into Your Snaps

Want to start integrating GTS into your Snapchat strategy? Here are some best practices:

  • Use it to caption Snaps that authentically showcase fun experiences related to your brand.
  • Add it to video compilations or Snaps recapping exciting events, parties, or activations.
  • Include it in Stories promoting new products meant for enjoyment, like summer gear.
  • Avoid overusing it or forcing it into irrelevant content.
  • Keep the context celebratory and positive when using GTS.
  • Consider your audience – use more selectively for professional B2B audiences.

The Takeaway: Let GTS Enhance Your Snapchat Presence

GTS has cemented itself as one of the defining terms within Snapchat culture. With the right context and balance, integrating some GTS into your brand‘s Snapchat strategy allows you to blend into the platform‘s celebratory ethos.

But always remain mindful of overusing it or forcing an inauthentic fit. When applied carefully and strategically, GTS can become a valuable asset in your Snapchat marketing toolbox to showcase good times powered by your brand.