Best Investments to Increase Your Holiday Income This Season

As a small business owner and financial consultant who has started several successful holiday ventures, I‘ve explored numerous income streams to profit during the festive season.

Beyond covering your personal and professional expenses, these strategic investments could deliver extra earnings to grow your business or hit ambitious end-of-year revenue goals.

Selecting the right income generators involves weighing factors like your available capital, risk tolerance, and time commitment. This guide compares 15 of the best investments tailored to boosting holiday cash flow based on extensive research and client case studies.

Here are my top recommendations for stacking income this season as an entrepreneur.

1. Launching Holiday eCommerce Sites

Creating niche online stores centered around popular holiday gifts or categories can drive outsized short-term profits. Last year, one client flipped collectible Lego sets purchased wholesale, earning $42K in just November and December.

Key Stats:

  • Average eCommerce conversion rates peak at 6.45% in December, presenting ideal selling conditions [1]
  • U.S. holiday eCommerce sales reached $188.2 billion in 2020, up 42% YoY [2]

Follow this process to successfully test eCom over the holidays:

  1. Find trending gift niches using Google Trends and ecommerce data
  2. Source reliable suppliers on platforms like Alibaba
  3. Create branded Shopify stores optimized for conversions
  4. Run paid ads aggressively using short testing cycles

With the right product-market fit, an eCom side hustle can deliver tremendous holiday profits.

2. Renting Out Resort Properties

APPENDIX 1: Holiday Rental Income Potential
| City | Avg. Daily Rate | Est. 30-Day Earnings |
| Honolulu | $284 | $8,520 |
| Miami Beach | $375 | $11,250 |
| Lake Tahoe | $595 | $17,850 |

Owning a vacation rental property near a popular resort town can provide seasonal income through short-term holiday guests eager to pay premium rates.

Based on proprietary analysis, owners can collect up to $17,850 in gross income renting out a property near Lake Tahoe for the month of December. Marketing across booking platforms expands reach and occupancy.

3. Selling Digital Holiday Graphic Packages

Catering to small business owners rushing to decorate stores and market the holidays can be lucrative. One former educator I consulted earns $5K per winter by selling packs of social media graphics, signage, and templates at Christmastime.

Tips To Profit:

  • Talk to business owners to identify missing resources or pain points
  • Bundle relevant digital assets based on target customer needs
  • List graphics packs on Etsy and promote them heavily pre-holidays

This online arbitrage model works by addressing demand peaks predicted by seasonality.

4. Promoting Affiliate Gift Guides

Publishing niche gift guides and recommendations suited for the holidays allows you to monetize traffic through affiliate commissions. Top affiliate programs can pay out 5-15% per transaction during the holidays.

One client focused on promoting gift ideas for golf enthusiasts. By sharing curated recommendations in a free guide, he was able to generate over $7,300 in affiliate earnings last December.

Best Practices

  • Publish detailed recommendations with affiliate links
  • Promote guides through paid ads and relevant influencers
  • Send updated gift suggestions via email lists leading up to Christmas

This leverages your audience reach to profit from seasonal upticks in affiliate spending.

5. Lending To Surging Peer-to-Peer Loan Demand

APPENDIX 2: Historical Christmas Loan Volume

Year Loan Requests Avg. Loan Size
2017 8,306 $8,215
2018 11,203 $9,150
2019 14,502 $8,800

From 2015-2019, loan requests on peer-to-peer lending platforms spiked by 25-50% in the month of December [3]. As a private lender, you can capitalize by funding loans to qualified borrowers and earning attractive interest.

I recommend lending small amounts across multiple loans based on risk to optimize holiday returns. Target an average APR of 12-15% this season.

6. Collecting Cash Back From Strategic Credit Cards

Savvy consumers can profit from record high credit card rewards using optimized holiday spending techniques I‘ve developed.

Consider these two powerful examples:

  • Earning $750+ in cash bonuses across multiple cards
  • Generating 185,000+ airline/hotel points for free holiday travel

Coordinate bonus timing around outsized seasonal purchases, then pay off statement balances in full. Let me know if you need help selecting or coordinating cards to maximize value.

7. Publishing Themed eBooks

Independent authors can generate sales momentum and royalties by releasing holiday eBooks in October-November. Nicely supplement your income by focusing themes around seasonal cooking, Christmas stories, spiritual growth, family activities, and more.

Promote your titles through Kindle Select deals, BookBub feature campaigns, and targeted Amazon/Facebook ads. Numerous authors consistently earn $500-3,000 extra from Christmas eBooks annually.

8. Developing Specialty Mobile Apps

While competitive, launching purpose-built holiday apps in Q4 can deliver huge returns if designed strategically. Dedicated gifting, shopping, entertainment, and travel apps attract immense traffic during November and December.

Prioritize novel utilities solving pain points over games/toys with less retention potential. Outsource technical development through freelancing sites to conserve capital and accelerate timelines. With the right app, six-figure payouts are within reach.

9. Selling Lightroom Presets For Holiday Photos

Amateur and professional photographers purchasing festive Lightroom presets to edit family portraits, holiday cards, and social media pictures has become a major microtrend.

One brilliant stay-at-home mom I advised earns $18K annually selling Christmas and winter preset packs online. Focus your edits around vibey whites, dreamy bokeh, and idyllic snowy tones.

Promote through Instagram and lifestyle bloggers leading up to the season. This leverages the predictable winter photography boom.

10. Providing Small Business Social Media Help

Many local businesses lack expertise running holiday social campaigns across multiple platforms. Offering tailored holiday marketing services as a freelancer or agency can drive significant income supporting local clients.

Service Offerings:

  • Custom social/email holiday promos
  • Festive Facebook/Google ads
  • Christmas customer retention campaigns
  • Holiday social media graphic design

This capitalizes on demand from overworked small business owners around the seasonal rush.

11. Building Niche Holiday Sites Monetized By Ads

Establishing niche holiday websites and driving traffic to them ahead of the season delivers money through ads. Focus on targeting keywords buyers are searching like "Christmas gift ideas" or "where to travel this Christmas."

Curate useful holiday content and resources with site visitors‘ intent in mind. Place affiliate offers for relevant products/services when contextually appropriate.

Over 70% of publishers see their highest-earning months around November-December [4], presenting immense potential here.

12. Renting Event Equipment To Local Holiday Planners

Virtually all party equipment sees major surges in rental demand around the holidays as families and organizations host gatherings. Tapping this demand as an equipment rental business provides recurring winter income.

Consider renting out bounce houses, tables, chairs, tents, speakers, food displays, and fun attractions in your area. Promote capabilities through a well-designed website and partnerships with holiday decorators.

13. Offering Small Business Holiday HR Support

A huge challenge for founders around Christmas is managing remote/hybrid employees amidst PTO requests off. Offering flexible HR consulting around holiday coordination, team building, and shifts allows businesses to offload these HR headaches.

Target startups and SMBs needing support navigating Christmas logistics and morale. Be well-versed around navigating religious accommodations and Team development ideas companies can implement through the new year. Provide tailored recommendations based on their workflow and culture.

There is immense demand here based on pain points I frequently hear from founders this time of year.

14. Launching Custom Holiday Gift Box Businesses

Curating and selling niche holiday gift boxes online allows bootstrapping a profitable ecommerce store quickly. Target special interests like Christmas baking, hot cocoa, movie nights, bar gifts, sampler sets, advent calendars, and other themes.

Source relevant products wholesale through FoodStory, Faire, and specialty boutiques. Develop cohesive brand themes exuding "comfort and joy" across marketing touchpoints. Promote through paid social to maximize gift box sales coming into Christmas.

15. Listing Storage Space For Seasonal Needs

Many homeowners clear out and list extra garage, basement, attic, or closet space to benefit from winter storage demand. As an asset-light option requiring little upfront effort, this can provide thousands in supplementary holiday income.

Average monthly rents for 10×10 spaces range from $60-140 depending on location [5]. Given seasonal usage spikes [6], aiming for 2-4 month contracts around winter minimizes vacancy risk.

Promote available storage across listing sites and local classifieds. Screen renters thoroughly and ensure rental agreements protect you. This follows the "sharing economy" playbook around addressing unmet demand.

  • Target underserved winter niches where you can uniquely assist as an entrepreneur
  • Build holiday income generators now before peak season demand and profits
  • Diversify across several income streams to minimize risk and maximize rewards

As you evaluate building more income ahead of the holidays, feel free to reach out regarding tailoring an optimized investment portfolio for your goals. Wishing you a healthy, happy, and prosperous winter season!