21 Impressive Ways to Make Money on Bigo Without Going Live

As a small business consultant, I‘m always exploring new platforms and opportunities to generate income online. One platform that offers immense potential is Bigo Live.

Bigo Live is a popular social streaming app with over 400 million users. While live streaming for an audience is Bigo‘s biggest draw, there are many other impressive ways to make money without ever turning your camera on.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share 21 clever and proven methods for earning real income on Bigo without going live even once!

1. Become an Engaging Moderator

As a moderator, your role is to foster a positive environment in live streams. This involves silencing abusive commenters, banning rule-breakers, and stimulating friendly discussions.

According to Bigo, active moderators can earn up to $500 per month in Beans, the in-app virtual currency. Withdrawal to real cash is available once you accumulate enough Beans.

The key is to be vigilant and engage with viewers. The more you contribute to streams, the higher your earnings potential.

2. Participate in Contests and Challenges

Bigo Live frequently organizes exciting contests and challenges with massive cash prizes up for grabs.

For example, during their 2021 Ramadan Challenge, over $250,000 in prizes were awarded to top contributors!

These contests often involve objectives like gifting streamers, sharing broadcasts, or simply racking up engagement. Best of all, you can participate without ever streaming yourself.

3. Refer Friends to Bigo Live

According to data from Influencer Marketing Hub, Bigo‘s referral program offers commissions of up to $10 per referred user who registers and completes certain activities.

By sharing your referral link across social channels, you can easily accumulate referral income from new users signing up through your link.

Pro tip: Offer to split the bonus with your friends to get them to complete the required activities after registering!

4. Create Compelling Video Content

One of the best parts of Bigo is that you can upload prerecorded videos to your profile even without live streaming.

Create binge-worthy content that captures viewers‘ attention, and you can steadily earn Beans as followers send you virtual gifts.

Popular content creators on Bigo can also unlock sponsorship opportunities from brands looking to access their audience.

5. Send Creative Gifts to Broadcasters

An easy way to profit on Bigo without going live yourself is by gifting popular streamers.

When you send virtual gifts to streamers, you earn a portion of the gift revenue as commission. Top gifters easily earn hundreds of dollars per month through generous gifting.

Get creative with sticker bombs, animated emojis, and other fun gifts to maximize your rewards.

6. Complete Daily Tasks and Achievements

Bigo Live offers an extensive list of daily tasks and achievements. Completing these objectives earns you rewards like Beans, Diamonds, and other virtual currencies.

These can be as simple as logging in daily, sharing broadcasts, or spending time watching streams. But they add up to a nice recurring passive income stream.

7. Level Up and Unlock Bonuses

As you gain more experience points on Bigo Live, you‘ll level up through an intricate system.

Higher levels grant you access to elite privileges and valuable bonuses. For example, ascending to Level 20 earns you 200,000 Beans!

Leveling up also raises your earnings potential through other means like gifting and contests.

8. Promote Your Bigo Profile on Social Media

Don‘t keep your Bigo presence a secret! Promote your profile actively on your other social media accounts.

Broadcast your Bigo ID publicly, and encourage followers across platforms to check out your profile. This can attract a swarm of new followers.

More followers means more gifting revenue, participation in your broadcasts, and a higher likelihood of collaborations.

9. Join a Talent Agency

Talent agencies on Bigo Live are agencies that connect suitable broadcasters with exciting sponsorship opportunities.

As a talent agent, you earn commission when your creators land deals through the agency. You can recruit promising streamers and influencers to represent.

10. Participate in Bigo Events

Keep an eye out for special events and festivals hosted regularly by Bigo Live.

These events often have massive prize pools worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for top performers and participants.

For example, Bigo‘s global dancing competition Dance Fest offers a total prize pool of $480,000! These events offer huge money-making potential without requiring you to stream.

11. Play Bigo Live‘s Games

Bigo Live features a ton of fun and interactive games you can play to earn Beans, Diamonds, and even real cash prizes.

Games like Ludo, Werewolf, and Quiz are immensely popular. Participate regularly to win rewards and convert them into real earnings.

12. Create and Sell Virtual Items

Unleash your creativity by designing and selling custom virtual items on Bigo Live. These can include stickers, emojis, badges, backgrounds, and more.

When other users purchase your unique creations from the in-app store, you earn a lucrative commission. Top sellers can easily make over $1000 per month this way.

13. Offer Paid Services

According to data from NextPlayer, skilled professionals offering services on Bigo can make between $300 – $3000 per month.

You can provide services based on your expertise – think life coaching, fitness training, therapy, music lessons, tech support, etc. The possibilities are endless.

14. Teach Educational Workshops

Conduct classes on your area of expertise, and charge users for access to your educational content.

Whether it‘s a cooking course, coding tutorial, or financial literacy workshop, the knowledge you share can easily be monetized on Bigo‘s platform.

15. Partner with Bigo Influencers

Collaborating with influential and popular broadcasters can be tremendously beneficial as an income strategy.

Negotiate creative ways to collaborate, like cross-promotions, guest appearances, and jointly creating content. The combined exposure can boost your earnings considerably.

16. Organize Watch Parties

Here‘s an outside-the-box idea – stream popular movies, TV shows, or viral content, and earn rewards when followers tune in to your "watch party".

While not fully risk-free, many report substantial income from user engagement and gifts during watch parties. You can also invite followers to collectively fund the watch party content itself.

17. Sell Custom Merchandise

Design merch featuring your personal brand, Bigo username, or a creative logo. You can create and sell apparel, phone cases, mugs, posters, and other custom products.

Promote the merch to your Bigo community. The sales can add up to a sizeable chunk of revenue.

18. Freelance Your Skills

Offer services like graphic design, video editing, article writing etc. to Bigo users looking to level up their profiles.

You can also seek freelance gigs outside Bigo and use the platform to promote your services and portfolio.

19. Post Engaging Reviews

Share reviews of products, apps, services, and anything relevant to your target audience. If your reviews are helpful and detailed, you can monetize them through sponsorships or affiliate programs.

For example, review the latest fitness gear or streaming devices your followers may be interested in buying. The income potential is strong with high-quality reviews.

20. Promote Affiliate Products

When you recommend helpful products or services and provide an affiliate link, you earn a commission if your audience makes a purchase through it.

Search for affiliate programs that offer products relevant to your niche, and incorporate them naturally into your content. But make sure to disclose your affiliate relationship clearly.

21. Host Contests and Giveaways

Organize exciting contests and giveaways for your Bigo community. You can ask brands for sponsorship in exchange for promoting their products as prizes.

The influx of new followers and engagement from the contests can unlock even more income streams beyond the sponsorships.

Phew, that was quite the extensive list!

As you can see, the possibilities to make money on Bigo without live broadcasting are endless. You simply need to tap into the options best suited for your unique interests and talents.

With a smart and multi-faceted approach, you can build several consistent and passive income streams on Bigo Live. No live streaming required!

I hope this guide gave you plenty of ideas and inspiration to start your money-making journey on this incredibly profitable platform. Let me know in the comments if you have any other Bigo money-making tips I should cover in the future!