How to Take Control of Facebook Notifications as a Small Business

As a fellow small business owner, I know how tempting it is to have Facebook notifications turned on to stay atop of every customer comment, question or review. However, as your following grows, those near-constant pings and buzzes can quickly become an overwhelming distraction.

According to [insert statistic source], the average Facebook user deals with [XX] notifications per day.

This guide will walk through customizing notifications as an entrepreneur so you can filter out the noise and focus on the interactions that impact your business success and mental health.

Why Facebook Notification Management Matters

There are benefits to staying on top of Facebook notifications as a small business:

  • Customer service – Being responsive to comments, messages and reviews is proven to boost customer loyalty.
  • Community building – Notifications about tags and mentions helps you engage your audience.
  • Market research – Feedback on posts gives insight into buyer perspectives.

However, research shows that digital distraction can reduce productivity and mental well-being:

  • According to [source], the average person picks up their phone XX times per day, partially due to notifications.
  • Microsoft study found every time someone shifts focus from one task to another, their effective IQ drops 10 points.

By taking a thoughtful approach to notifications, entrepreneur can balance business growth with mental health.

How to Customize Facebook Notifications

Facebook offers robust controls for toggling notifications on and off based on type, person and page.

On Desktop

  1. Click the down arrow > Settings & Privacy > Settings
  2. Choose Notifications
  3. Toggle off/on by category or tap a category to customize further

On Mobile

  1. Tap menu icon > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Notifications
  2. Toggle off/on by category or tap a category to customize

Mute Specific People or Pages

Only get notifications from your VIP connections by muting people or pages.

To mute a person:

  1. Go to profile
  2. Tap 3-dot menu
  3. Mute [Name]

To mute a page:

  1. Go the page
  2. Tap 3-dot menu next to Like button
  3. Turn Off Notifications

Optimizing Notifications Over Time

Take time every month to revisit your notification settings as your business and personal priorities evolve. Toggle off categories if you feel overwhelmed. Tune notifications as you gather customer data on peak interaction times.

And don‘t forget to unmute people/pages if you realize you‘re missing important updates!

Staying on top of Facebook notifications takes some effort, but will allow you to be a more responsive, thoughtful entrepreneur. You‘ve got this!