Is TruthFinder Worth the Cost for Business Owners?

As an entrepreneur myself, I often get asked – is TruthFinder really free to use for background checks?

The short answer is no. While basic searches on TruthFinder are free, viewing full reports requires a paid subscription typically ranging from $18-28 per month.

But are their background check services worth the investment?

As a business owner who relies on these checks to make key hiring and partnerships decisions, here‘s my take:

How TruthFinder‘s Pricing Breaks Down

TruthFinder offers a few different membership options:

  • 1 Month – $28.05/month
  • 3 Months – $22.48/month ($67.43 total)
  • 12 Months -$18.67/month, $224 annually

Bundled packages offer some savings, but no free trials or accounts are available.

However, I‘ve found their background reports well worth the monthly fee. Let‘s look at why.

Key Features for Business Owners

Compared to running manual searches, TruthFinder provides:

  • Criminal Record Checks – Essential for risk mitigation
  • Contact Information – For locating candidates and verifying identities
  • Relatives/Associates – Helps avoid potential conflicts of interest
  • Social Media Profiles – Allows insight into character and ethics
  • Dark Web Monitoring – Crucial for protecting company data/IP

As a small shop, I don‘t have extensive HR resources. For less than the cost of a single bad hire, TruthFinder saves me considerable time and risk.

Responsible Usage Considerations

While background checks are useful, it‘s imperative we use them legally and ethically.

Always disclose you‘re running a check and gain consent first. Don‘t use information to discriminate against protected classes.

Complementary Services Worth Exploring

Along with background checks, I recommend small business owners consider:

  • Online Reputation Monitoring – Track mentions and reviews
  • Business Credit Reports – Monitor loans and supplier payments
  • Fraud Protection – Help early detection of issues

Bundles including these can maximize savings.

The Verdict? Worth the Price

Given how much time and money TruthFinder has saved my business, I can confidently say their fees provide outstanding ROI. Just be sure to use responsibly!

As a fellow small business owner, I‘m happy to answer any other questions you have around optimizing background checks or related services.