A Snapshot of Friend Removal: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Knowing if You Were Deleted on Snapchat

As an entrepreneur dedicated to expanding my professional network, Snapchat has become a go-to platform for making valuable connections. But occasionally, despite my best efforts, I’ll find myself removed as a friend by a contact. Getting deleted without explanation can be perplexing and concerning – especially if it’s a business relationship I was cultivating.

In my consulting experience assisting startup founders with managing their social media presence, I’ve helped several entrepreneurs navigate such situations. Together, we’ve discerned some tell-tale signs that you were potentially deleted by another Snapchat user. Whether for business or personal contacts, here’s what I recommend checking:

Tracing the Digital Footprints in Your Friends List

Your first investigative steps should involve scanning changes among yourconnections on Snapchat. Based on my clients’ cases, here are the most common red flags:

The “Pending” Trap

  • Send a test snap to the person in question. If the status perpetually says "Pending" under their name – unlike the "Sent" or "Opened" you‘d usually see – it likely signifies they removed you.

Vanishing Act of the Snap Score

  • Open your friends list on Snapchat and check if their unique snap score still appears next to their username. If one day it mysteriously disappears, it’s a strong indicator they deleted you.

The Case of the Blocked Account

  • Try searching for their username in the app’s search bar. If you find zero matching accounts, they likely blocked you, making you invisible to them.

However, none of these guarantee the person deliberately deleted you. Glitches in the app or with your device could produce similar effects. So before accusing anyone of snubbing you, do some deeper digging…

Investigating the Possibility of Account Termination

In some cases, the person didn’t intentionally remove you as a friend – they may have erased their Snapchat presence entirely. To get to the bottom of an account deletion mystery, here are clues to analyze:

🔎 The Curious Case of the Disappearing User

  • Enter their username in the search bar. If Snapchat says “No matching users found”, it’s likely they terminated their account.

🔎 Wiped Out Chat History

  • Check if your former chat history with that user has been wiped out. An abruptly blank chat is indicative of them erasing their existence on the app.

🔎 Errors Galore

  • Pay attention to any “Failed to send” errors when trying to contact them. Such message failures suggest an invalid, deactivated account.

If all other signs point to an account deletion rather than a deliberate friend removal, at least you can rule out being purposely ghosted!

Testing the User Interaction Waters

If you’re still unsure about your standing with a Snapchat connection, attempt engaging with them directly. Unanswered messages or a suddenly private profile lend more credence to an unfriending.

📝 Chatting into the Void

  • Send them a brief message checking in. If your chat status perpetually says "Pending" rather than "Delivered/Opened", this failed interaction suggests you‘ve been scrubbed from their friends list.

📝 The Case of the Vanished Score

  • Navigate to their profile and see if their snap score still appears next to their username. A score that mysteriously disappears indicates you’ve likely been cut off.

Before accusing someone of deleting you, rule out any device issues on your end muddling the clues…

Troubleshooting Potential Device Pitfalls

In working with many entrepreneurs on managing their social media apps, I’ve learned device problems can sometimes mimic signs of being deleted. Avoid hasty assumptions before some basic troubleshooting:

🔧 Update and Reinstall Snapchat

  • An outdated app version prone to bugs could display incorrect friend info. Likewise, a corrupted install might wreak havoc. Update and reinstall Snapchat to start fresh.

🔧 Restart Your Phone

  • From experience, a quick phone reboot clears up glitches causing weird app behavior in the interim. Restart to see if any false signs of being deleted disappear along with the bugs.

By thoroughly investigating these avenues in sequence, you can get to the bottom of a Snapchat friend removal mystery – whether for business or personal reasons. While losing connections stings, arming yourself with decoding techniques takes some sting out!