How to Tag Someone on Facebook in 2023: An Entrepreneur‘s Guide

Connecting with your audience on Facebook is key for any small business owner in 2023. And one of the best ways to engage people is by tagging them in relevant posts and photos.

But I‘ve noticed some entrepreneurs still find Facebook tagging confusing. If you‘re struggling to master this popular feature, don‘t worry! As a fellow small business owner who relies on Facebook marketing every day, I‘ll walk you through exactly how tagging works and the best practices to adopt.

A Quick Refresher: What is Tagging on Facebook?

Before we dive in, let‘s start with a high-level overview of what tagging means on Facebook:

Tagging allows you to mention another user in a post or comment by linking directly to their profile. When you tag someone, they get a notification that they were tagged.

This serves multiple purposes:

  • It can notify someone that you mentioned them or want their attention
  • It can increase the reach/visibility of a post by exposing it to the networks of those tagged
  • It allows you to link memories and experiences directly to those who took part

Key Facebook Tagging Stats:

  • There are over 2.96 billion monthly active Facebook users as of Q3 2022 (Source)
  • The average user has 155 Facebook friends (Source)
  • Over 65% of Facebook users engage with tags each month

Now let‘s get into the specifics of how you actually tag someone on Facebook in posts, photos, and comments.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Tag Someone on Facebook

Tagging on Facebook is easy once you know how. Here is the process broken down:

Tagging Someone in a Post

Whether you want feedback from a friend or expert, or simply want to share an experience, tagging someone in a status update post is an excellent way to reach them.

  1. Craft your Facebook post in the update box as usual
  2. Type "@" – a dropdown menu will appear
  3. Begin typing the name of the person you want to tag
  4. Select the correct name from the options
  5. Finish your post and click "Post" to publish

It‘s that simple! The person tagged will get an alert that they were mentioned.

Tip: You can tag multiple people in a single post using the "@" symbol before each name.

Tagging Someone in a Photo

Photos drive high engagement on Facebook, so tagging friends and connections makes it more likely they will react, comment and reshare – expanding your reach.

To tag someone in an image:

  1. Upload or select a photo as usual
  2. Click on "Tag Photo" below the image
  3. Click directly on the face of the person you want to tag
  4. Begin typing their name and select the correct match
  5. Repeat for any other people
  6. Click "Done Tagging"

Now when your connections view that photo, they can tag themselves which shares it to their own timeline as well!

Tagging Someone in a Comment

In addition to posts and images, you can also tag users in comments:

  1. Locate the comment box under any post or image
  2. Type "@" followed by the person‘s name
  3. Select their name from the options
  4. Complete your comment as normal
  5. Hit enter to post your comment

When tagged in a comment, the user will be notified and linked directly into the conversation.

💡Pro Tip: Tagging can be disabled in comment privacy settings, so it may not always be possible.

More Tagging Tips:

  • You can tag Pages, Groups and Events in exactly the same way by using @
  • There is a maximum of 50 tags allowed per post
  • Excessive tagging looks spammy and may get your post reported

Be Mindful of Privacy and Permissions

While tagging can help expand the reach of your posts, you also need to consider privacy permissions – both yours and those you tag.

The visibility of any tags depends on the privacy selected by the original post creator. So if you tag a friend in your post, the permissions around your post dictate who can see it.

However, posts and images may also appear on the timeline of anyone tagged in them. So you should be considerate regarding permissions before tagging someone.

If you ever get tagged in an unwanted or embarrassing post, you can simply remove the tag from your profile. But avoiding this altogether by asking permission first is best practice.

Tag Strategically to Boost Engagement

As a small business owner trying to market yourself or your brand on Facebook, you want high visibility and engagement on your posts.

Strategically tagging relevant connections periodically can expose your content to new audiences and personalities who are most likely to respond positively.

Here are some best-practice tips for using tags to boost post engagement as an entrepreneur:

Tag Connections Relevant to The Post Topic: If you‘re posting an advertising question, tag friends in that industry. Tailor topics to audiences.

Tag Influencers or Experts: Establish relationships with industry leaders by politely tagging them seeking their expertise.

Highlight Loyal Brand Followers: Reward dedicated customers with tags to make them feel valued.

Tag Location Check-Ins: When posting at conferences, networking events or during travels, tag locations to optimize visibility.

💡 The key is tagging thoughtfully, not randomly or excessively. Monitor what posts get high engagement when you tag and refine based on what resonates best with your audience.

I hope this guide gives you clarity and confidence on how to tag people and pages appropriately on Facebook as a small business owner or entrepreneur! Let me know if you have any other questions.