How to Recover Your Facebook Account Through Friends: An In-Depth Guide

As an entrepreneur who depends on Facebook to operate my small business, losing access to my account would be devastating. But with over 114 million Facebook accounts compromised in the first half of 2022 alone, lockouts are an unfortunate reality for many users.

Fortunately, Facebook provides a valuable account recovery option that allows you to regain access with help from friends you trust. As someone who has leveraged this feature successfully, I want to share comprehensive best practices to make sure you never find yourself locked out for good.

Choosing Your Trusted Contacts

Your trusted contacts serve as your account recovery lifeline, so choose them carefully:

Seek Out Responsible Friends

Select 3-5 Facebook friends that have a track record of being dependable and responding to you quickly when needed offline. As an entrepreneur, I chose responsible friends who have helped me promote my business in the past.

Prioritize Active Facebook Users

Since Facebook contacts trusted friends via notifications, it‘s crucial to choose people who actively access Facebook daily. During my last account recovery, two of my trusted friends responded with codes within minutes because they‘re on Facebook all day.

Identify Easily Accessible Friends

Even if you trust someone, if you have no way of contacting them outside Facebook, they won‘t be able to assist you. I made sure to pick friends I frequently text and email with for easy communication.

Inform Friends About Their Role

Once finalized, let your trusted contacts know they may someday receive an alert from Facebook requesting help to recover your account. I explained how they‘d need to share the code Facebook assigns them to regain access. All were happy to help.

Initiating The Account Recovery Process

If you find yourself locked out, begin the recovery process right from the Facebook login page:

Request A Login Code

From the login page, click "Forgotten password?" and enter your full Facebook email or phone number on file. Facebook will text or email a 6-digit code.

Enter Code To Confirm Your Identity

Input the 6-digit code Facebook sent to verify your identity. You‘ll then see the option to have trusted friends sent recovery codes.

Choose Friends To Contact

Check the box next to each pre-selected trusted contact when prompted, or Facebook will pick randomly for you. I prefer to choose given how promptly some friends responded last time.

Once submitted, Facebook immediately sends notifications to your friends requesting 6-digit recovery codes to assist with your access issues.

Obtaining and Entering Recovery Codes

With notifications sent, your friends simply need to:

View Facebook‘s Alert

Ask them to access the Facebook notification right away. As an entrepreneur, delays can severely impact my business so I insisted on quick action.

Retrieve Their Unique Code

Your friends will see the 6-digit recovery code Facebook assigned them upon opening the notification. Stress that this code is essential for you to regain account access.

Safely Provide The Code

Instruct friends to share codes via your established communication channel—text, call, email, etc. Avoid asking for codes on unfamiliar accounts that could be imposters.

Input Friends‘ Codes

Finally, return to the Facebook recovery page where you‘re prompted for the codes. Enter them one by one and after confirming your identity once more, you‘ll regain full account access!

Maintaining Your Trusted Contacts

Don‘t let your trusted contacts list grow stale over time. To ensure help is always available, revisit your list regularly to replace contacts as needed:

Review Your List Quarterly

Set calendar reminders to examine your trusted contacts every 3 months. Considering how critical they are for account recovery, a regular review is essential.

Replace Inactive Friends

If once dependable friends appear less engaged on Facebook lately, swap them out for more active contacts you know will respond when called upon.

Inform New Contacts

As with the initial selection, alert newly added friends that they may someday need to provide a code to help recover your account. I frame it as an honor to be selected!

Stay Protected Going Forward

While trusted contacts provide critical account recovery assistance, don‘t wait until you desperately need them:

Strengthen Your Password

Utilize a unique, complex 16+ character password with numbers, letters and symbols to better shield your account from compromise to begin with.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Add an extra security layer like SMS code confirmation before each login to keep unwanted users out even if they have your password.

Check Activity Logs Frequently

Routinely review settings for unfamiliar sessions and devices where your account was accessed. Signs of misuse mean it‘s time to reset your password.

Losing Facebook access can tank an entrepreneur‘s business, but your trusted friends can save the day. Appoint dependable contacts, communicate about their role and follow these best practices to smoothly recover your account. Here‘s hoping you‘ll never require their recovery codes though!