How to Track Your Amazon Package: A Quick Guide for 2023

As an ecommerce entrepreneur who ships dozens of Amazon packages per day, I know the anxiety of watching a shipment make its journey to the customer. Will it arrive on time? Is it safe? Tracking gives you visibility so you can set proper expectations with buyers.

Check Order Status on Amazon

Log into your seller central account and navigate to "Manage Orders" to view status.

  • Orders switch to "Shipped" once the carrier has the package
  • Click the tracking number to see current details
  • 65% of Americans say real-time delivery tracking is important [1]

If still in "Pre-Shipment" status, the package likely hasn‘t left the Amazon warehouse yet.

Use Amazon Map Tracking

Available in the Amazon mobile app, this feature displays your package‘s location during the last mile of delivery.

  • Get estimated arrival times down to the hour
  • Be notified as soon as driver is nearing location
  • Ensure someone is available to receive delivery

Amazon Map Tracking utilizes GPS and real-time analytics to achieve over 90% accuracy on delivery ETAs.

Check Tracking on Carrier Websites

Once a carrier has the package, you can track directly on their website too.

  • USPS offers delivery statistics like expected transit time
  • UPS provides highly-detailed tracking with frequent updates
  • FedEx supplies customized delivery options like vacation holds

Contact carrier support if no updates within 48 hours of "Shipped" status.

When to Contact Amazon About Issues

If order status doesn‘t progress to "Shipped" within 1 week or delivery takes over 30 days, proactively contact Amazon customer service. Slow fulfillment metrics can negatively impact your Seller Rating.

Deciphering Tracking Terminology

Here are common terms you may see while tracking an Amazon package:

  • In transit – Package is travelling between stops
  • Out for delivery – On truck for final delivery
  • Delayed – Experiencing exception like weather or missed scan
  • Lost – Missing for over 5 days with no scans

What Happens if Delivery is Late or Package is Lost?

For late Amazon shipments:

  • If Fulfilled by Amazon, customers can select refund or replacement
  • If seller-fulfilled, provide an estimated delivery date or alternate solution

For lost Amazon packages:

  • Open investigation with carrier after 5 days to possibly recover it
  • Refund customer after investigation concludes (usually 15 days)

Proactively communicating about shipping issues helps maintain positive seller reputation.

With a few simple tracking methods, you can monitor Amazon packages seamlessly from fulfillment to doorstep delivery. Let me know if any other shipping questions come up!

[1] Convey 2022 Consumer Survey