How to Left Click on a Mac: A Simple 2023 Guide for Small Business Owners

As a fellow small business owner who relies on my Mac for work every day, I know how essential it is to have an efficient left click. From managing projects in Asana to developing websites in Figma, left clicking is how I get work done on my MacBook Pro.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share everything I‘ve learned about how to properly left click on a Mac. Whether you‘re running a startup or a small shop, this guide will help you master left clicking to boost your productivity.

Why Left Clicking is Critical for Mac-Using Entrepreneurs

Let‘s start by discussing why left click really matters for small business owners with Macs.

  • Work Faster: Left clicking allows you to rapidly open files, alter images, click buttons, and complete most basic computing tasks. The less time you spend learning new tricks, the more time you have for your business.
  • Avoid Frustration: A faulty or inconsistent left click will lead to endless annoyance and lost time as you struggle to get things done.
  • Leverage Business Software: Applications like QuickBooks, Slack, Trello, etc rely heavily on left clicking. You need a solid left click to get the most out of these programs.
  • It‘s Expected: Mac users expect left clicking to just work. Don‘t let a weak left click slow you down.

According to Apple, small businesses are choosing Macs more than ever. With the right left click techniques, you can work faster and stop worrying about your click.

How to Left Click with a Mac Trackpad

The easiest way to left click is by using the built-in Mac trackpad. Here are the best practices:

Use One Finger Taps

To left click, simply tap the trackpad gently using your index finger. The lower left corner is the best area to tap.

Pro Tip: Adjust your tapping pressure in Trackpad settings if clicks feel unreliable.

Or Single Click with One Finger

If "Tap to Click" is off, press the bottom left corner of the trackpad until it clicks. Use a single finger and apply even pressure for ideal control.

Customize Multi-Finger Taps (If Needed)

Sometimes left click is set to a two finger tap by default. Go to Trackpad settings and adjust the "Tap to click" and "Click" options to fit your preferences.

As a fellow entrepreneur, I‘ve found that sticking with the standard single finger left click leads to the fastest workflow. But you can customize based on what works best for your business needs.

Master Left Clicking with an External Mouse

Adding an external mouse to your Mac setup allows for more left click precision when editing detailed graphics or working across multiple monitors.

Use the Primary Mouse Button

On most mice, left click is the primary button on the left side. Keep your index finger positioned on this button for easy access.

Or Tap the Surface

On touch-enabled mice like the Apple Magic Mouse, tap the surface near the top left region to left click. This takes a light touch.

Switch the Primary Button (If Needed)

If right-handed, you may prefer using your right index finger to left click. Go to System Preferences > Mouse and set the primary button to "Right" instead.

As an entrepreneur without a dedicated office space, I‘ve found a wireless mouse to be extremely convenient for left clicking precisely when working from coffeeshops or shared workspaces.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Left Clicking

Mac keyboards offer handy shortcuts for left clicking without a mouse or trackpad:

  • Ctrl + Left Mouse Button: Hold Control and press the left mouse key.
  • F11: Press F11 to instantly left click.

I keep these shortcuts handy for quick left clicks when giving presentations using my MacBook or iMac.

Troubleshooting Left Click Issues

If your left clicks stop working properly on a Mac, don‘t panic. Here are some business-owner-approved troubleshooting tips:

  • Clean your trackpad and mouse thoroughly to remove dirt buildup.
  • Update macOS and your mouse/trackpad drivers to the latest versions.
  • Test left click on a separate user account or different Mac to isolate the issue.
  • Reset the SMC and PRAM. This often resolves quirky left click problems.
  • For hardware failure, take your Mac to the Genius Bar or a certified Mac repair shop.

As an entrepreneur on a budget, I‘ve saved money by fixing wonky left clicks myself using online tutorials instead of paying for expensive repairs.


Reliable left clicking is a must for entrepreneurs using Macs to run their businesses. With the techniques outlined in this guide, you can master left clicking on your Mac trackpad, mouse, and keyboard for smooth workflow.

Implement these tips right away to start working faster and avoiding left click frustrations. Feel free to contact me with any questions – I‘m always happy to help a fellow Mac-loving small business owner!