How to Post Videos on Facebook (Step-by-Step Guide for 2024)

Posting videos on Facebook is a highly effective marketing technique that allows you to visually engage your target audience. However, with over 300 hours of video content being uploaded every minute, it‘s important to optimize your video assets to cut through the noise.

As a social media consultant who has managed video campaigns for over 100 small business clients, I‘ve seen firsthand the ingredients for video success on Facebook. This comprehensive guide will take you through exactly how to post videos on Facebook for maximum viewership and engagement.

Step 1: Prepare Your Video File

The first crucial step is properly preparing your video file before uploading to Facebook.

Video Resolution

According to Facebook‘s Media Library, your video should have a minimum resolution of 720p HD for optimal clarity on all devices. Higher 1080p resolution is preferred.

Aspect Ratio

Use a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio when filming your videos to take advantage of the entire video player on Facebook. Vertical videos leave awkward black bars.

Video Format

For proper playback across all devices, encode your video as .MP4 or .MOV format. Other formats like .WMV and .FLV have compatibility issues.

Video Length

Aim to keep your video under 2 minutes long. Viewer retention tends to drop rapidly after 120 seconds according to research by Social Media Today.


Adding captions for your video ensures sound is not required for comprehension. Per Facebook, captions also boost viewership by 12% on average. Use a tool like to easily create captions.

File Size

Large video files hamper upload time and playback performance. Use Handbrake or other video compression tools to shrink files below 1GB without losing quality.

By properly preparing your video file, you can maximize viewership and minimize issues.

Step 2: Customize Your Video Post

With your video file ready, it‘s time to customize your Facebook post for optimal promotion:

Create a Compelling Caption

Your caption must immediately grab attention and convey key information. Communicate your value proposition, include emojis for added personality, and end with a strong call to action.

Choose an Eye-Catching Thumbnail

Facebook auto-generates a thumbnail but a custom image better controls first impressions in the newsfeed. Analyze your video for captivating screenshots.

Tag Relevant Facebook Pages

Is your video related to certain brands or personalities? Tag their Facebook pages! This exposes your content to their current fans.

Take advantage of these options to make your video post stand out from the crowd with context and visual intrigue.

Step 3: Promote Your Video Actively

Uploading alone is not sufficient – you must proactively promote:

Share the Post URL Elsewhere

Copy your post URL and share through your email lists, website, and other social media channels driving existing audiences to view.

Run Targeted Facebook Ads

Leverage Facebook advertising tools to display your video to relevant demographics based on interests and locations. Start small with just $10 per day.

Respond to All Comments

Answer viewer questions and acknowledge feedback to foster community around your video. Dialogue leads to higher engagement.

Promotional activity is key to views and engagement. Spread across your channels!

Step 4: Track Video Analytics in Creator Studio

Analyze the performance of your video efforts over time to optimize:

Facebook‘s Creator Studio provides key metrics around your uploaded videos including views, clicks, completion rate, audience retention and more.

Review what video content resonates best with your audience. Which captions and thumbnails garner more clicks? What video length is optimal?

Continually assess your video analytics to guide your ongoing video strategy.

By preparing professional video assets, customizing for the platform, promoting across channels, and analyzing your performance, you can continually refine and maximize your video success on Facebook.

For more hands-on assistance developing your small business video marketing campaigns, explore my affordable monthly consulting plans at Let‘s chat!