How Much Is Karl Jacobs Net Worth in 2023?

Karl Jacobs has quickly built an impressive net worth at a young age through his massively popular Twitch streaming career and YouTube channel. But how much is Jacobs worth today? Let‘s take a detailed look at Karl Jacobs‘ net worth and earnings.

Karl Jacobs Net Worth Reaches $3 Million

As of 2023, Karl Jacobs‘ net worth is estimated to be roughly $3 million. This is incredibly impressive for someone who is only 24 years old.

Jacobs has amassed his multimillion dollar net worth through a diverse array of income sources, including:

  • YouTube ad revenue and sponsorships
  • Twitch subscriptions, donations and ad revenue
  • Merchandise sales through MrBeast
  • Brand deals and partnerships

According to available data, Karl‘s annual earnings from these income sources likely range from $1.5 million to $2.5 million per year. With his rapidly growing audience and platforms, his net worth could reach $5 million in the next few years.

Breakdown of Karl Jacobs Income Sources

Let‘s take a closer look at Karl Jacobs‘ various income sources and how much the popular Twitch streamer likely earns from each one.

YouTube Earnings

  • Karl has 3.79 million YouTube subscribers as of 2023
  • His videos average 5-7.6 million views per month
  • This results in estimated monthly ad revenue of $22k – $45k
  • Sponsored videos can earn him up to $150k each

With a dedicated audience and growing view counts, YouTube is likely one of Karl‘s top earning platforms.

Merchandise Sales

  • As part of MrBeast crew, Karl earns commissions on merch sales
  • MrBeast has over 100 million subscribers who frequently purchase merch
  • Even a small commission on total merch sales adds up quickly
  • Karl likely earns $500k+ per year from merch commissions

Merch sales are a passive yet lucrative income stream for Karl Jacobs.

Twitch Subscriptions

But Twitch remains Karl Jacobs‘ primary income source and driver of his multimillion dollar net worth.

  • Karl has 3.5 million Twitch followers
  • He earns monthly subscription revenue in addition to donations and ad revenue

Let‘s look at his Twitch subscription earnings over the past few months:

September 2022

  • 979 Total Subscribers
  • $4,172 in Subscription Revenue

October 2022

  • 1,900 Total Subscribers
  • $7,723 in Subscription Revenue

November 2022

  • 454 Total Subscribers
  • $1,754 in Subscription Revenue

Factoring in ad revenue and donations, Karl likely earns over $1 million per year directly from Twitch streaming.

Karl Jacobs Twitch Stats

To provide more perspective, here‘s a glimpse at Karl Jacobs‘ impressive viewership stats on Twitch:


  • Average Viewers Per Stream: 2,138
  • Peak Viewers: 212,555
  • Followers Gained Per Hour: 74
  • Total Hours Streamed: 1,100


  • Average Viewers Per Stream: 43,548
  • Peak Viewers: 263,353
  • Followers Gained Per Hour: 3,800
  • Total Hours Streamed: 242

Just Chatting

  • Average Viewers Per Stream: 74,088
  • Peak Viewers: 242,664
  • Followers Gained Per Hour: 2,500
  • Total Hours Streamed: 42.60

Jackbox Party Packs

  • Average Viewers Per Stream: 92,905
  • Peak Viewers: 222,237
  • Followers Gained Per Hour: 3,600
  • Total Hours Streamed: 37.60

Among Us

  • Average Viewers Per Stream: 22,386
  • Peak Viewers: 67,821
  • Followers Gained Per Hour: 2,700
  • Total Hours Streamed: 35.40

These impressive stats showcase Karl‘s popularity and reach on Twitch. It‘s easy to see how he earns so much from subscriptions, donations, and ads with this huge viewership.

In summary, Karl Jacobs has amassed an estimated net worth of $3 million at just 24 years old, primarily through his massively popular Twitch channel and YouTube presence.

With his growing audience and subscriber counts across platforms, Karl‘s net worth is likely to continue rising substantially in the coming years. He has proven his ability to leverage his online fame into a multimillion dollar fortune.