10 Best Sites Like The Unsent Project: Explore Alternatives in 2023

As a small business strategist dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs, I‘ve seen the profound impact creative platforms like The Unsent Project can have. By allowing vulnerable self-expression, they foster remarkable human connection.

If you resonate with this unique community but seek new perspectives, you‘re in luck. In this article, I‘ll explore 10 leading alternatives to guide you.

I‘ll provide detailed overviews of each platform, analyze their features and audience, and share tips for entrepreneurs looking to build on this concept. You‘ll discover sites that offer everything from anonymity and shared experiences to artistic outlets and missed connections.

Let‘s dive in and uncover where your next journey of self-discovery may lead!


With over 30 million monthly users, Whisper is one of the largest anonymous sharing platforms available. People use it to get deep emotions and secrets off their chest without judgment.

"I‘ve struggled with addiction for years. While I put on a smile around friends, Whisper lets me be honest about my daily battle and connect with others going through the same thing." – Sam, 28

You‘re matched with a broad community based on keywords. Features like private chats add more opportunity for relationship-building. The simple interface also makes it super user-friendly.

For entrepreneurs, Whisper demonstrates the massive demand for anonymous vulnerability. While anonymity lowers barriers, cultivating an empathetic community is key to satisfy this human craving for connection.

FMyLife (FML)

With 1.5 million+ monthly visitors, FMyLife (FML) takes a lighthearted approach to shared experiences. People submit funny "today, my life sucked" stories ranging from awkward mishaps to major catastrophes.

FML‘s humorous tone helps people bond over the craziness and imperfections of life. It‘s an uplifting reminder you‘re not alone, no matter how bizarre your day‘s misfortunes.

"Today, my five-year-old son announced very seriously that when he grows up, he wants to be a unicorn. FML"

"Today, my laptop froze with a porn tab open right as the repair guy arrived to fix it. FML" 

For developers, FML highlights the demand for shared experiences that offer comic relief from life‘s troubles. Creating a platform with mass user appeal requires a strong brand identity and content guidelines to cultivate your desired environment.


PostSecret represents the artistic side of anonymous sharing. Since 2004, people have mailed in over a million secrets on handmade postcards. A selection is published weekly.

The intimate confessions span everything from admitting taboo desires to processing grief over lost loved ones. Each secret offers a uniquely vulnerable glimpse into the human experience.

"PostSecret lets me turn my deepest pains and regrets into something beautiful. Sharing it with strangers is oddly comforting." – Jess, 42

For creators, PostSecret shows that marrying anonymity with art yields powerful emotional resonance. The tactile, visual elements add additional layers of meaning.

Found Magazine

On Found Magazine, people submit lost notes, photos, and other found items that capture a stranger‘s private story.

Discovering someone‘s hastily-scrawled love note or finding an old family photo on the sidewalk lets you briefly glimpse into an unknown life. These artifacts create profound human connection through sharing untold secrets.

"I just stumbled on this note left behind. Who is this Sam they speak of? My mind is concocting countless possibilities around this little slip of paper."

"Somewhere out there, someone is missing this photo of their beaming child in a baseball uniform. By sharing this lost memento, hopefully his proud grin brings a smile to someone else today."  

For fellow founders, Found Magazine demonstrates how physical objects can powerfully convey emotion and connect strangers. The allure lies in the mystery of piecing together context from a fragment.

Not Always Right

With over 8.3 million monthly readers, Not Always Right shares funny and bizarre customer service stories. Employees and customers submit ridiculous encounters with rude, hilarious or downright puzzling individuals.

Readers find catharsis and camaraderie in these too-strange-to-be-true moments of shared human absurdity:

Customer: "Do you have this pasta sauce in another flavor?"

Employee: "No, that‘s the only flavor we carry."

Customer: "Ok, well what does it taste like?"

Employee: "Uhh...tomatoes?"

For fellow entrepreneurs, the site highlights the engaging nature of stories involving relatable environments, like shops and restaurants. Allowing users to submit content also fosters community.


On iSawYou, users publish messages about missed connections in hopes of reconnecting with someone. You can share a meaningful glance on the train, a pleasant chat at a coffee shop, or even affection for a stranger.

Posting and reading these unsent interactions offers perspective as you reflect on lost chances. It also sparks hope of rekindling something special.

"You helped me pick up my books when they tumbled out of my hands in front of the library. I was too stunned by your warm smile to ask for your name or number. Just hoping fate brings you my way again."

For developers, the site shows the allure of platforms that help us reflect on just-missed opportunities. By designing an interface that‘s searchable by location and time, you enable these magical second chances.

Letters to Crushes

As the name suggests, Letters to Crushes provides a space to anonymously express love letters to someone you admire. You can post affections for a friend, co-worker, celebrity…anyone you just can‘t share your feelings with in real life.

Letting your raw emotions flow without fear of judgment is therapeutic. You also realize just how universally people long for connection.

Dear Sam,
Roses are red, violets are blue, I wish I had the courage to say how much I secretly admire you.
Love, Your Shy Next Door Neighbor

For fellow founders, this niche site demonstrates the strong demand to express unsent affection. Anonymity removes barriers, but cultivating an encouraging community is key.


Vent provides an outlet to share real-life experiences and emotions through anonymous posts. You can get anything off your chest from everyday worries to major life events.

It offers a judgment-free space to process challenges like grief, health issues, or difficult relationships. Users can also leave comments of support, making Vent achoose-your-own-adventure emotional journey.

"After my dad passed away, I used Vent to express all the complex feelings I couldn‘t sort out on my own. Finding compassion from strangers helped mend my broken heart." – Sarah, 35

For entrepreneurs inspired by its model, Vent demonstrates that anonymity paired with community support fills a critical human need. Through comments and upvotes, you create a safe space for emotional healing.

Dear Photograph

Dear Photograph represents a more nostalgic approach to connection. Users juxtapose old photographs with contemporary recreations of the same scene. The "then and now" comparions weave captivating visual stories.

Dear photograph, you captured a moment of youthful joy with my sister who I‘m no longer speaking to. Recreating this today makes me realize how much I miss her.

For co-founders, it shows how photos containing clues to a backstory intrigue people and spark empathy. Allowing users to become co-storytellers also engages them.

The Broken Light Collective

On The Broken Light Collective, photographers affected by mental health issues use images to process emotions and foster understanding. Photos range from abstract depictions of despair to literal interpretations of disorders.

Sharing their visions offers solidarity for those facing similar struggles. It also educates viewers on the varied faces of mental illness.

"I never felt comfortable talking about my OCD. But being able to express it through images here makes me feel supported and understood." – Mike, 29

For fellow entrepreneurs, the platform demonstrates photography‘s power to expand empathy around stigmatized topics. Curation provides quality control, while personal captions add crucial context.

Key Takeaways for Founders Looking to Build Community

After examining these alternatives, we can extract some key insights for entrepreneurs aiming to create the next great platform for human connection:

  • Anonymity lowers barriers to sharing, but cultivating an empathetic community keeps users engaged. Moderation and reporting features help maintain a positive environment.
  • Niche sites that celebrate shared experiences around life, work, and relationships have mass appeal. Humor and storytelling are unifying.
  • Artistic outlets provide catharsis while allowing others to find meaning. Visual platforms should optimize UX for sharing creative work.
  • Enabling moments of raw emotional insight, whether through secrets or found objects, creates deep human connection.
  • Features that aid discovery, like search filters or location tags, can facilitate rekindling missed connections.
  • Comments and forums build community support and comfort around heavy topics like grief, trauma, or illness.

The options are endless, but putting people first is key. When you provide a space for humanity‘s shared hopes, struggles, and flaws, you open the door to true human connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best anonymous sharing platforms?

Top options for anonymity include Whisper, PostSecret, and FML. Each has millions of users sharing secrets and connecting without judgement.

Where can I find creative outlets to share my story?

Great artistic platforms include PostSecret‘s mail art community, Dear Photograph‘s nostalgic photo recreations, and The Broken Light Collective‘s mental health photography.

What sites help people make missed connections?

Leading missed connections platforms are Craigslist Missed Connections, iSawYou, and Missed Connections UK to share brief encounters you want to rediscover.

Where are popular places to share unsent letters and confessions?

Top destinations for writing unsent letters are sites like The Unsent Project itself, The Unsent Letters, and Confessions. PostSecret also publishes secrets.

How do these platforms build online community?

They build community through anonymity, shared experiences, emotional insights, art, humor, support forums, and features that connect strangers.

Continue Your Journey of Self-Discovery

I hope this guide provided inspiring ideas on platforms to turn to when you‘re seeking new perspectives. Just like The Unsent Project, these online spaces unite our shared experiences and let us discover we‘re never alone.

Which alternative most resonated with you and why? Share your thoughts in the comments to keep the conversation going.