What Does BBF Mean on Snapchat? An Entrepreneur‘s Guide to Understanding Snapchat Slang

As an entrepreneur who leverages Snapchat to market my small business, I‘ve become fluent in the platform‘s unique slang. One acronym that new Snapchat users often ask about is "BBF".

So what exactly does BBF mean on Snapchat, and why should business owners care?

In this beginner‘s guide, I‘ll draw on my marketing experience to provide an in-depth look at Snapchat‘s Best Friends feature, what BBF signifies, and how entrepreneurs can use Snapchat‘s unique culture to better connect with their audience.

A Quick Primer on Snapchat‘s Best Friends

Snapchat‘s Best Friends algorithm determines who you interact with most frequently on the app. These close connections are marked with special emojis and showcased on your profile.

According to Snapchat, your top 8 Best Friends are calculated based on:

  • Snaps sent/received: The more often you send snaps back and forth, the higher someone will rank.
  • Chats sent/received: Frequently chatting also boosts your Best Friends score.
  • Stories/memories viewed: Watching each other‘s stories shows active engagement.

It takes consistent, daily interaction over weeks or months to become someone‘s Best Friend. But what benefits come with BFF status for businesses?

What Does BBF Stand For?

BBF stands for "Best Friends Forever" and signifies someone is your closest confidant on Snapchat.

Some other meanings include:

  • BBF – Best BoyFriend
  • BBF – Best Bitmoji Friends
  • BBF – Best Buddies Forever

So in essence, your BBF is your #1 go-to friend on Snapchat. It indicates a special trusted bond.

Why "BBF" Status Matters for Brands

Gaining BBF status with devoted followers shows that your brand has built meaningful relationships on Snapchat.

As an entrepreneur, having fans proudly display your brand as their "BBF" is a huge endorsement. It signals trust, affinity, and closeness with your company.

BBFs are more likely to:

  • Engage with your content
  • Share your brand with friends
  • Promote your products voluntarily
  • Provide feedback and reviews

In short, BBFs can become powerful brand advocates. Put in the effort to cultivate these superfans.

Tips for Businesses to Gain BBFs on Snapchat

Here are my top tips for becoming viewers‘ Best Friends as a brand:

  • Post daily content – Consistency is key! Stick to a regular posting schedule.
  • Respond to messages – Have prompt, friendly conversations to build relationships.
  • Engage with audience content – React to followers‘ stories, not just push your own content.
  • Offer exclusives – Give sneak peeks, deals, etc. just for BFFs to reward loyalty.
  • Collaborate on content – Feature BFFs on your account through takeovers or cameos in stories.

Gaining BBF status as a business is achievable with an active, engaging presence on Snapchat. Think of it as a fun benchmark for measuring audience connection!

Common BBF Misconceptions

There are some clarifications around what BBF means on Snapchat:

  • It takes dedicated effort over time to earn – not an instant label.
  • Applies to close friendships, not just romantic relationships.
  • Algorithms decide – not the same as your #1 friend in real life.
  • Status can change as friendships evolve.

Let Snapchat Slang Help You Connect

Hopefully this Snapchat slang primer helps you understand terms like BBF when marketing your brand! Leverage your knowledge of Snapchat culture to communicate effectively and build strong relationships with your audience.

As an entrepreneur myself, I know social media fluency is key for modern businesses. So embrace the platform‘s unique language and let it bring you closer to your viewers.