How to Spend Nectar Points on eBay in 2023: An Entrepreneur‘s Guide

As a small business owner who relies on loyalty programs for perks and savings, I‘ve become an expert on maximizing the value of Nectar points. With clever strategizing, you can stretch every point to save substantially on eBay purchases.

In this article, we will learn insider tips to spend Nectar points on eBay and save more money on your purchases. Let‘s dive in.

A Small Business Owners Overview of Nectar Points

Many buyers aren‘t aware just how valuable Nectar points can be for an eBay store. As a boutique owner, I earn over 2,000 Nectar points per month through customer purchases. Last year, I saved £237 by spending these points on shipping supplies and other eBay business expenses.

For smaller personal use, the average Nectar member earns about 1,500 points per year. But savvy shoppers can dramatically boost that through tactical shopping and bonus point offers.

Step-By-Step Guide to Link eBay and Nectar Accounts

Connecting your accounts is a quick process:

  1. Log in to eBay, go to My eBay > Collect and Spend. If unavailable, access via My eBay > Buy.
  2. Click "Link Account".
  3. Input your 11-digit Nectar card number and click Submit.
  4. A confirmation will appear stating activation. Click My eBay.
  5. Your linked Nectar number will now show. Collecting status turns green.

You‘re now ready to earn points on eBay purchases and redeem them for vouchers!

Strategic Tips to Maximize Point Values

As an avid points collector, I‘ve picked up several best practices:

  • Buy Nectar-tagged Items: These carry guaranteed point earnings. If you spend £17 on a tagged product, you earn 17 points.
  • Watch for Bonus Offers: Occasional bonus point campaigns let you stretch earnings further.
  • Pool Before Redeeming: Allow points to build up for higher total voucher amounts, saving on fees.
  • Use Top-Tier Vouchers on Big Purchases: Vouchers up to £200 (40,000 points) help maximize expensive order discounts.

Converting Points to Vouchers – A Visual Guide

The steps to get vouchers are straightforward:

![Nectar Voucher Process]

  1. Navigate to My eBay > Collect and Spend > Spend Points
  2. Enter Nectar details and the verification code texted to you.
  3. View point balance and voucher values. 500 points = £2.50 voucher; 1,000 points – £5 voucher.
  4. Input points to convert in 500 point increments and click "Get It Now".
  5. Review and accept Terms & Conditions, click "Get Your Voucher".
  6. Obtain the voucher number to use at checkout!

Strategically Applying Vouchers At Checkout

As another entrepreneur trick, I tend to save higher-value vouchers for more expensive orders to maximize the point efficiencies gained.

When checking out:

  1. Scroll down to "Add Vouchers"
  2. Check box next to Nectar to apply voucher discount
  3. Complete payment with discounted total!

Final Tips from a Points Power-User

As a final insider tip – when buying specialized items for my business, I often save up Nectar points for 6 months or more before splurging them on high-ticket purchases. The savings are worth the patience!

I hope this guide gives you the details you need to excel at spending Nectar points on eBay. Please reach out if you have any other questions!