How to Refresh Quick Add on Snapchat: An Entrepreneur‘s Guide

As a small business owner, I rely on social media platforms like Snapchat to market my brand and connect with potential customers. One useful but often overlooked Snapchat feature is Quick Add, which suggests new friends and accounts to follow based on your contacts and activity. Over time, the Quick Add recommendations can get repetitive or irrelevant. Refreshing the Quick Add list can help you discover new networking opportunities and grow your audience organically.

In 2021 alone, Snapchat had 293 million daily active users worldwide. With the right strategy, Quick Add can help small businesses leverage Snapchat‘s massive reach. Here’s my in-depth guide on how to refresh your Quick Add list and use it effectively to promote your brand.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Refresh Quick Add

There are several benefits to manually refreshing your Quick Add regularly as a small business owner:

  • Reach New Audiences: Refreshing Quick Add gives you access to new potential followers and clients outside your current network. I‘ve found amazing collaborators and brand advocates just by regularly updating my suggestions.
  • Stay Top of Mind: When you connect with new followers through Quick Add, it can spark meaningful engagements that keep your brand top of mind. According to Sprout Social, 53% of Snapchat users want to hear from brands.
  • Increase Word-of-Mouth: Followers you add organically then become advocates who can mention your brand to their own networks, leading to organic growth. 79% of Snapchat users have discovered new brands on the platform.
  • Monitor the Competition: Quick Add also suggests similar or competing brands. Use this to analyze their Snapchat marketing tactics.

As a small business, the increased brand awareness and word-of-mouth from refreshing Quick Add is invaluable. The more connections you build, the more referrals you‘ll get.

How to Manually Refresh Quick Add

I recommend manually refreshing your Quick Add at least once a week to see new suggestions. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Snapchat and tap your profile picture.
  2. Tap the settings gear icon.
  3. Scroll down and select "Clear Cache." This erases your cached Snapchat data.
  4. Confirm clearing the cache then close Snapchat completely.
  5. Reopen Snapchat – you‘ll now see new Quick Add suggestions!

It‘s that simple to reset Quick Add whenever you want more relevant friend or account recommendations. I also suggest syncing your phone contacts and allowing Quick Add access in your settings. This further expands your suggestions.

How Snapchat‘s Algorithm Automatically Refreshes

Beyond manually refreshing, Snapchat‘s algorithm curates your Quick Add based on multiple factors:

  • Mutual Connections: If you share connections with other Snapchat users, Snapchat will surface them in your Quick Add.
  • Contact Syncing: Any Snapchat users in your saved phone contacts may appear as suggestions.
  • Location: Snapchat may suggest nearby users if you have location services enabled.
  • Interactions: Snapchat tracks how you engage with other accounts, influencing your Quick Add.

As you add more friends and engage with other users, your suggestions will evolve. But I still recommend manually refreshing weekly for maximum visibility.

Expert Tips for Managing Quick Add as a Small Business

Here are my top tips for making the most of Quick Add for your brand:

  • Add selectively: Only connect with followers who are a good fit for your target audience and brand values. Avoid spam followers.
  • Analyze competitors: Use Quick Add to study both successful and struggling competitors in your niche.
  • Promote your account: Share your Snapchat username or Snapcode on other platforms to drive followers to find you in Quick Add.
  • Engage meaningfully: Don‘t just mass add followers. Like Snaps, comment thoughtfully, and nourish real connections. Quality over quantity.
  • Review settings: Toggle Quick Add availability, contact syncing, and account privacy in Snapchat‘s settings based on your needs.
  • Utilize other discovery features: Along with Quick Add, leverage features like Snap Map and Snapchat Ads to find potential new followers.

At the end of the day, who you add matters far more than how many friends you have. Curate connections that actually engage with and enjoy your content.

The Entrepreneur‘s Advantage on Snapchat

As a small business, you have an advantage on Snapchat over big brands. Followers are looking for the human side of businesses. Share your brand story, post behind-the-scenes Snaps, and highlight your products or services creatively. Refreshing Quick Add helps you expand that audience.

Approach Snapchat as you would networking at an industry event: Be authentic, personable, and intentional with new connections. Value quality over quantity. If you apply these strategies to make the most of Quick Add and Snapchat, you can build loyalty and see amazing growth.

So don‘t leave Quick Add stagnant! Refresh regularly to boost your business. Just be selective in who you connect with and always keep your brand values top of mind.