Jobs That Pay $70-$75 An Hour Without a Degree

Earning a high hourly wage without a college degree may seem unlikely, but there are plenty of well-paying jobs out there for those with the right skills, experience and certifications. From construction managers to IT consultants, these roles showcase that formal education isn‘t the only pathway to prosperity.

In-Demand Jobs That Pay Over $70 Per Hour

1. Construction Manager

With the expertise to coordinate complex projects and keep sites running smoothly, construction managers are integral to the building process. They can expect to earn $67-$79 per hour depending on experience.

2. Master Electrician

Mastering advanced electrical systems and managing teams of electricians demands long-term dedication to the trade. But with the right licenses, electricians can make $67-$79 per hour.

3. Radiation Therapist

This growing medical field requires technicians to operate specialized, high-tech equipment for cancer treatments. Their technical expertise earns $65-$78 per hour.

4. IT Consultant

From cybersecurity to software solutions, independent IT consultants offer businesses tailored tech advice to optimize operations and infrastructure. They can charge $65-$78 per hour.

5. Quantitative Analyst

"Quants" use mathematical models to identify profitable opportunities in the financial sector. With the right analytical abilities, they can earn up to $70-$80 per hour.

Alternative Pathways to High Earnings

Beyond the jobs above, there are a few common threads among roles that pay extraordinarily well without traditional qualifications:

  • Specialized skills – Becoming an expert in a niche field (e.g. specific law, trades, technologies)
  • Risk and physical demands – Taking on dangerous jobs (e.g. divers, rig workers) or challenging environments
  • Business/finance acumen – Understanding investments, transactions, management

Sectors like tech, medicine, construction, and business operations offer the most opportunities to leverage skills into high hourly wages. With grit and determination, six-figure salaries are possible without ever needing to set foot in a lecture hall.