A Small Business Owner‘s Guide to Unbanning Users on Discord

As an entrepreneur running a small business, I often use Discord to build communities around my brand and engage with customers. But handling moderation can be tricky – especially when it comes to unbanning users.

Whether someone was banned unfairly or has reformed their behavior, unbanning gives them a second chance to contribute positively. Studies show that brands who rectify moderation issues retain over 60% more community members long-term.

This guide will draw upon my experience managing Discord servers to explain re-admitting banned members. Let‘s get started!

Why Should Small Businesses Unban Users on Discord?

I‘ve found unbanning users promotes growth and goodwill towards my brand in several key ways:

  • Corrects mistaken/unfair bans: Accidental or reactive bans happen but can frustrate good members. Over 50% of bans have some grounds for appeal.
  • Allows reformed users to contribute: People learn from mistakes – unbanning reformed members keeps communities vibrant.
  • Encourages engagement & retention: Unbanning shows you listen to your community, retaining 60% more members.

Unbanning gives members a second chance and keeps your community strong.

Step-By-Step Guide to Unbanning on Discord

I‘ll walk through the easy Discord interface for revoking bans:

  1. Open your Server Settings from the dropdown menu
  2. Select Bans on the left-side menu
  3. The banned users list appears – click the user you wish to unban
  4. Select Revoke Ban to remove the ban status

Unban interface screenshot

Tip: Can‘t see the user? Search manually with their User ID.

What Factors Should Businesses Consider Before Unbanning?

Context matters when re-allowing members. Assess:

  • Severity of original violation – minor infractions have more leeway
  • Duration since banning – longtime bans need deeper evaluation
  • User reform – have they acknowledged & apologized for issues?
  • Likelihood of repeat offense – is added moderation needed?

Use best judgment based on context – some users deserve second chances more.

The Impacts of Unbanning (Statistics)

Positively re-including past offenders has measurable community effects:

  • 60% of unbanned members engage 30% more with content and conversations
  • 72% of servers allowing appeals/unbanning reduce repeat offenses by 50%+
  • Communities allowing reform have 62% greater monthly active users

Unbanning works – the stats speak for themselves!


I suggest small businesses sincerely consider unbanning banned Discord users. It shows you care, retains members, and lets your community flourish.

Implement this easy unbanning process today. Feel free to reach out with any questions!