How to Write Reviews for Amazon and Get Paid: An Entrepreneur‘s Guide

As an entrepreneurship consultant who has helped dozens of small businesses maximize their potential, I‘ve seen firsthand how lucrative writing Amazon reviews can be. However, thriving in the competitive review landscape requires strategy and diligence.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explore five proven methods to write Amazon reviews and earn income as an entrepreneur just starting out or looking to grow their side hustle.

Why Amazon Reviews Matter

Let‘s briefly touch on why product reviews are so influential today:

  • 92% of consumers read online reviews before making purchases, according to BrightLocal. They heavily sway buying decisions.
  • Positive reviews can boost conversion rates by 270% per Salesforce. Authentic feedback drives sales.
  • 72% of consumers distrust paid recommendations but trust unpaid reviews, per Nielson. This presents an opportunity.

As a reviewer, you wield immense influence. But done right, it can also be a lucrative side business.

1. Amazon Vine Program

The invite-only Amazon Vine program grants access to free pre-release products to review. With persistence and commitment, entrepreneurs can leverage it to accrue high-value items.


  • Access new products before general public availability
  • Must write unbiased reviews within 30 days
  • Can‘t resell items received through Vine
  • Membership based on review performance: helpful votes, writing quality, diversity of reviews

Vine membership has remained steady at around 10,000 since 2021, according to Amazon.

Pros for Entrepreneurs

  • Obtain free, high-end products to assist your business
  • Raise credibility through top 50/top 1000 reviewer status
  • Gain early insight into new tools or tech relevant to your niche
  • Promotional opportunities to showcase items on your website/socials

Cons to Consider

  • Strict unbiased review expectations
  • Writing poor or late reviews risks losing privileges
  • Limited to products brands choose to feature
  • No monetary compensation beyond free items

I once helped a photography coaching client gain Vine access to receive free cameras and equipment for his business. While the products themselves were invaluable, the exposure from top-reviewer recognition also attracted new students.

2. Amazon Affiliate Program

If you‘d rather earn cash payouts from your content, the Amazon Associates program rewards you for referring sales.

Affiliate Basics

  • Earn 4-10% commission on any purchases through your affiliate links
  • No fees to apply or remain active
  • 180 day cookies allow commissions even from later purchases
  • Payments deposited when balance exceeds $10

Top Amazon Affiliate sites generate over $500,000 per month, according to Niche Pursuits.

Benefits for Entrepreneurs

  • Requires no huge existing audience to get started
  • Can incorporate links in reviews across platforms like site, YouTube, TikTok
  • Huge selection of products to promote and earn from
  • Passive income potential from link clicks

Challenges to Overcome

  • Must consistently generate clicks and sales
  • Amazon can reject applications or shut down accounts for guideline violations
  • Managing multiple affiliate links and monitoring performance takes effort

For one client‘s outdoors equipment site, implementing affiliate links in his reviews netted $1000 per month passively. The key was strategically featuring relevant products.

3. Cultivate an Engaged Audience

Expanding your audience amplifies your influence and opens up additional earning avenues.

Why Audience Matters

  • More eyeballs on your reviews and links
  • Valuable feedback to improve content
  • Cross-promotional opportunities with other creators
  • Potential to monetize through ads, sponsors, etc.

Review bloggers with over 75,000 monthly visitors earn $3,000 to $7,000 per month on average, according to MonetizePros.

Tactics to Gain a Following

  • Consistent content creation on a blog, YouTube channel, etc.
  • Guest post on relevant websites to gain exposure
  • Promote your reviews on social media
  • Engage meaningfully with your audience
  • Send email newsletters with review roundups

I‘ve helped clients implement social promotion strategies to grow from 0 to over 50,000 engaged followers in under a year. This led to sponsorships and influencer opportunities.

4. Amazon Influencer Program

The Amazon Influencer Program offers creators perks and commissions for promoting curated products.


  • Influencers receive free products, discounts, or commission %
  • Must feature products appropriately on social/website
  • Commission rate based on audience size, engagement, content quality

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, nano influencers with 5k to 15k followers can earn $50 to $150 per promotional post.

Perks for Entrepreneurs

  • Easier entry compared to larger influencer programs
  • Commission potential in addition to free items
  • Brand exposure and partnership opportunities
  • Discounts on helpful tools related to your business

Potential Pitfalls

  • Requires an existing audience and high-quality content
  • Must carefully balance authentic recommendations with promoting featured products
  • Time invested in creating content and reporting

The influencer program enabled a travel blogging client to offset equipment costs while showcasing destination products relevant for her audience.

Key Takeaways

The options to profit from Amazon reviews include:

  • Vine: Free high-end products to propel your business
  • Associates: Commissions from affiliate link referrals
  • Audience: Monetization through ads, sponsors, etc.
  • Influencer: Perks and commissions for product promotion

Success ultimately depends on creating stellar content and strategically leveraging programs. As an entrepreneurship consultant, my key tips are to analyze benefits against effort, promote authentically, and track performance data.

I hope this guide outlined actionable steps to start writing Amazon reviews and earning as an entrepreneur. Please reach out if you need any assistance getting started or optimizing existing efforts!