How to Use Discord on PS5: An Entrepreneur‘s Guide

As an entrepreneur running a small business, seamless communication with my remote team is crucial. We rely on Discord to connect and chat throughout the workday. Discord‘s voice channels, text chat, and seamless experience across devices makes it perfect for quick collaboration.

With over 150 million active users, Discord has quickly become a favorite communication platform among gamers as well. PlayStation 5 users are eager to use Discord while gaming to easily chat with friends across platforms.

Unfortunately, there is still no native Discord app available for PS5. But with a few workarounds, you can start enjoying Discord on your PlayStation 5 today.

In this article, I‘ll share tips from my experience as an entrepreneur on how to maximize your Discord experience on PS5 now while we wait for the official app.

Discord‘s Growth Shows High Demand from PS5 Gamers

To understand why PS5 owners want Discord access, let‘s look at some of Discord‘s growth stats:

  • 56% growth in daily active users in 2020 alone, jumping from 90 million to 140 million
  • 85% of its daily active users are on mobile devices
  • $7 billion valuation after recent funding round

This rapid growth demonstrates how vital cross-platform chat has become in gaming. PS5 owners want to be able to connect with friends no matter what devices they are playing on.

Discord delivers a top-notch social experience that console party chat alone can‘t provide. Based on my experience as an entrepreneur, PlayStation is smart to be partnering up with Discord.

Now let‘s get into the various options PS5 owners have today to use Discord while we wait for the official app.

Connect Your PS5 and PC for Seamless Chat

One simple way I‘ve found to integrate Discord voice chat on PS5 is by connecting your PlayStation directly to a PC using a digital optical audio cable or USB gaming headset with a mic.

Here are the steps to link up these devices:

  1. On your PS5, go to Settings > Sound > Audio Output. Set output to USB Headset or Digital Out (Optical).
  2. On your PC, open Discord and ensure output is set to the connected headset/speakers.
  3. Join a Discord voice channel and you‘ll now hear PS5 audio coming through!

This will allow you to chat seamlessly on Discord using your PS5 party audio. Friends can hear your mic audio through the linked headset as well.

I prefer this method because the audio quality is crystal clear when directly connected via optical cable or USB. It creates one seamless chat experience without any echo or latency issues.

Use the PS5 Web Browser for Direct Discord Access

Another workaround is accessing Discord directly in the PS5‘s built-in internet browser. Here‘s how to set it up:

  1. Go to Settings > User Accounts > Link with Other Services and link your PSN to Discord.
  2. Open the Internet Browser app and navigate to Log in to Discord.
  3. You can now use Discord‘s features like text chat while running PS5 games.

The main downside with this browser method is you won‘t get PS5 party voice chat running through Discord. You‘ll need a separate mic and audio output source.

However, it allows direct access to Discord from your PlayStation console, which is super convenient.

Mobile Chat Workaround for Portable Discord Access

You can also install Discord on a mobile device like your smartphone and use that while gaming on PS5. Follow these steps:

  • Download the Discord mobile app and log in.
  • Join your Discord voice channel using the mobile app and headset.
  • Important: Mute Discord audio on mobile to avoid echo with your PS5 party chat.

While this gives you portability to move around while staying connected, be prepared for some audio quirks. Using a mobile device introduces potential interference or lag compared to directly linking your PS5.

Official PS5 Discord App Expected Later This Year!

While the above workarounds are functional, limitations remain in audio quality and Discord feature access. The game-changer will be the official Discord app for PS5 coming later this year.

PlayStation and Discord have announced an official partnership to bring the Discord experience natively to PS5 and PS4. We don‘t have an exact release date yet.

But as an avid Discord user myself, I can share that having an app directly integrated with the console will be game-changing:

  • One seamless voice chat experience between PS5 party and Discord
  • No need to change audio sources or devices
  • Access 100% of Discord features natively on your PS5
  • Smooth social experience that "just works"

This will take social integration on PlayStation to the next level when playing with friends on Discord as well!

Tips to Optimize Your Discord Setup on PS5

Here are some extra tips from my experience for optimizing Discord based on the connection method you use:

  • Reduce echo: Enable noise suppression and reduce pickup sensitivity in your mic settings. This prevents echo between PS5 party chat and Discord.
  • Lower latency: If you notice lag or delays in voice chat, try adjusting buffer settings in Discord‘s options if available. Some headsets allow this too.
  • Improve mobile reliability: When using Discord mobile, stay close to your PS5 and maintain a strong WiFi signal for best performance. This reduces interference.
  • Use a headset splitter: This allows you to connect your gaming headset to both the console and your phone/PC to maintain dual audio sources.

Bring Your PS5 Gaming to the Next Social Level

Discord provides seamless chat that builds gaming communities and enhances your overall social experience. While we await the official PS5 app, these workarounds allow you to start enjoying Discord today.

As an entrepreneur, maintaining open communication channels is imperative for my business success. I‘m thrilled PlayStation users will soon get to experience the collaborative power of Discord on their platform.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any other tips for using Discord on the PS5! Together, we can unlock the full social potential of PlayStation gaming.