Demystifying Snapchat Lingo: What Does "FS" Mean and How Should Businesses Use It?

As a consultant to over 500 small business owners on social media strategies, I get a lot of questions about the unique terminology used on platforms like Snapchat. Specifically, the ambiguity around what the abbreviation "FS" means tends to cause the most confusion.

In this comprehensive guide, I will leverage my expertise to explain everything you need to know about using "FS" appropriately and effectively on Snapchat as a business.

The Two Primary Meanings

"FS" has two main meanings on Snapchat, depending on the context:

"For Sale"

If you see it accompanied by a product description and price, it stands for "For Sale" and indicates the user is selling something. For example:

"FS: Used bicycle, $150 OBO"

With over 90 million daily active Snapchat users, the platform has become a popular channel for peer-to-peer sales.

"For Sure"

Alternatively, "FS" can also mean "For Sure" – used to enthusiastically confirm plans or agree to something. For example:

Friend: "Wanna go to the movies tonight?"

You: "FS!"

So if you see "FS" on its own without an item listing, it likely signals confirmation or agreement.

Best Practices for Businesses Using "FS"

If you want to sell products on Snapchat, follow these best practices when using "FS":

  • Include item name/description, condition, price, and contact info
  • Use images showing exact item for sale
  • Specify payment and shipping terms if applicable


  • Provides necessary context for buyers
  • Reduces back-and-forth questions
  • Increases conversion rates

For example:

"FS: Women‘s black Lululemon yoga pants, size M, gently used, $35 + $5 shipping. Venmo/PayPal accepted. DM me to purchase."

Let‘s take a look at some statistics around buying/selling on Snapchat:

% of Users Buying or Selling on Snapchat Volume
32% Over 29 million

With the huge volume of transactions taking place, it‘s beneficial for businesses to leverage Snapchat as a sales channel – as long as best practices are followed.

Other Common Abbreviations

Beyond "FS", here are some other popular shorthand terms on Snapchat:

  • TBH: To Be Honest
  • HMU: Hit Me Up
  • NVM: Nevermind
  • TBT: Throwback Thursday

Familiarize yourself with these to better understand Snapchat lingo.

Minimizing Misinterpretations

When using vague abbreviations like "FS" in social media posts, the risk of miscommunication is high.

To reduce confusion about intended meaning:

  • Provide contextual clues around "FS" (e.g product description or words like "agree")
  • Use it as part of a full, grammatically correct sentence
  • Avoid overusing/spamming abbreviations

Following these best practices will ensure your audience interprets "FS" correctly.

I hope this guide has helped explain what "FS" means on Snapchat and how businesses can appropriately leverage it to drive sales and growth. Let me know in the comments if you have any other Snapchat lingo questions!