15 Best Places to Sell Feet Pics Online for Easy Money

Selling photos and videos of your feet has developed into a surprisingly lucrative business over the past decade. According to recent statistics, the global market for foot fetish content is now worth over $100 million annually and continues to grow. As more people discover this profitable side hustle, the demand from individual buyers and commercial companies for quality foot images also increases.

So where are the top places where everyday people can tap into this booming niche and start earning easy money by selling their feet pics from the comfort and privacy of their homes? As an entrepreneurship consultant who has helped dozens of clients establish successful feet pic businesses, I have in-depth knowledge of the various platforms available and how to leverage them profitably.

In this comprehensive guide, I will provide insider tips on the 15 best sites to begin selling your feet pics, how to optimize your content, pricing guidance, safety best practices, and much more advice to help you embark on your own feet pic selling journey.

An Inside Look at the Rising Feet Pic Market

The market for photos and videos of feet has grown exponentially thanks to a confluence of factors:

  • Greater acceptance of niche fetishes due to internet anonymity. Over the last decade, niche adult content sites have seen their user base and profits soar.
  • Mass adoption of creator platforms like OnlyFans that allow direct monetization of content. Top feet pic creators can earn over $10,000 per month in subscriber payments.
  • Increased demand from footwear brands for images to market their products, as well as stock content needs.
  • Growing communities of foot fetishists and admirers on forums and apps who are eager to pay for photos and interactions.

A survey by DePaul University estimated that feet appeal is the most common interest among fetishists, present in 47% of such individuals. This provides a sizable target audience for those looking to sell feet pics.

While feet photos cater predominantly to individual buyers with a niche appreciation, commercial demand is also strong. An analysis of stock photo purchasing trends found that typical image searches related to feet included:

  • Feet care and pedicures
  • Footwear like shoes, sandals, flip flops, socks
  • Foot health issues and treatments
  • Feet in various poses and positions

All this adds up to a sizable market Opportunity for everyday people to monetize their feet pics. But where should you get started? Let‘s look at the 15 best sites to begin selling feet pics.

1. FeetFinder – A Specialized Platform for Selling Feet Pics

FeetFinder bills itself as the "Number 1 feet pic marketplace" and it‘s easy to see why. With over 100,000 active monthly users, it is the largest online community catering specifically to the feet niche.


  • Easy to use marketplace to connect feet pic sellers and buyers directly.
  • Anonymous sign up – no need to share any personal information.
  • Active community provides feedback and inspiration for creating content.
  • Low 10% platform fees on paid content.
  • Allows paying subscribers which provides recurring income.

As one of the most established feet pic platforms, FeetFinder is ideal for beginners thanks to its singular focus on this niche. Top creators can earn over $5,000 per month here by cultivating a loyal subscriber base.

2. Feetify – A Member-Only Feet Pic Site

Feetify sets itself apart by being a paid platform focused exclusively on feet content. Members pay a flat monthly fee (between $10-$30) to access HD photos and videos from vetted creators.


  • Higher rates of pay since it‘s a subscription site with premium features.
  • All members are screened for quality assurance.
  • Build recognizable brand identity among niche audience.
  • Interact via live chat and messages to cultivate fans.

The strict application process ensures only high-quality and consistent feet models are accepted. So it offers a safer, more controlled environment for monetizing your content.

3. OnlyFans – Leverage a Readymade Fanbase

Chances are you‘ve heard about OnlyFans exploding popularity over recent years. While not exclusively for feet, it has become the go-to platform for models and creators monetizing niche content directly through subscribers.


  • Established site with over 150 million users provides instant reach
  • Keep 80% of your subscription earnings and paid content
  • Set your own pricing and offer exclusive content to subscribers
  • Interact with your fans via messages and livestreams

If you already have a following on social media, you can leverage that to promote your OnlyFans feet page. Top creators charge over $30 per month for standard subscriptions.

4. Reddit – Tap into Active Foot Fetish Communities

Reddit is home to a highly engaged community of foot admirers on subreddits like:

r/feetpics – 1 million members strong subreddit for sharing and discussing feet.

r/footfetish – 250,000 members discussing foot fetish material.


  • Engage with the niche foot fetish community
  • Post your feet pics to reach thousands of potential buyers
  • Interact with fans and even conduct AMAs
  • Build a following and funnel fans to your other feet pages

While Reddit doesn‘t allow direct monetization, you can use it to raise awareness and drive traffic to your profiles on paid feet pic platforms.

5. Twitter – Market Your Feet Pic Brand

Twitter has over 300 million monthly active users, making it a powerful platform for raising your profile as a feet pic seller under a pseudonymous handle.


  • Share teasers directing fans to your feet content marketplace profiles.
  • Engage with your target niche community using relevant hashtags.
  • Build a steady stream of subscribers.

-Runs "OnlyFeet" promotional campaigns to further expand your reach.

Once you build a sizeable following of over 10,000 fans, you can also offer premium content directly via payment processors like Venmo and CashApp.

6. instagram – Showcase Your Best Feet Pics

Grow your personal feet pic brand on Instagram. With over 2 billion monthly users, it‘s ideal for raising awareness among potential buyers.


  • Share high-quality photos and short video clips to highlight your best assets.
  • Use relevant hashtags like #feetpics #feetfinder #footfetishnation to tap into niche communities.
  • Collaborate with other models for greater exposure.
  • Link to your feet marketplace profile in your bio.

The key is keeping your main page SFW by posting teasers and guiding followers to paid platforms for full access.

7. Flickr – Reach Photography Enthusiasts

Flickr has over 100 million users and is popular with photography aficionados. If you invest in taking high-quality feet images, it‘s a great platform for showcasing your best shots.


  • Caters to an art and photography focused audience looking for quality.
  • Groups like "Soles and Toes" allow you to engage with the feet community.
  • Can sell high-res digital downloads directly.

Flickr is better suited for showcasing your top feet pics as art rather than selling directly to fetishists. But it allows you to tap into new audiences.

8. Patreon – Offer Exclusive Content to Patrons

On Patreon, fans pay creators a monthly fee to access exclusive content and perks. This allows you to essentially run your own feet pic subscription service.


  • Set monthly tiers offering exclusive feet pics and videos to patrons.
  • Interact directly with your loyal fans.
  • No caps on earnings, keep up to 95% of income.

By providing patron-only content to your most devoted followers, you can earn predictable recurring income every month. Top earners make over $20,000 per month.

9. iFans – Specialized for Niche Content

A site dedicated to serving fan communities for models and creators. Highly targeted for selling niche content like feet pics.


  • Self-host your feet pic portfolio and videos.
  • 80% payout on subscriptions and paid content.
  • Daily payouts via Stripe and PayPal.
  • Build highly customized landing pages to promote your brand and offerings.

As a specialized platform for monetizing niche content, iFans attracts devoted foot fetishists willing to pay a premium.

10. LoyalFans – Find Your Superfans

LoyalFans bills itself as the place for creators to cultivate their most loyal supporters who will pay for premium, exclusive content month after month.


  • Subscriptions, tips, paid content and chat services allow monetizing your niche.
  • Supportive community of foot models provide feedback and promotion.
  • 86% payout on earnings.
  • Daily payouts, no minimums

By rewarding your biggest supporters with VIP access and content, you can build lasting relationships with superfans.

11. Feetpics.com – A Highly Curated Gallery

This platform handpicks models to ensure a highly curated collection of top-tier feet pics. If your photos pass screening, it‘s a great way to get maximum exposure.


  • Strict vetting and quality standards amplify your reach to serious buyers.
  • Site handles all payment processing securely.
  • 70% payout on subscriptions and content sales.
  • Monthly payouts via Paypal.

The selective application process ensures your pics are seen by buyers looking for high-caliber content.

12. Niteflirt – Monetize Through Phone, Chat and Video

Niteflirt facilitates online relationships between creators and admirers. It‘s popular with the foot fetish community for intimate online interactions.


  • Sell phone, chat and video services by the minute. Foot modeling is a top niche.
  • 24/7 availability to engage users anytime from anywhere.
  • 70% payout on all sales.
  • Weekly direct deposits to your bank.

If you enjoy conversational interactions around your feet pics, Niteflirt makes it easy to profit.

13. Fancentro – Run Your Own Membership Site

This is an "all-in-one site builder and membership platform" that allows you to run your own fee-based feet site.


  • Customizable site builder and design tools to create your feet pic brand.
  • Set your own subscription tiers and content packages.
  • 80% payouts on subscriptions and paid posts.
  • $50 daily payout minimum.

You retain ownership over your content and fan relationships while leveraging their monetization tools.

14. AVN Stars – The Top Adult Site for Niches

With 80 million monthly visitors, AVN Stars has major reach with adult content fans seeking niche material like feet pics.

Why Sell Here

  • Established adult brand draws targeted traffic.
  • Keep 70% of your earnings.
  • Daily payouts with no minimums.
  • Profile optimization tools to boost visibility.
  • Reach a paying audience instantly.

Given the demand for feet, AVN Stars provides a pre-qualified audience of paying users.

15. YouTube – Viralize Your Content

YouTube might not be the first place that comes to mind for monetizing feet pics. But niche channels focused on feet hauls, try-ons, and posing tutorials often have millions of subscribers.


  • Produce free feet-focused content to build an audience.
  • Once you hit 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours, you can monetize through ads.
  • Pitch brands for sponsorships or product placements.
  • Redirect viewers to your paid feet pic profiles.

The downside of YouTube is limited direct monetization options. But it can dramatically amplify your reach and lead to sponsorship deals.

Now that you know where to sell feet pics, let‘s look at some pro tips for creating standout content that sells:

Invest in Pro-Quality Equipment

A DSLR camera or recent smartphone model with 12MP+ resolution will produce the sharpest, most vivid images. Ring lights evenly illuminate feet. Small items like color gels, fabrics, and accessories expand your shot variety.

Optimize Your Setup

Find a private, clutter-free spot with ample natural lighting during the day. At night, ensure adequate artificial lighting. Place feet at an attractive 45-degree angle to the camera. Adjustable tripods allow you to attach phones or small cameras to frame the perfect foot pic.

Strike a Range of Poses

The most popular poses include soles facing the camera, toes pointed or scrunched, ankles crossed, arches flexed, and sandal dangling off toes. Take 200+ images across poses and angles at each shoot.

Edit Photos Mindfully

Light editing to adjust brightness, cropping etc is fine but don‘t overly filter – buyers want to see real skin texture and details. Subtly watermark or use services like Digimarc to prevent unauthorized sharing.

Write Catchy Titles and Captions

mention terms like "feet pics", "foot photos", "soles", "toes", and niche phrases like "foot goddess worship". This optimizes discoverability. In captions, tease the allure without crossing boundaries.

As a beginner, start with lower rates and increase them as you gain a loyal following and positive reviews. Consider charging:

  • $5-$15 per individual pic
  • $20-$50 for 5-10 pics
  • $75-$125 for 20+ pics
  • $100+ for customized pics based on pose requests
  • $15-$50+ per min for video clips based on content/niche

For recurring income, offer monthly subscription tiers granting access to exclusive content packs, priced at $25, $50 and $100+ based on volume discounts.

Also look at compensating your most engaged fans on Twitter, Reddit and OnlyFans with free pics in exchange for promoting you. This helps quickly expand your reach and credibility.

When embarking on selling any niche adult content online, prioritizing safety is crucial. Follow these best practices:

  • Remain anonymous using a pseudonym and avoid showing any identifiable tattoos, birthmarks or surroundings.
  • Never share any personal or contact information. Conduct all interactions on the platform sites themselves.
  • Require upfront payments before sharing content and enable 2-factor authentication everywhere.
  • Watermark images subtly and register your photos with Digimarc‘s digital rights protection tools.
  • Vet potential collaborators thoroughly and sign NDAs before interacting privately.
  • Screenshot conversations, ban suspicious users immediately and report them if necessary.

The key is proactively minimizing risks by controlling how you share information, who you interact with, and having preventative protections in place.

Selling your feet pics allows almost anyone to tap into the lucrative foot worship and fetish niche markets. By showcasing your feet properly on the right platforms, you can start earning easy money from home. Now that you know the top sites specialized in foot content and their respective benefits, focus on creating quality photos and videos, cultivating your niche audience through promotions and engagement, setting competitive rates, and protecting your privacy.

If you approach this unique side hustle diligently and creatively, you can realistically make over $1,000 per month within your first few months. In time, top earners in the feet niche make upwards of $100,000 annually. And remember to pay your taxes on the income!

I wish you the very best as you embark on exploring this unconventional but highly profitable business opportunity. Feel free to reach out if you need any guidance getting started or optimizing your feet pic sales strategy. I‘m always open to collaborating with new foot models as well. Let‘s get this money!